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Best sales training programs for a powerful SaaS sales team 2021

Best sales training programs for a powerful SaaS sales team 2021

The best way to learn any skill is to have someone teach you, and selling SaaS is no different. 

SaaS lives in a hazy middle ground between selling a good (the software) and a service (the ability to access the software). Thus, you need to sell SaaS using different techniques than you’d use in retail or solely service-based industries.

Conveniently, there are multiple training programs available to help your sales team learn the ins and outs of SaaS selling. These programs are essential for you to keep learning how to pitch your SaaS solution in a way that brings in customers. 

You’ll learn strategies that execute conversions, techniques, and the why’s of each. Keep reading to discover the six most effective SaaS sales training courses and find the one that’s right for you.

Best sales training programs for 2021

SaaS sales training can come in a variety of styles. These programs can be targeted toward CEOs, training coaches, sales executives, and anyone else who may be included in your sales pipeline. They’re also available at a range of price points, so there’s sure to be one that fits your budget.

1. Winning by Design’s SaaS Sales Training Course

‌Winning by Design is a dedicated remote sales training company focused on helping businesses train their sales staff more effectively. With that background, it’s natural that its SaaS Sales Training Course provides robust, high-quality education. 

The four-week course includes once-a-week classes through Zoom covering topics like:

  • ‌Having more effective conversations
  • ‌Orchestrating late-stage closing conversations
  • ‌Best practices in discovery and demo

‌While the course is costly, it also provides personal instruction and small class sizes, so each person gets individualized attention.

  • Type: Live four-week course
  • Vendor: Winning by Design
  • Location: Virtual
  • Pricing: $1500 per seat

Verdict: Great for new sales reps and teams that have funding for professional development.

2. SalesHood’s Sales Training and Coaching Huddles For B2B SaaS Sales

‌SalesHood calls itself a “sales enablement platform.” It provides just-in-time training, onboarding, and coaching for sales teams. The business offers both individual training and “coaching huddles,” or pre-built training modules that subscribers can access on-demand. 

SalesHood’s Sales Training and Coaching Huddles For B2B SaaS Sales

The SaaS Sales Training and Coaching Huddles include modules that cover more than 24 topics, from prospecting emails and account research to negotiations and mutual close plans. Each module is an in-depth exploration of the topic, including video lectures and written materials. They’re accessible from anywhere on mobile and web browsers alike.

  • Type: On-demand coaching library of classes
  • Vendor: SalesHood
  • Location: Virtual
  • Pricing: Contact SalesHood for a quote

Verdict: This is an excellent resource if you’re looking for a resource library instead of a structured course.

3. Funnel Clarity’s Software/SaaS Sales Training

‌Funnel Clarity is a company entirely focused on training sales teams on how to sell better. It offers a variety of different training programs, including online-only courses and on-site training at your business. 

The Funnel Clarity model is based on flexibility: it provides the training your team needs in the format you need it. Its Software/SaaS Sales Training is no different.

Sales Training

Because of this flexibility, there’s no one price you can expect to pay. Having the Funnel Clarity instructor come to you will be more expensive than arranging a virtual course. However, if you’re training many people at once, it may be worth the cost.

  • Type: Flexible training courses
  • Vendor: Funnel Clarity
  • Location: Online or on-site
  • Pricing: Contact Funnel Clarity for a quote

Verdict: For companies who want on-site sales training, Funnel Clarity is a great choice.

4. Hubspot’s Inbound Sales Course

‌Not every SaaS training course is demanding. If you’re just looking for a quick overview of inbound sales, Hubspot can help. 

The Hubspot Inbound Sales Course is just over two hours and entirely online. People enrolled in the course will also be given a HubSpot certification upon completion. Hubspot is renowned for its ability to support sales, so the information contained in this course is sure to be worthwhile.

Hubspot’s Inbound Sales Course

Of course, because the class is so short, it’s not particularly in-depth. While the program is excellent for introducing modern sales techniques, it’s not as robust as other options on this list.

  • Type: Online on-demand course
  • Vendor: Hubspot
  • Location: Virtual
  • Pricing: Free

Verdict: If you just need a quick, free intro to inbound and SaaS sales, this is the perfect solution.

5. RAIN Group’s Online Sales Training

‌Every type of sales team can benefit from training. Whether you’re looking for small-scale individual training education or a complete corporate training solution, RAIN Group’s online sales training covers your needs. 

These eLearning programs are easy to set up and schedule for teams of any size. No matter what skills you want to sharpen in your SaaS sales funnel, RAIN Group has the tools you need.

Online Sales Training

  • Type: Online classes
  • Vendor: RAIN Group
  • Location: Virtual
  • Pricing: Contact RAIN Group for a quote

Verdict: Great for any team that knows what it needs and wants to design a program that fits.

6. LeadsCon Las Vegas 2021

LeadsCon is an annual convention for the sales community. It’s an exciting 3-day program for salespeople to gain industry knowledge, strategies, and techniques for nurturing and converting quality leads. The three-day convention features in-demand speakers, collaborative meetings, exhibits, and networking opportunities with people in the industry.


  • Type: Live conference
  • Vendor: LeadsCon
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Pricing: $1445 per person, $150 discount for three or more attendees

Verdict: If you’re looking for one-on-one conversations about SaaS sales, LeadCon is the place to go. The Aloware team will be going there, too!

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