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The leading HubSpot phone integration solution for SMBs

HubSpot CRM consolidates different communication channels for its user across phone calls, email, website, and social media. Sales and support teams need HubSpot phone integration for efficient customer satisfaction. 

Our integration with HubSpot CRM is designed to offer SMBs an omnichannel cloud phone system. Cloud phone solutions go beyond calling into business texting, emailing, and sales automation.

What is a cloud phone system? 

A cloud phone or cloud-based phone system is a phone service that enables you to make calls over the internet rather than over a traditional analog phone line that uses optical fibers or copper wire to make a connection.  

The cloud phone is multi-device across the web, smartphone apps, and VoIP-based phones. All information is stored in the cloud rather than maintaining software via a server like a private branch exchange (PBX) on the premises.

What is HubSpot CRM? 

A HubSpot CRM is a contact/customer relationship management tool that manages users’ sales, digital marketing, lead nurturing, and pipeline.  HubSpot comes with several tools, including; forms for lead capture, live chat, dynamic list, and cloud contact center integrations like Aloware. 

What is HubSpot CRM
What is HubSpot CRM

Other HubSpot CRM benefits include; 

  • Boosts lead tracking and conversions
  • Offer over 1000+ integrations
  • It helps you keep up with content creation
  • Offers analytics and reporting
  • Takes your SEO to another level

Benefits of HubSpot phone integration

Although HubSpot has VoIP software that allows you to make calls and log them automatically with the platform, the CRM has limitations since it’s not a dedicated cloud phone system.

Integrating your HubSpot CRM with a cloud telephony system has several benefits that save time and improve internal productivity. These benefits include; 

Benefits of HubSpot phone integration
Benefits of HubSpot Phone Integration
  1. Customer information in one dashboard

Avoid switching tabs between HubSpot and Aloware cloud telephony. This allows you to focus on delivering exceptional customer experience. 

  1. Reduce continuous manual data entry.

In the age of automation, manual data entry is time-consuming and expensive. HubSpot phone system integration automatically syncs all relevant data, saving users time and a steep learning curve. 

  1. Powerful cloud phone CRM

With dedicated cloud telephony software integrated with HubSpot CRM, you get professional sales and support services using cloud phone solutions.  Aloware + HubSpot phone integration offers comprehensive cloud phone CRM with a two-minute setup only. 

  1. Omnichannel telephony analytics and reporting 

Go beyond calling with your HubSpot phone integration. Omnichannel cloud telephony offers real-time dashboards and reports to track sales, agents, and support teams inside HubSpot. 

Other features for HubSpot cloud phone analytics and reporting include;

  • Email reports
  • Advanced filtering 
  • Agent performance
  • Talk time reports
  • Agent wallboard
  • Live dashboard

How do Aloware and HubSpot CRM integration work? 

Aloware + HubSpot integration has four processes based on data syncing between the CRM and cloud-based contact center software. Here is the overview: 

  1. Two-way data synchronization

Sync your HubSpot account inside Aloware with its two-way data synchronization. This will sync all new and existing customer information updates on both platforms.

HubSpot + Aloware Synchronization
  1. In-app dialer

The In-app dialer lets you launch the Aloware sales dialer inside HubSpot, built with call scripts, recording, call transfer, voicemail drops, and other intelligent telephony features.

  1. Custom Aloware workflow actions

Import HubSpot contacts to Aloware’s dynamic workflow settings. Manage call and text campaigns in Aloware Sequences with automated follow-ups to boost engagements.

  1. HubSpot ticketing

Aloware manages the HubSpot ticketing system. It prioritizes incoming requests and concerns from customers.

Aloware + HubSpot phone integration features

  1. Spam protection 

Spam protection is a process using a program called spam filters to detect unwanted calls or emails and prevent them from getting through into your inbox or call logs. 

Strong Reputation to Secure Customers
Spam Protection

The detection spam tools help reduce time wastage for your agents and to avoid robot dialers from contacting the cloud phone numbers they are using.  For emails or text messaging, spam filters instantly flag spam calls, reducing workplace unproductivity. 

  1. AI-powered IVRs

An interactive voice response, or IVRs, is an automated cloud phone system that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them a menu. In response, it performs actions based on the answers of the caller. 

