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Best Sales Dialer for HubSpot Power Users

Troika Gellido

Sales dialers have come to improve the way salespeople use their time. It provides a simple albeit important solution of automatically dialing numbers to speed up the calling process. CRMs, on the other hand, store leads and deals to help manage sales activities.

These are just two common tools utilized by modern businesses today to improve productivity in sales operations. However, with the numerous platforms your team uses for different purposes, how can you best ensure efficiency? Here’s where a deep and reliable integration comes in handy.


Why you need a sales dialer inside HubSpot

We all know HubSpot – the leading CRM platform that takes off all the burden of organizing and managing your customer data for marketing, sales, and support. To use it for large-scale outreach, consider integrating with a third-party solution that can take care of your outbound communication.

Reap all the benefits of having a robust contact center software without having to worry about the learning curve and data syncing. With Aloware’s phone integration for Hubspot, you can easily call your leads without having to switch tabs or ever needing a hardware device. You can leverage your customer data to have meaningful conversations with more prospects using our powerful dialer.


What to expect from our Hubspot dialer

With Aloware’s sales dialer easily integrated with a smart platform like HubSpot, you can expect only the best. Here’s a rundown of things you can expect with this powerful integration.

Calling from Hubspot

Easily connect with leads using our sales dialer embedded inside Hubspot. Click on any number in your CRM, and Aloware will start ringing the contact right away. Find call recordings in a familiar place, saved along with all your email conversations.

Unlimited power dialing

Aloware comes with unlimited calls, so you can connect with more leads and as many times as needed. Maximize our power dialer, and talk to hundreds of your CRM leads in one click without worrying about per-minute rates again.

Multiple lines

Not only does Aloware provide you with a complete telephony system, but you can also have multiple lines and numbers for different purposes. With Aloware, you can provision local or toll-free numbers complete with call and text capabilities.

Automated voicemails

With a massive directory inside your CRM, it is almost impossible to connect with each customer. Drop your own pre-recorded voicemail when you bump into the machine, and stay on top of your contact list.

Outbound sales automation

Imagine using your Hubspot workflow tools to trigger calls. Well, it’s no longer a dream! Instantly fire calls whenever a new contact enters your CRM and more. Configure such settings the way you know it, and automate not just calls, but texts too.


Your CRM turned into a sales machine

The combined power of these two platforms brings an intelligent solution to modern contact centers and businesses. With Aloware and HubSpot working together, it arms your inside sales team with multiple ways to level up performance. Excited to see it for yourself? ‘Cause, it can take care of more than calls. Learn more by booking a demo today!

Troika Gellido

Written by Troika Gellido

Resident writer at Aloware, playing with words to make marketing more fun than just data and numbers

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