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How SaaS sales teams can get the most out of auto dialers

Auto dialers came to the aid of salespeople as a tool to increase productivity. Since then, it has eliminated manual dialing of numbers, saving them time and increasing the chances of getting connected to high-value leads.

For SaaS sales teams, auto dialers provide numerous benefits for inbound, outbound, and overall business needs. Nowadays, SaaS salespeople have more options when it comes to choosing the right dialer that fits their system.

Benefits of auto dialers

SaaS is an ever-evolving industry, which is why sales teams will need tools that can keep up with its changing needs. Auto dialers help SaaS sales teams by:

Boosting productivity 

SaaS salespeople need efficient tools that can work with their system and make collaborations happen intuitively. Dialers boost productivity for SaaS sales teams by providing them with friendly tools that help keep tasks simpler and make managing calls more efficient. 

Reducing manual tasks 

Getting your dials done is one thing, but auto dialers also help in automating other tasks that used to eat up time and effort. Automating data entries, instantly recording conversations, and integrating with other apps and software are just a few of the good things auto dialer tools offer. 

Being compliant with telemarketing laws 

SaaS salespeople should follow and keep up with rules and regulations strictly set by TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). With auto dialers, you don’t have to worry about compliance or implementing rule changes. These dialers take these extra tasks off your shoulders so you can focus on your business.

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How SaaS sales teams can leverage auto dialers

There are indeed a lot of auto dialers out there, but how do you determine which one is perfect for your team? In addition, how do you maximize the use of this technology? These tips can help.

1. Categorize prospects according to deal stages

Effective lead engagement requires you to know your leads better before interacting with them. You can use tags and filters in order to segment your contacts list. 

This way, you’ll be able to categorize prospects according to their behavior, purchase intent, and where they are in your SaaS deal stages. Auto dialers can provide you control over your contact lists and offer tools for better collaboration for your SaaS sales team.

When booking appointments during the lead qualification stage, your system should have a steady flow of engagement processes designed to capture your lead’s attention. For example, you can use your dialer in booking calls and/or scheduling video demos for warm leads.

2. Provide assistance for training and onboarding

You can structure your onboarding processes or product demos through a series of calls and multi-channel engagements that can run automatically. With a dialer that supports other channels, you’ll have a better chance of providing effective training about your products and services.

There are platforms that allow call monitoring, call whisper, and barge in. They are three variations of a feature that allow supervisors to listen to other users’ calls in order to coach and assist new employees.

Call monitoring allows a supervisor to listen to a conversation before deciding if and when to start recording it. Call whisper allows a supervisor to provide live advice but the audio is only delivered to the agent’s line. The barge in allows a supervisor to take full control of a call so that both the customer and the agent will be able to hear him/her.

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3. Call from your CRM

One major reason why SaaS people should be adopting cloud-based auto dialers is that they can be integrated with most CRMs used by companies. By integrating your dialer with your CRM, you can complete tasks seamlessly. Dialers can sync data with your CRM, eliminating the need to update each contact list from time to time. 

The data collected by auto dialers can enrich your CRM with the type of information that will help your sales team focus on leads that will actually convert.

At the same time, having your CRM’s information available in your dialer can provide you with knowledge about your leads that can be crucial for you to close more deals. Since the SaaS sales process usually has a long cycle, you’ll want the most up-to-date information in both these apps so you’ll be able to see all pertinent details related to your customers.

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4. Automate your call campaigns

Call campaigns are crucial during the prospecting stage, and with an auto dialer managing it, you can achieve a lot more. One of these is automating your call campaigns for lead generation purposes. 

Automating your call campaigns doesn’t mean resorting to robocalling or using a computerized auto dialer to deliver a prerecorded message, as if from a robot. It’s about automating your call workflow sequences so you can make sure that all leads are getting the attention they need. For example, you can automate voicemail drops, call invites, and appointment schedules.

5. Keep track of sales goals and performance

Data and metrics are the lifelines of SaaS sales. Without access to factual and reliable data, sales teams could find it impossible to manage quotas, sales goals, and overall work. Automatic data recording is one of the biggest advantages of using an auto dialer. It also makes it easier to produce reports or view goals and performance analytics in real-time.

For most SaaS companies, accurate call statistics can help executives measure agent performance, determine the effectiveness of a call campaign, and help them make more informed decisions. Take it from SaaS company JobNimbus which has seen the help of Aloware’s dialer in their daily sales goals and quotas.

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6. Nurture leads through multiple channel automation

Unlike other industries, SaaS sales don’t usually end once a customer converts. There’s the added pressure of making sure that the customer continues to see value in using your product month after month. This is why lead nurturing should be done in coordination with your sales efforts.

Automating your engagements using different channels can make lead nurturing easier for SaaS sales teams. Salespeople don’t need to be calling customers every now and then just to keep them engaged, but they can strategize the use of different channels to foster relationships with them. For example, you can send automated emails for product updates and newsletters. Or use SMS updates to notify customers for promos, subscription notifications, and other alerts. Switch to a platform that can support all that.

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Never underestimate the power of auto dialers. Apart from automatically dialing numbers, it can easily be your next best investment to achieve your sales goals. With auto dialers, you’ll be able to find new strategies for your SaaS business and engage with your customers better.

Aloware’s dialer offers a lot of exciting features for SaaS sales. It lets you power dial contact lists, click-to-call contacts within the app, record sales-related data, and help you nurture your leads through omnichannel prospecting. It also integrates seamlessly with major CRMs like HubSpot, allowing you to leverage your sales efforts. Contact us if you want to learn more about Aloware’s auto dialer features!