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Aloware’s New Seed Round, Launch Talk 2.0, and CEO’s Letter

It’s official – we have just closed our second seed-stage funding backed by our existing investors! I wanted to share this news with Aloware’s most important people – you. We got here because of you.

You as fellow entrepreneurs and sales/support aficionados have been using Aloware to maximize the capabilities of your contact center. Our growth is all due to you – with constant feedback from our clients, we have been able to build something truly powerful. We’ve had a couple of missteps here and there, but our customers have always been there to guide us right back on track to be better – one bug at a time 🙂 

There is a war for engineering talent – I’m sure as a growing entity, you feel it too. We are building a world-class engineering team in Europe, to focus on platform expansion, integrations, robustness, and reliability. The new team is tasked with ensuring we can add another 0.009% to our 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

We are also expanding our US headcount here in LA and other states in Sales and Customer Success to serve our clients better. As our clients become larger organizations, we will be providing more hands-on, white-glove support and implementation with the new team members.

Talk 2.0 is on the horizon

We have rebuilt the agent interface from the ground up thanks to your feedback, and it looks pretty darn good! I can’t be more excited to have this second iteration of Aloware out in the market. We have already started an in-house alpha release, and we will launch a closed beta with a few customers in November. We are planning on going fully live by 1/1/22.

Talk 2.0 supercharges contact management teams with a heavy emphasis on being an intuitive and high-functioning dashboard for agents regardless of their role (support/sales) and acts as an incredibly flexible execution layer to execute day-to-day tasks with precision. 

Talk 2.0 supports new features that can significantly improve your agents’ efficiency:

  • Inbox + Task Manager – Easily see and manage missed calls, messages & more
  • Contact Lists – Intuitively manage contacts. Create powerful dynamic lists
  • Simple Views – Easily filter and switch between views across different channels

New cloud telephony features with Twilio 

Thanks to our [recently signed] strategic partnership with Twilio, we have received access to their top-line features and products. This will include a fast and accurate call transcription service powered by Twilio’s new AI, more verified calling/texting control with STIR/SHAKEN and 10DLC, and business caller id and CNAM. 

Compliance is paramount for us at Aloware and we’ve undertaken the necessary steps to protect your call center from spam. 

We will be rapidly adding these new features into Aloware, as both a competitive advantage and a response to the ever-changing world of consumer data. 

A final commitment to you 

I want to close out this note by reiterating my commitment to you. Whether you are a new client, or a client of 4 years [yes, we still have those!], Aloware and I remain fully committed to your growth and success. We are always here to listen. And to act – so keep it coming. Keep dialing, keep texting, keep building rapport with ferocious speed to lead time.