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Best Sales Dialer for HubSpot Power Users

Sales dialers have come to improve the way salespeople use their time. It provides a simple albeit important solution of automatically dialing numbers to speed up the calling process. CRMs like HubSpot, on the other hand, store leads and deals to help manage sales activities.

These are just two common tools modern small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use today to improve sales operations productivity. With the numerous platforms your team uses for different purposes, how can you best ensure efficiency? Here’s where a deep and reliable integration comes in handy.

Why do you need an autodialer inside HubSpot?

We all know HubSpot – the leading CRM platform that takes off all the burden of organizing and managing your customer data for marketing, sales, and support. First, an autodialer is a software tool that automatically dials phone numbers and connects them to agents or sales representatives. By integrating an autodialer into HubSpot, sales teams can streamline their outreach efforts and increase productivity.

Reap all the benefits of having robust contact center software without having to worry about the learning curve and data syncing. With Aloware’s phone integration for Hubspot, you can easily call your leads without switching tabs or needing a hardware device. Using our powerful dialer, you can leverage your customer data to have meaningful conversations with more prospects.

Other benefits of using the HubSpot sales dialer include:

  • Managing call lists
  • Prioritizing calls based on lead quality
  • Providing call analytics such as call duration and conversion rates
  • Executing a more personalized outreach from the CRM.

What to expect from our Hubspot dialer

You can expect only the best with Aloware’s sales dialer easily integrated with a smart platform like HubSpot. Here’s a rundown of things you can expect with this powerful integration.

HubSpot sales dialer dashboard


Calling from Hubspot

Easily connect with leads using our sales dialer embedded inside Hubspot. Click on any number in your CRM, and Aloware will start ringing the contact immediately. Additionally, with the Aloware dialer in HubSpot, users access the following features:

  • Park Call
  • Call Scripts
  • Call Recording
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail drops, and
  • Other smart telephony features

Here is how to make an inbound call using Aloware’s HubSpot In-app dialer.

Alo and Hub
HubSpot in-app dialer

Unlimited power dialing

Aloware comes with unlimited calls, so you can connect with more leads as often as needed. Maximize our power dialer, and talk to hundreds of your CRM leads in one click without worrying about per-minute rates again.

Aloware’s sales power dialer solution helps agents call a list of contacts without looking for the phone number or entering them manually. It optimizes the calling process by providing the necessary tools to manage the call effectively, including skipping contacts beyond business hours and displaying every contact’s activities and information.

Learn how the Aloware power dialer works with HubSpot to make unlimited sales dials.

Multiple lines with SMS/MMS

With business texting on the rise, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) cannot ignore this channel anymore. Furthermore, the Aloware cloud phone offers more than a sales dialer for HubSpot users. We offer bulk text messaging in the toolkit using Broadcast and SMS/MMS campaigns using Sequence solutions.

Other solutions that come with SMS/MMS capabilities inside your HubSpot CRM account include:

  • Local, toll-free, and international numbers from over 120+ countries
  • Local presence using local area code
  • Two-way SMS beyond text into; photos, GIFs, Emojis, and more
Go Local
Local presence

Resource: How can businesses leverage texting over calling

Automated voicemails

An automated voicemail, voicemail greetings, or voicemail messages are pre-recorded messages that can be used to answer calls when the recipient cannot. Moreso, businesses, professionals, and individuals often use them to provide a professional and consistent message to callers, even when they are not available to answer the phone.

One of the primary benefits of automated voicemails is that they can save time for both the caller and the recipient. Instead of the caller waiting for the phone to ring multiple times or repeatedly calling back, they can hear a pre-recorded message that provides them with information about when the recipient will be available or how they can reach the recipient in the future.

With a massive directory inside your CRM, it is almost impossible to connect with each customer. Also, HubSpot users can drop your pre-recorded voicemail when you bump into the machine and stay on your contact list.

Outbound sales automation

SMBs get access to technologies like sales automation to enable them to automate their outbound sales. The goal is to streamline various tasks involved in the sales process, from lead generation and qualification to follow-up and closing.

Additionally, with our HubSpot auto dialer, you can instantly fire calls whenever a new contact enters your CRM and more. Configure such settings how you know them, and automate calls and texts. Other benefits of outbound sales automation include:

  1. Personalization at scale: Automation helps sales teams deliver personalized messages and experiences to customers at scale, increasing engagement and building trust.
  2. Increased efficiency: Automation can help sales teams save time and increase efficiency by streamlining time-consuming tasks and automating repetitive processes.
  3. Data-driven decision-making: Automation tools collect and analyze data related to sales performance, providing insights into areas for improvement and enabling data-driven decision-making.
  4. Improved lead quality: By using automation tools for lead generation and qualification, sales teams can focus on reaching out to qualified leads, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

FAQs for HubSpot sales dialer

What is a sales dialer?

A sales dialer is software used by sales teams to automate dialing processes. The goal is to eliminate time-consuming sales processes for dialing prospects and lead to convert them.

Sales dialer software examples include:

  1. Aloware
  2. JustCall
  3. DialPad
  4. Aircall
  5. CloudTalk
  6. RingCentral
  7. Kixie PowerCall

How many minutes do you get with HubSpot calling? 

You get 2000 minutes of calling using HubSpot Sales Pro. You can contact the support team if you run out, and someone will raise your limit. However, with Aloware cloud call center software, we offer unlimited calling minutes across all our payment plans.

What are the different types of dialers?

There are four types of sales auto-dialers:

  1. Manual agent-initiated call
  2. Progressive dialer
  3. Preview dialer
  4. Predictive dialer

Does HubSpot have a dialer?

HubSpot has its own dialer called Call Tracker that enables users to line up calls in a progressive manner but has limited features. You can make unlimited calls using the Aloware power dialer, which integrates seamlessly with HubSpot.

Your CRM turned into a sales machine.

The combined power of these two platforms (Aloware + HubSpot) brings an intelligent solution to modern contact centers and businesses. With these sales dialer integrations working together, it arms your inside sales team with multiple ways to level up performance.

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