Power Dialer and outbound automation

Step up your sales game with a dialer that integrates with your CRM, combines calls with SMS, and automates your workflow. Empower your teams to go beyond their quotas and see your growth and revenue skyrocket.

Power Dialer

Engage with more leads and increase sales by contacting up to 500 leads in a single day!

CRM Integration

Instant syncing available. Enjoy hassle-free integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive or other CRMs.

Sales Automation

Easily automate sales workflows. Fire up a call or send a text as soon as the lead submits a form.

All-In-One Platform

Connect with customers on different channels. Manage calls, texts and leads in one place.


A dialer that fits all types of sales reps

Every sales rep has a unique style of connecting with leads. Using Power Dialer, find your way to your customers without changing your selling style. Aloware is for those who find manual dialing productive, for the fast-paced seller, and for sales reps who love working on campaigns.

  • Easy lead upload & sync
  • Preview and Progressive dialers
  • Automatic SMS follow-up
  • Call & Contact dispositions

Seamlessly integrate into your CRM

In sales, every second counts. That’s why you shouldn’t be wasting your time manually logging every call, or managing loads of data. Aloware is a premier partner of Hubspot, Pipedrive, and other major CRM platforms. It fits seamlessly into your CRM, integrating all data into our system hassle-free.

  • Log calls and texts into the CRM
  • Sync contact owners and stages
  • Trigger outbound calls from CRM
  • Screen pop on calls with lead info

Automation triples productivity

Automated workflow is the future. Send a sequence of texts, calls, and voicemails based on triggers or rules that you define. Simply set up parameters to automate workflows, send drip campaigns, or trigger webhooks. Engage with your leads personally and focus on building relationships, not working through never-ending lists.

  • Automatic interest generation
  • Personalized text outreach
  • Seasoned lead re-activation
  • Agentless workflows

Omnichannel: Calls, SMS, Email and Fax

Easily connect with your customers from any channel. Let them call in or share a picture over MMS, reply to an appointment reminder via text, or message you on Facebook, all in one place. Discover an all-in-one engagement solution for smart business with Aloware.

  • Create SMS sequences
  • Automate email messages
  • Send images using MMS
  • Real-time reports

All the features you want, in one platform

Soft Phones

Browser-based calling, and a mobile app

Local Presence

Automatically match your caller ID to your lead's area code

Call Outcomes

Determine where a lead should be in your sales cycle

Live Dashboard

Real-time dashboard of calls and agent activity

Workflow Automations

Call triggers upon form submissions

Contact Manager

Enjoy CRM-like functionality if you don't have a CRM

phone icon

IVR Toolset

Record calls or auto-greet contacts

Voicemail Drop

Waste no time recording your voicemail

Smart Queues

Eliminate wait times for inbound calls

Auto Dialer

Preview, predictive and progressive

Text and MMS

All of our lines are text-enabled by default

open api icon

Open API

Easy integration with your current tools

Listen to what our clients have to say


Level up your contact center