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How JobNimbus ramped up their sales operations (and cut costs) with Aloware

JobNimbus is a SaaS company that offers specialized CRM and project management software to contractors in order to enhance productivity, decrease downtime, and maximize profits. With most contractors still conducting their business via pen-and-paper, JobNimbus faces an uphill battle when it comes to acquiring new customers.

In order to ramp up their sales operations, JobNimbus sought to boost their outbound calling efforts and reach out to more contractors. This required a more robust and reliable contact center solution. By switching to Aloware, JobNimbus has enabled their sales development representatives (SDRs) to each complete at least one demo per day. In the past, the company was also using two separate platforms for texting and calling. Now, they get to enjoy massive savings with unlimited plans built into an omnichannel solution.



JobNimbus’ ideal customers spend a lot of time outdoors working on construction projects which is why it is crucial for the company to have a system in place that would support persistent outreach efforts. Josh, their Head of Sales Operations describes, “The audience we target isn’t the type to sit in Zoom calls all day, so catching them at the right time on a phone call is just as important as our general brand awareness or marketing.”


With the interest to scale up their outbound campaigns, JobNimbus had to replace their calling solution. Their old technology couldn’t track their calls well and it didn’t integrate with their CRM. Altogether, it wasn’t providing sufficient data to help optimize sales strategies. They were also spending, without substantive returns, on a separate texting platform. “Both [previous solutions] were very expensive — our texting tool especially — and we were getting almost zero value for what we were paying,” Josh discloses.



After weighing several options, JobNimbus decided to switch to Aloware and maximize its native HubSpot integration. The solution has since proven itself instrumental in enabling their sales team to increase the number of outbound dials made per day and complete more demos. Their agents now simply click to call from the HubSpot instance. They also get to track their call campaigns better and leverage business texting for way less. Read on to discover how Aloware help SaaS companies and learn about the tools you should be using to supercharge your team performance, too.


More accurate call metrics because of Aloware

Aloware provides JobNimbus with accurate call statistics that allow them to make informed decisions. “We get a daily snapshot email from Aloware of our activity. We periodically put that up against our HubSpot daily metrics and it’s a 100% match every time,” confidently shares Josh about their campaign reports.


With this data, JobNimbus is able to generate insights to improve sales processes and swiftly implement positive changes across the organization. For one, they are able to determine how many calls lead to a completed demo. They use this data to set smart and realistic goals for the sales team which can later add up into a repeatable pipeline.


Increased number of dials per agent daily

Since switching to Aloware, JobNimbus started seeing improved call productivity for its representatives. Their SDRs now average at 55 dials per day. The seamless transition to Aloware made it possible for the team to ramp up quickly.

“Usually, implementing any kind of new technology is like pulling teeth. With Aloware, people are ready to hit the ground running with very little additional support to get the results needed. It’s been an overall great transition for our company,” Josh confirms. In fact, the solution works so well for the sales team of JobNimbus that other departments of the company also transferred to Aloware.

JobNimbus Aloware pullquote

Met primary target of one completed demo per SDR daily

With data and a powerful calling solution, JobNimbus is able to achieve its primary goal of one completed demo per SDR per day. “We found that SDRs who meet our one per day average meeting goal typically make around 50 daily outbound calls for us via Aloware,” Josh reveals. “The next iteration of that is digging more into how many inbound dials it will take to convert to a closed deal.”

Managers are now also able to listen and barge in to help agents as needed, helping them improve the quality of their sales calls and improve success rates. “We love the whisper feature. We’ve actually made it an integral part of training our new hires. It’s been really powerful for managers to just be able to jump in and get a grasp on how a new team member’s call is going.”


Massive savings with an all-in contact center

Aloware allowed JobNimbus to save a great deal of money since the company no longer needed to manage a separate platform for texting. Josh says, “Previously, in addition to our calling platform, we were using another distinct service just for SMS. The texting service did not integrate very well with HubSpot, so we were not as efficient with it as we are with a single platform that manages both calls and texts like Aloware. This was like the ‘Cherry-on-Top’ for us with Aloware since it was very expensive having two platforms before, especially since we were getting almost zero value for what we were paying.”


Favorite features

Through Aloware’s seamless integration with HubSpot, JobNimbus was able to maximize its CRM, something which was lacking in their former call center solution. Call quality was a concern with their former call center solution but Aloware delivered crystal-clear calls every time. With built-in two-way texting, JobNimbus representatives are now able to send quick responses to clients, boosting their engagement rates.


Integration with HubSpot CRM

According to the Head of Sales Operations, Aloware stood out because of its excellent integration with HubSpot.

“Our organization is deeply tied to HubSpot, so we utilize Aloware for its CRM integration. JobNimbus representatives work directly off of contact records in our HubSpot instance, where they’re able to call and text prospects via Aloware seamlessly. They can even use Aloware’s post-call wrap-up features from within HubSpot’s own dialer.”

The integration empowered their SDRs to stay connected with their CRM leads. With the dialer just popping out right from HubSpot, their representatives can also log call notes and access previous communication for context and with great ease. No more switching tabs.

Hubspot CRM for JobNimbus

Text with mobile customers

Since switching to Aloware, JobNimbus is getting way more engagement from the texting channel and are able to easily track each piece of communication in their CRM. Josh pointed out that Aloware’s built-in SMS messenger for HubSpot allowed them to instantly chat with prospects from the contact screen in real time.

Additionally, JobNimbus implemented an after-hours text campaign to help provide that needed attention to especially hot leads. “When people call our representatives and they aren’t on the phone, the customer will be greeted with a text message letting them know the representative will contact them during business hours.”

mobile texting


Mobile app

In the past, it was really challenging to capture data when JobNimbus’ representatives were away from their desk and still working, but the Aloware app helped them resolve this issue.

Josh commended the app by saying, “The mobile app has been huge for us as well because there was a gap with our previous provider in how to capture data when the team is away from their desk, which wasn’t possible. Whereas with Aloware, they can take and receive their calls through the app, and that data pushes into the CRM whether they’re doing it from their computer, the web, or the app on their phone.”

sales with aloware app3


Ring groups

As an added bonus, JobNimbus has been able to maximize the use of ring groups which makes it possible for someone in the call sequence to pick up the call immediately.

“Another big thing for us has been ring groups; we love having the ability to control our inbound calling process more. We love the ring groups setup where calls can go through a sequence of people in the same way every time. Something we’ve been testing currently is having it on simultaneous mode. Being able to randomize the inbound call process has been really helpful,” says Josh.

Ring groups



By trusting Aloware, JobNimbus was able to cut costs dramatically while improving its team’s performance.JobNimbus Aloware result-cropped

Aloware can also help you increase the number of sales calls of your team and get massive savings for your company just as it has done for CRM and project management software provider JobNimbus.

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