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Aloware’s Summer 2023 Update: Boosting Productivity with Sequences and More.

October 18, 2023

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

The Aloware product team has been hard at work launching many great product improvements. We’re excited to highlight some of the features and enhancements we released over the Summer!

🔊 New Talk Features: Tags & Wallboard

Now in the Aloware Talk interface, agents can easily manage their contact and communication tags or they can easily view the live call queue, barge, whisper and more.

📞 Personal Line on Talk profile

Do you want to quickly check what your number is?

Now it’s easier than ever to find the number associated with a specific user by clicking on the user name in the top right of Talk. 

The number shown will be the personal line of the user, found in User Settings > Profile Settings > User’s personal line. See here:

🔖 Tags as a Sequence trigger

Sequences in Aloware are a robust feature designed to simplify and enhance your business relationships. These powerful tools function much like Email Drip campaigns, with a primary focus on initiating and nurturing connections with both potential and existing customers. Aloware Sequences consist of a series of individual tasks, each executed automatically after specific time intervals, either relative to one another or relative to the start of your campaign.

In essence, Aloware Sequences are your secret weapon for maintaining timely, targeted communication with your desired audience. They not only send messages at the right moments but also enroll leads with the appropriate tags, creating a seamless workflow. 

And… What’s new?

We have added Tags to the Sequence triggers. Now Admins can Enroll or Unenroll contacts in sequences by adding or removing Tags. The possibilities for automation are endless!

Check it out by going to Sequences > Sequence settings > Intake & Tiggers to try it today.

🔐 reCAPTCHA for Enhanced Security 

Aloware has experienced significant user growth over the past year. As a result, we have implemented enhanced login security measures to safeguard our customers’ valuable data and Aloware technology.

Along with backend security improvements, we’ve added reCAPTCHA to secure the login experience: 

ReCAPTCHA = Simply select “I’m not a robot” on any login page of Aloware. There may be a question to prove that you are a human.

🌎 Incoming Call Location

With location technology, Aloware will now present the user with contact locations for every new inbound call. Below you’ll find an example of a new inbound call from Panama City, Florida.

👻 Hide Task Status Logs

Inside Aloware Talk, task statuses help to surface the state of the conversation with a contact. 

However, for many agents, these become a distraction or unnecessary noise. With this setting in Account settings > General Settings, admins can now hide Task logs from the communication logs.

🔗 HubSpot Integration Enhancements

Aloware’s integration with HubSpot CRM is now more powerful than ever. With recent launches, the following features are available for you now!

  • Display images sent as MMS in HubSpot
  • Log text messages as an SMS activity
  • Pull summary fields like the total number of text messages or calls
  • See the direction of a call as a call event (Outbound vs. Inbound) 
  • See the outcome of a call directly in HubSpot 
  • Map custom contact fields between Aloware and HubSpot

📲 New IVR Editor

At Aloware, we’re always working on new ideas to make your contact center work smarter. Our goal is to help you boost productivity, improve customer experiences, and achieve your business goals by bringing innovation right to your fingertips. With our solutions, you can streamline operations, engage customers better, and drive success for your contact center.

That being said, we’re happy to share updates on our IVR Editor. Aloware’s newest Interactive Voice Response editor allows users to easily set up an advanced IVR for your customers. 

Utilize features like complex routing, human voice recording, auto-tagging and custom variable recordings. Check out this step-by-step guide here

🕙 New Longest Available Agent Routing

We have introduced an incredibly important update for increasing the speed at which teams can pick up calls in their ring groups..

The key difference between Longest Availability and Round-Robin is that Longest Availability assigns calls to representatives based on the one who has been idle the longest, prioritizing availability.

Round-Robin distributes calls equally among available representatives in a rotating fashion to ensure fairness.

Find it under Ring Groups > General > Routing Settings

👥 Ring Group contact visibility enhancements

To make it easier than ever to view contacts which you care about, we’ve added a “Team Only” contact visibility. 

This setting will allow agents to view any contact which their Ring Group (or team) has interacted with.

Further, we’ve added a simple toggle “My contacts” in the Talk inbox at the top to allow you to easily see your owned contacts.

📈 Major Inbound Telephony Engine Improvements

Along with the new features, we’ve overhauled our key inbound engine technology. 

These include the following:

  • Improved call status handling
  • Preview dialer enhancements
  • Progressive dialer improvements
  • Optimized call routing for direct inbound calls
  • User status performance patches
  • Callback pending UI/UX changes

📆Google Calendar Integration

Want to have the events scheduled by your customers show directly in your Google calendar?

Now you can. Aloware’s Google Calendar integration allows you to sync a single account-based Google calendar into Aloware for two-way event syncing.

This integration of Aloware and Google Calendar streamlines scheduling reduces effort duplication, minimizes scheduling conflicts, and enhances organization, ensuring efficient management of appointments and deadlines.

Learn more in this Step-by-step Guide

As always, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our users. Stay tuned for more product updates!

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach us at


👋 Aloware Product Team