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v10.15 – Faster Customer Outreach With Aloware

Being in touch with your customers is really important amid these crazy times. In the past few weeks, we’ve been adding some features in Aloware centered on customer outreach:

  • Filters in power dialer to build lists of people to call
  • SMS broadcast scheduling (send later)
  • Multiple VM drop (VM drop library)

And finally, we’ve launched a nifty Calendar feature right inside Aloware that keeps track of your appointments, reminders, callbacks, and much more!

aloware update v10.15

In other news, we’ve also added…

  • Streamlined Line settings page with zero clutter and more guides.
  • In-app audio recorder for all prompts that lets you record your voice without any special software.
  • A tutorial video available under profile button for your new agents.
  • Call screening at ring group level
  • Dual channel recordings
  • Contact notes on PowerDialer

and a few more things. As always, we would LOVE your feedback, so keep us posted!