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Best practices to drive customer engagement to your tax firm

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Filing taxes has become an essential service especially for business owners and self-employed people when dealing with the government. This is why competition for tax firms has also become stiff when it comes to getting clients. Some companies may need an accountant on retainer, some may need one full time, some may just even need services just for a couple of hours. The question now is how to find the right clients for the type of service your tax firm provides.

As accountants and tax lawyers, you already wear many hats with the number of clients you’re handling as well as your administrative duties. With these in mind, there is a strong need to delegate or outsource other tasks. One of the most important tasks is finding the right clients and making sure they remain loyal through proper customer engagement. It can get quite tedious and labor-intensive especially without the right tools or teams for the job. 

Customer engagement is very important to make sure not only do you get more clients, which is the lifeline of your practice, but you also retain and maintain your clients. This reflects on a variety of things like attending to their needs swiftly and giving them reminders or tasks. Again this can get quite labor-intensive and time-consuming. Good thing Aloware’s there to provide you with the right tools and services to turbocharge your customer engagement.


Unique phone numbers to engage customers

Aloware can provide unique phone numbers to each partner or ad campaign. This is a big deal because today’s competitive market may mean that you and your firm have multiple ad channels and campaigns. But at the same time, all of those can be pretty expensive, and you have to strictly monitor whether they provide good returns from your investment.

These unique phone numbers can be tracked and you can get data and analyses on what works best for you. With these, you can fine tune your campaign through call tracking.


Call tracking to see the types customers you’re dealing with

In relation to Aloware providing unique phone numbers, Aloware’s call tracking feature is as important and essential in making sure your tax practice is not bleeding money out from ad campaigns and channels that are not working.

With Aloware’s call tracking, you get real-time analytics of customers and clients that you’re dealing with. See how different campaigns, channels, and even teams and departments are working by monitoring their performance. You set the metrics and the standard as to what your team should focus on, what should be reduced, and how they can engage better.

Best of all, these data can be collated, compiled, and visualized all within the software. There’s no need to do it yourself or hire someone for that. It has already been automated for you so you can focus on providing services to your clients.


Autoresponder to boost your productivity

It’s very important that your tax firm has immediate responses to inquiries because these calls may be good leads and will ultimately lead to more revenue for your practice. Even if you may not be operating when they reach out, automated responses ensure that the customer will be attended to as soon as possible. 

Aloware’s system can help you configure not just whether to respond or not when there are inquiries, but it can be for a variety of conditions and preferences. You can set whether these responses will be returned calls or text messages, what your business hours would be, and what voice prompts to utilize.


Bulk SMS Messaging to amplify your campaigns

So now that you have gathered enough clients for your practice, how do you retain customers? How do you make sure they stay in your firm?

This is done through services that go above and beyond. Aloware can help in making sure that you send text messages to reach out to your clients without annoying them. You can personalize messages, so your customers feel attended to. You can schedule future follow-up messages for later days, at a certain time, or based on your client’s activity like link clicks. And most importantly, Aloware is fully compliant and adheres to opt-out requests and DNC regulations by analyzing keywords & acting upon them.


Hubspot and other CRM integration for better management

Finally, we know that your firm most likely has a system in place when it comes to client handling in your firm. Some may find using more tools like Aloware intimidating because it means learning new software and adjusting to it. Others may find the shifting from one program to another wasteful when it comes to time.

The good news is, Aloware can fit right into Hubspot or whatever CRM your firm is currently using. In fact, it reduces the need for more programs and software because you can have Aloware’s dialer right inside your CRM. This completely eliminates the need to shift from one program to another, saving you more time, so you and your team can focus more in providing services to your clients.