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The Best Sales Dialer for HubSpot Users

Sales dialers have come to improve the way salespeople use their time. Apart from other sales productivity platforms, a dialer provides a simple, albeit important, solution of automatically dialing numbers to speed up the calling process. 

Another sales productivity tool is the use of CRMs, which all modern businesses lean on. CRMs manage and organize lead data so salespeople can focus more on selling. However, with numerous platforms your team uses for different purposes, how can you assure its productivity? Here’s where integration comes in handy.

Why the need to integrate?

We all know HubSpot – the leading CRM platform that takes off all the burden of organizing and managing your customer data for marketing, sales, customer service, and content management. Its full CRM platform gives you complete CRM solutions tailored to provide the necessary tools. 

As complete as HubSpot can be, it focuses on different assets inside a CRM system. If your purpose is to increase sales through large-scale outreach, HubSpot may not be conducive to that.  This is why considering to integrate it with different platforms that focus more on what your team needs is something you should look into. To boost sales, you will need a smarter contact center sales solution, like Aloware.

HubSpot x Aloware’s Power Dialer: A seamless integration

Thing is, both HubSpot and Aloware are platforms that aim for user productivity. They are lenient to provide the best solutions with their users in mind. This common aim forged a strong partnership that brings together Aloware’s knack for closing sales into HubSpot’s intelligent CRM. All brought by a very important feature: the Power Dialer.

Salespeople and business owners smile upon the efficiency of Power Dialers. But with Aloware, expect that it can give you so much more than that. One among them is the seamless integration of a sales dialer inside HubSpot. It eliminates the need to change platforms because you can use Aloware’s dialer within your HubSpot account. It also saves you time with its two-say sync that allows you to get up-to-date information on every contact on both platforms.

What to expect

Aloware is definitely so much more than a sales dialer. With a dialer like this easily integrated with a smart platform like HubSpot, you can expect only the best. Here’s a rundown of things you can expect with this powerful integration.

Power Dialer 

With Aloware’s Power Dialer inside Hubspot, calling your leads is as easy as one click, making connecting with leads easier. In one click, it fires up calls from your HubSpot CRM so you can focus more on talking with customers. Aloware’s Power Dialer inside HubSpot helps salespeople make the most of their time.

Unlimited calling

Aloware brings in unlimited outbound calling inside HubSpot. Unlimited call minutes mean more time to spend closing sales and dealing with customers. This provides a new way to maximize your CRM data for your sales and marketing campaigns. 

Multiple lines

Get ready to go full-on contact center mode with Aloware inside your HubSpot account. Not only does it provide you with a complete telephony system, but also offers provision for multiple lines and numbers if you have different departments. Provision local or toll-free numbers complete with calling and texting capabilities.

Real-time sync

Yes, HubSpot and Aloware are two different platforms, but rest assured that you won’t have to re-enter your data because they sync together. It records important lead and calls data from call histories to text messages. It keeps a record of calls and call dispositions for your team to track. It does all these in auto-sync that you don’t have to re-enter data from one platform to another. 

Sales automation

Automating workflows can be a little daunting. Aloware eases you through this process with its seamless integration with Hubspot. It offers customizable tools for productivity that’s so easy to understand and use. You’ll have more options to automate calls and speed up your dials, but it doesn’t stop there. Aloware pushes sales call limits and gives you the freedom to automate your sales campaigns through and SMS broadcasts as well.

Two-in-one contact center solution

The combined power of these two platforms brings an intelligent solution to modern contact centers and businesses. With Aloware and HubSpot working together, it arms you with multiple ways to improve your contact center and achieve more sales.

Managing leads and calls as a team is easier with the powerful features of these two combined. We made them completely compatible to finish all your contact center work in less time. 

Excited to see how these two work together? Talk to us today!