Power Dialer

Aloware Power Dialer triples your sales performance from the get-go by enabling your sales reps to spend time building relationships, not playing catch up with their phones.

Use our fully automated and smart dialer to call large lists of prospects and talk to live persons only. our technology quickly skips beeps, bad numbers, and voicemails for you.

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Import your lead lists with one click. Start talking.

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Preview Dialer

After uploading a list, your reps are prompted to accept a new outbound call with a click, or navigate through the list and choose who to call first.

Ideal for manual sales campaigns or when research is required before making the next call.

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Progressive Dialer

Automatically call the next lead as soon as an agent is available again, removing the wait time between dials and manual effort of navigating lists.

Best to improve productivity while keeping things manageable when calls are similar to each other.

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Predictive Dialer

Brings leads on the phone before connecting the agent. Predictive dialer automatically skips voicemails and ring time, connecting only live calls.

Useful for intensive calling campaigns, experienced outbound teams or political campaigns.