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Call campaign hacks to boost SaaS sales with Aloware

Call campaign hacks to boost SaaS sales with Aloware

When many industries believe that cold calling is dead for sales, some remain unfazed by it. For technology-driven industries like SaaS, cold calls and call campaigns are crucial in their overall sales cycle.

Calls, though one of the most traditional channels for sales, is still very much alive even for modern industries like SaaS. Beyond transitions and other digital channels that have sprung, sales calls promote the traditional human touch in this modern, digitally-dependent era. It’s that one thing that other channels won’t be able to compete with.

Through the power of calls, every communication touchpoint becomes more valuable, giving sales representatives the opportunity to understand their customers better.


Aloware call campaign techniques for SaaS

The success of cold calling for SaaS and B2B sales is dependent on a few factors. How you strategize each call campaign should be smart enough for the modern-day customer. Here are tips for you to leverage your SaaS sales campaigns with Aloware.


1 – Integrate your CRM to sync your contacts 

For fast-growing SaaS companies, productivity is always top of mind. By simply integrating the many sales tools you’re using, you can already save hours from doing manual work. Those hours you can then spend on increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

Contacts list

Running call campaigns inside Aloware provides your team with different ways to increase efficiency, starting off with better contact management. Integrate Aloware with your CRM and start syncing customer data with one click. Bring your CRM leads to your Power Dialer, and start calling without doing any manual data entry. Organize work with matched contact owners, dispositions, and automated communication logs.


2 – Power dial during prospecting

Power dialers help salespeople double up their prospecting efforts. Aside from giving them the tools for productivity, it makes every call worth the effort. Power dialing with Aloware during prospecting is best if you’re a SaaS business. Apart from increasing call rates, it also takes into consideration your customer-per-agent ratio, making calls more valuable.


call multiple numbers


Aloware’s power dialer integrates with major CRMs, so you can instantly pull up call lists from your contact database. It speeds up the calling process by letting you automatically dial as many as 200 leads with just one click. One of its smart features include Local Presence which programmatically assigns you a caller ID that matches your contact’s area code to boost pickup rates. You can also schedule follow-up calls from the Power Dialer, or trigger Power Dialer enrollment through Sequences.


3 – Call at the right time

Selling is also dependent on the right timing. Calling prospects at their most convenient time can increase your chances of closing more leads. Since most SaaS businesses operate globally, different time zones can disrupt the flow of your call campaigns. 


best dialer for saas


Aloware lets you dial contacts automatically based on their location and timezone, boosting productivity with every dial. Filter your dials according to your contact’s most convenient times by turning on the ‘Skip outside day times’ from Aloware’s power dialer. It will automatically push contacts outside business hours to the bottom of your dial lists. For manual dials, you can also sort your contacts in accordance with their timezone using Aloware’s ‘Follow The Sun’ feature.


4 – Add call tags to segment your contacts

Adding contact tags is a great way to segment contacts and organize your calls to help with your strategies. Using these tags to also assess your calls as an aggregate can help you evaluate customer demands, giving you better chances of converting them.


Add call tags to segment your contacts


For SaaS call campaigns, it is essential to understand your customers before making that pitch. Aloware lets you tag your calls and contacts, so your reps will have time to prepare before every type of sales call. Tagging each contact based on demographic information, subscription status, and product usage makes it easier for your representatives to work on appropriate sales strategies.


5 – Use a call script to structure your pitch

Even the best salespeople need call scripts to guide them during their pitches. Creating a call script structures your call, develops your pitch’s value, and helps you be consistent with your purpose. Call scripts also boost your representative’s confidence, allowing them to have something they can rely on when talking with a complicated lead.

call script


Using call scripts doesn’t have to be complex for you. Aloware’s complete call features offer a space where you can create and save your call scripts for all your representatives to see and use.  You can easily access your call scripts as you power dial at your convenience. You can also add different variables to apply personalization.


6 – Offer free demos and live call assistance for trials

One thing that beats all sales pitches is purpose. SaaS and B2B selling will need you to position your product as a tool to help your customers and their specific businesses, because a one-size-fits-all tactic may not be as effective. This can be done by offering live call assistance and demos, even when they are only trying your service for free.


free live demo


While most demos are done via video calling, phone calls are essential for driving clients into joining your demo. For this, setting your call campaign with Aloware makes a lot of difference. Connect with customers through phone calls and invite them for a free one-on-one demo or live call assistance. Ask them about how they are finding your product and help them realize its full potential.


7 – Send a three-touch follow-up using sequences 

Multi-channel prospecting may not be working for your SaaS business because one channel may not be supporting the other. Why don’t you try an omnichannel strategy the next time you do follow-ups? It uses multiple channels to deliver interconnected messages for maximum impact.


sequences 3 touch


To make your omnichannel efforts truly effective, try the three-touch follow-up approach. For instance, you can use an email, a phone call, and an SMS to keep engaging and connecting with your lead. It will surely work wonders if you can set these up on autopilot too using Aloware’s sequences. Automating your outreach tasks is possible by setting up call or text sequences from the app.


8 – Leave pre-recorded voicemails

Have you ever had that what-if moment when you call a potentially good lead, only to be answered by a machine? It can get disappointing, but a good calling campaign strategy also requires you to be prepared for that.


voice mail


Aloware gears you up with automation features for your call campaigns, even for calls that didn’t push through. You can set up your own pre-recorded voicemail and drop them automatically for unattended calls. You can also use Aloware’s easy text-to-speech option for hassle-free voicemail creation.


9 – Evaluate and assess your calls 

The success of any campaign depends largely on data, and this rings true with call campaigns too. With reliable reporting, you can experiment with scripts, strategies, and workflows to find out what influences your conversions the most. This also allows you to understand your customers’ purchasing behavior and see loopholes that you need to address in your call campaign tactics.


Check list


Aloware’s data-driven solution provides various tools that can help optimize your SaaS sales operations. With its live dashboard, managers can monitor agent activity in real-time. Calls can automatically be recorded for quality control. You can also get reports on text campaign open rates and average call durations. Even pull up a list of people actively engaging with your representatives!


When running call campaigns for your SaaS business, a well-coordinated plan is crucial for its success. Aloware can provide you with smart tools to keep your call campaigns running in the right direction. Get to know Aloware with the help of our friendly team! Schedule a talk with us one of these days.