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User Diagnosis Tools: [product update]

Things are pacing up so fast in the way we do business today that we thought we have to make some adjustments too!

 We always hope that Aloware can keep up with the pace our clients are growing. With that, we’ve made these system upgrades that you’ll surely find handy.

  • New user diagnosis tool that lets you troubleshoot your own call status


user diagnosis tool


  • You can now adjust your own wrap-up settings



wrap-up settings



  • New admin-level settings for cascading wrap-up, outbound line and recording settings. These features prevent other users from updating it on their own.


New admin-level settings


  • Account-wide controls for wrap-up time, inbound & outbound call recordings:
    • Default caller ID – To set a phone number as the default caller ID
    • Transfer – To let you move a phone number to a different line
    • Do Not Use – To keep phone number for inbound calls, and also prevent outbound calls on that number
    • Unrent – To remove a certain phone number that you don’t need.


Account-wide controls for wrap-up time, inbound & outbound call recordings


  • We’ve also added upgrades to our dialer! Take a look at these:
    • You can now receive calls on all tabs
    • Added offline network connection detection
    • Added connection quality monitor
    • Dialer will be locked (gray color) when it’s on initializing state or when network is offline


upgrades to our dialer


  • Restart the process or continue where the import has stopped once an error is detected, with the upgraded Import Wizard


upgraded Import Wizard


  • Lastly, we added a duplicate task prevention to our PowerDialer!


power dialer

Powerdialer add tasks



duplicate task prevention

Add to PowerDialer


We listen to your needs and work on them to give you, your team and your customers the best contact center experience. Feel free to reach us at should you have anything to suggest that we can improve on further – we’re all ears!