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A2P 10DLC Impact on SMS and MMS Open Rates

A2P 10DLC Impact on SMS and MMS Open Rates

September 21, 2023

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is spending huge budgets on SMS/MMS marketing campaigns that have the success rate in limbo – that black hole between deliverability and open rate.

While deliverability and Open rate are sometimes affected by different factors, there’s a common underlying factor that every business must take into consideration before the much anticipated customer-landing liftoff.

A2P 10DLC!

We believe this isn’t news as it has been covered extensively in an earlier blog post, A2P 10DLC: A-Z of Everything You Need To Know

This blog post will focus on how it impacts your SMS and MMS Open Rates.

Here are the highlights

  • A brief intro into A2P 10DLC
  • Impact of A2P 10DLC on Open Rates
  • Best Practices for SMS/MMS campaigns 
  • What’s next


What is A2P 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC is a system that allows businesses to send text messages to their customers using regular phone numbers. Here’s a relatable explanation.


Imagine you’re planning a big family reunion. You want to invite all your relatives, but there’s a catch – you can’t personally call or message everyone because there are too many. So, you decide to use a special service that helps you send messages from your phone to all your relatives’ phones at once. 

This way, you can share all the details about the reunion – the date, time, location, and any fun activities you’ve planned.

Now, think of your phone as the “A2P” part. A2P stands for “Application-to-Person.” 

It means using applications (like your texting app) to send messages. It’s a convenient way to reach a lot of individuals without having to personally type out each message.

But here’s where “10DLC” comes in. Imagine that some of your relatives are hesitant about coming to the reunion because they’re not sure if it will be a great time. To put their worries to rest, you ask your closest cousin to record a short video about how much fun they had at the last family gathering. This video becomes like a “testimonial” that vouches for the awesomeness of your family reunions.

In the messaging world, “10DLC” stands for “10 Digit Long Code.” It’s like that testimonial video because it’s a way for businesses to send messages to customers using regular 10-digit phone numbers. 

These messages might include appointment reminders, updates, or promotions. But just like you got your cousin’s approval before sharing their video, businesses must follow certain FCC and carrier regulations when sending messages through 10DLC. This ensures that the messages are relevant, helpful, and not spammy.

So, A2P 10DLC is like sending out mass messages from applications (A2P) like Aloware’s Business Texting solution using regular 10-digit phone numbers (10DLC). 

It’s like how you used your phone to send reunion details to all your relatives at once and how you made sure the testimonial video was genuine and useful. It’s all about ensuring messages reach people effectively and with their best interests in mind.

Check out: A2P 10DLC Compliance Requirements for Businesses

Impact of A2P 10DLC on Open Rates

A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10 Digit Long Code) significantly impacts SMS/MMS open rates. It’s designed to improve the deliverability and effectiveness of commercial text messaging campaigns, ultimately leading to better open and engagement rates. 

Here’s how A2P 10DLC can influence SMS/MMS open rates.

  • Trust and Authenticity
  • Reduced Filtering and Blocking
  • Higher Engagement
  • Relevance and Consent
  • Personalization
MMS open rates

Trust and Authenticity

A2P 10DLC allows businesses to send messages using their own unique 10-digit phone numbers. This approach fosters trust and authenticity because recipients are more likely to open messages that come from familiar local numbers instead of unknown numbers or shortcodes. 

For example, a study by Moby Group found that open rates for SMS messages from trusted brands were 20% higher than for messages from untrusted brands. Additionally, a study by Twilio found that open rates for SMS messages that were perceived as authentic were 15% higher than for messages that were not perceived as authentic.

Reduced Filtering and Blocking

Shortcodes have long been popular for businesses looking to engage with their audiences. However, there could be downsides to this approach if not implemented with the right strategy.

Want to improve your SMS/MMS delivery rate and throughput using shortcodes, let’s talk

With A2P 10DLC compliance, your campaigns are more personalized and localized, which makes them less likely to trigger spam filters. 

Trust Score

Check out the A2P 10DLC Trust score

As a result, messages have a higher throughput, thereby improving reach, engagement rate, and conversions.

Higher Engagement

Using recognizable and localized phone numbers in messages can significantly increase the chances of recipients engaging with them. 

Studies have shown that people are more likely to open and respond to messages that appear to be from personal contacts rather than from generic shortcodes. 

When messages are sent from a familiar and identifiable number, it creates a sense of trust and familiarity, which can lead to better open rates and overall engagement. 

With A2P 10DLC, your business is assigned local and recognizable phone numbers, increasing the likelihood of getting a response.

69% of consumers prefer communicating with brands over text messages rather than calls

consumers prefer communicating with brands over text messages rather than calls

A2P 10DLC mandates opt-in consent from recipients before sending messages. By doing so, you can ensure that messages are received by people who have agreed to receive them, which makes the messages more relevant to their interests and needs. 

You do not also want to forget to ensure your campaign messages give prospects/customers the opt-out option. While a prospect may have initially agreed to receive messages from you, they could also want to stop receiving them at any time.

Let’s say you’re a retail company that sells sports equipment. You have a list of customers who have previously made purchases from your online store and provided their phone numbers for order updates. 

You decide to run a promotion on running shoes. Instead of sending a generic message to your entire customer list, you use A2P 10DLC to segment your audience based on their past purchases. You send personalized messages like:

“Hi [Customer’s Name], we noticed you’re into running! Check out our latest running shoe collection with a special 20% discount code: RUN20. Valid until [Expiration Date].

