Turn every lead into a phone call

Engage your target audience and leads automatically. Aloware can send a text message or make a call to engage with your leads in a personalized way. Focus on putting the message out, building relationships, and surpassing sales quotas.

Instant Connect

Automatically call and text your lead when an email comes from your lead generator.

Follow-up Sequence

Automate a follow-up sequence and fill your phone with incoming hot leads in no time.

Outbound To Inbound

Let the machine do the cold calling for you. Nurture quality leads and close deals more effectively.

Leads to Customers

Move people through your sales funnel while Aloware does the prospecting and interest generation for you.


Nurture your leads better

Be the first to reach the customer with instant connect. Whenever leads submit webforms or take other actions, Aloware automatically fires a text or makes a call to them. Easily engage prospects, and analyze and improve engagement efforts with full tracking and reporting.

  • Lead creation from call or text
  • Automatic lead pre-qualification
  • Bulk SMS text marketing
  • Trigger outbound call or text

Create seamless follow-ups

Aloware boosts efficiency and revenue through lead enrollment into a drip sequence. Automate your sales workflow effortlessly so your agents can focus on the call instead of playing catch up with the phone. Activate an automatic follow-up sequence and fill your phone with incoming hot leads.

  • Automated SMS follow-ups
  • Connect with 500+ leads a day
  • Call, text, email and fax capable
  • Create better conversation

Convert cold leads into opportunities

Let the software handle the cold calling and watch leads call in themselves. Smart automations cover prospecting and interest generation for you and your team. When it’s Aloware’s software doing the dialing, your agents can focus on talking and closing the lead.

  • Automated sales workflows
  • Reach your lead in any device
  • Live dashboard and analytics
  • SMS drip campaign

Only spend time on leads that work

Move leads forward, even old one or previously thought as dead ends. Aloware enrolls them into campaigns specific to their status, so you can revive their interest and make a new path towards a sale. That’s a massive scale in the operations of your sales development reps and lead hunters.

  • Automate lead prospecting
  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Record and log calls and SMS
  • 2-way SMS and MMS

All the features you want, in one platform

Soft Phones

Browser-based calling, and a mobile app

Local Presence

Automatically match your caller ID to your lead's area code

Call Outcomes

Determine where a lead should be in your sales cycle

Live Dashboard

Real-time dashboard of calls and agent activity

Workflow Automations

Call triggers upon form submissions

Contact Manager

Enjoy CRM-like functionality if you don't have a CRM

phone icon

IVR Toolset

Record calls or auto-greet contacts

Voicemail Drop

Waste no time recording your voicemail

Smart Queues

Eliminate wait times for inbound calls

Auto Dialer

Preview, predictive and progressive

Text and MMS

All of our lines are text-enabled by default

open api icon

Open API

Easy integration with your current tools

Listen to what our clients have to say


Level up your contact center