Reply STOP to opt-out.”

Text Sample

“Hi [Customer’s Name], we noticed you’re into running! Check out our latest running shoe collection with a special 20% discount code: RUN20. Valid until [Expiration Date].”

By tailoring your message to the customer’s interests, you ensure that the SMS is relevant to their needs, increasing the open rate and the chances of engagement and conversions.


By leveraging A2P personalizing elements, you can create tailored messages that resonate with customers and prospects. 

personalized messages sent to the target audience register a greater CTR

Personalized messages sent to the target audience register a greater CTR — 10.66% on average

These personalized messages have a higher potential of capturing recipients’ attention and result in higher open rates, leading to increased engagement and, ultimately, better business outcomes. 

When sending campaign messages, adding your company’s name helps with personalization and sender awareness. 

For example:

SMS/MMS caption: “Message from [company]”

Body: “Hi [Customer’s Name], we noticed you’re into running! Check out our latest running shoe collection with a special 20% discount code: RUN20. Valid until [Expiration Date].

Reply STOP to opt-out.”


“Hi [Customer’s Name], this is [agent’s name] from [company]. We noticed you’re into running! Check out our latest running shoe collection with a special 20% discount code: RUN20. Valid until [Expiration Date]. 

Reply STOP to opt-out”

With A2P 10DLC, you can create more meaningful connections with your audience.

Best Practices for a Success-Guaranteed SMS/MMS Campaign

Optimizing your set-up process is crucial to improving your Open Rate for SMS/MMS campaigns.

SMS/MMS campaigns are generally more affordable and cost-effective and deliver high open rates compared to other forms of mobile marketing. With an estimated 98% open rate, you will likely connect with customers who are most likely to see your messages, boosting engagement and sales.

SMS open rate

However, you must follow best practices to be on the winning podium of SMS/MMS campaigns.

Complying with legal and ethical rules, such as getting consent and protecting customers’ privacy, is just as important as having a foolproof SMS marketing strategy.

The following should make your checklist for SMS/MMS marketing best practices for better open rates:

  • SMS copy best practices
  • SMS template best practices

SMS copy best practices

Having a clear and concise copy can help you connect better with customers, boosting your campaign goals. For example, you can highlight keywords and phrases to catch their attention.

Here are some tips for SMS copy best practices.

SMS copy best practice
  • Use timely keywords
  • Consider using Visuals
  • Be concise
  • Beware of using FREE

Use Timely Keywords

The opening words of your message function like a subject line, and they need to grab your recipient’s attention, motivating them to read on. Utilize timely and relatable language, emojis, or personalization to make your introduction stand out.

For example, if you run an eCommerce store, keywords could be “SALES” or “SUMMER.”

Use Visuals

MMS messages allow you to include images, GIFs, videos, or audio in your texts, making them engaging, appealing, and informative.

However, use visuals sparingly and make sure they are relevant and optimized for mobile devices.

Aloware business texting integrates with Hubspot to seamlessly use SMS/MMS for your texting campaigns. 

Be concise

SMS/MMS messages have character limits, so it’s essential to be concise and get straight to the point. Avoid using unnecessary words, and keep your sentences short. Limiting your copy to 75-115 characters or 3-4 lines long for optimal engagement is a good practice.

For example: “Hi! Don’t forget our flash sale ends today. Use code FLASH20 for 20% off your purchase. Shop now!”

Use simple words and provide genuinely helpful or relevant information of value to recipients.

Beware of Using FREE

It is not advisable to use the word “FREE” to lure customers into signing up for your campaign unless the messages and program are entirely free for the end-user, regardless of the supported carrier. 

It is recommended to include the phrase “Msg & data rates may apply” in any campaign that requires charges to be paid by the end user.

SMS template best practices

SMS templates can help you follow the best practices for your campaigns, save time, and ensure consistency.

For example, an appointment reminder template will always have the date, time, and place. An order confirmation template will link to the product order and maybe a coupon for the following order. 

Use templates to standardize your processes and add some personalization to your texts.

  • Personalization
  • Test your templates
  • Keep consistent branding 


Adding a personal touch to your messages can significantly improve Open rates. Utilize consumer information such as names, companies, past engagement history, or any other relevant data to create personalized messages that resonate with your recipient. 

This approach not only helps to build trust but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Test your templates

It’s crucial to test your campaigns in-house before sending them out to your audience. This is because different devices and operating systems can display content differently, affecting how your message is received. 

By testing in-house, you can ensure that your campaigns look and read correctly on various devices and platforms, giving you the confidence that your message is being communicated effectively to your audience. 

Keep consistent branding 

Using templates is an effective way to establish your brand identity with potential customers. Defining your brand’s voice and consistently using language that sets you apart from other brands vying for consumers’ attention, is essential. 

Remember that messaging templates for a real estate company will differ from those of an eCommerce business, and the goals of each message may also vary.

For more SMS/MMS Marketing guides, check out 10 Easy-to-Use SMS Marketing Best Practices for SMBs

What Next…

A2P 10DLC is a must-have to improve your SMS/MMS marketing campaigns. You can increase open rates, engagement, and conversions by using localized and personalized phone numbers. 

Also, following the best practices for SMS/MMS campaigns can land customers and boost your business revenue. 

Would you like to get started with A2P 10DLC registration? Talk to one of our experts. We would love to assist you.