You can add AI-powered IVRs to your customer support line so that no customer goes unattended. This will enable you to deliver customer satisfaction and meet your cloud contact center operations. 

  1. Call transcriptions

Using AI-voice analytics, you generate real-time sentiments from call transcriptions. Utilizing these intelligent speech tools, your sales teams can analyze the call tones and get insights that push them closer to closing deals fast. 

AI voice analytics
AI-voice Analytics

Furthermore, businesses can use call recording to track and improve sales representatives’ training for higher conversion rates. 

  1. Hyper-personalized voicemails

Empower your agents to deliver customized voicemails like professional voicemail greetings that push the sales lead stage forward. With HubSpot calling, sales reps can build 1:1 relationships with prospects and close long-term deals fast. 

  1. Call routing

Call routing is a call management procedure where each incoming call is placed in a queue and then routed to a specific person or group using predetermined rules. 

This call management allows business cloud phone system users to quickly connect customers to the right agent. Sales reps can manage their teams effectively with fairness using call routing tools. 

Beyond HubSpot call integration solutions with Aloware

  1. Instant phone numbers
Instant Phone Number
Instant Phone Numbers

Set up your virtual phone system with local, international, and toll-free numbers.  Instant phone numbers come with several capabilities that go beyond making calls;

  • Text messaging
  • Fax capabilities
  • Multi-media messaging (MMS) 

With international numbers from over 120+ countries, you can conduct business from anywhere worldwide. You also enjoy fast and easy number porting from every type of provider. 

  1. Business texting

Business texting is on the rise, thanks to its insane open rates. You can launch text messaging campaigns with Broadcast and Sequence+ inside your HubSpot CRM account. 

Aloware SMS solutions enable two-way text messaging that builds strong customer relationships. Also, with Broadcast, you can send bulk SMS/MMS during holidays or new updates inside HubSpot. 

  1. Compliant calling 

Our trusted calling solutions enforce industry-standard STIR/SHAKEN and A2P 10DLC, so you get to your customer with the correct caller ID and a checkmark.

Compiant Calling
Compliant Calling

 Using verified phone numbers, your customers will likely answer your calls, increasing customer trust. Other features you get from Aloware+ HubSpot call integration include;

  • In-app FCC compliance solutions
  • Caller ID registrations
  • SMS deliverability
  • In-house carrier Ops team
  1. Sales automation

HubSpot phone integration lets you quickly turn leads into phone calls and close deals. Using sales automation tools like workflows and contact triggers, you can follow up on information at the right time using sales automation tools like workflows and contact triggers. 

Other solutions to automate your sales processes inside HubSpot CRM with Aloware integration include; 

  1. Outbound to inbound sequences that bring you ready-to-talk leads
  2. Instant connection beyond calls, with text, multimedia messaging, and emailing
  3. Follow-up sequence that triggers post-call or by HubSpot CRM action 
  4. Real-time reporting and analytics in & out of your HubSpot CRM. 

Choose Aloware for your HubSpot phone integration. 

With over a thousand integrations on the HubSpot ecosystem and tens of cloud-based phone system apps, choosing cloud phone solutions that fit your business is challenging. 

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) choose an omnichannel contact center software for their HubSpot phone integration. One of our many customers on HubSpot had this to say; 

“ Aloware’s integration with HubSpot makes it SO easy to call or send texts directly from a contact. You don’t have to have so many tabs open and can use HubSpot directly and skip opening the Aloware app/web. Contacts are automatically added to HubSpot when they call, which saves time. Highly suggest this integration!” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make calls in HubSpot using Aloware?

Yes – After connecting your HubSpot account to Aloware, you can use Aloware Dialer in HubSpot as a Call Provider.

Can I sync my HubSpot contacts to Aloware?

Yes – Aloware supports two-way sync of contacts to HubSpot. After successful integration, click the Push and Pull Contacts button, and your contact will synchronize on both platforms.

How do I connect my phone to HubSpot?

Once you integrate HubSpot with Aloware, you can also use the Click-to-Call functionality or install the Aloware app to make calls in HubSpot using Aloware. Here is how to install the Aloware cloud phone

Can HubSpot transcribe calls?

Not sure about HubSpot. Aloware + HubSpot integration enables you to do smart transcription. Here is how to enable smart transcription with Aloware.

Does HubSpot integrate with VoIP?

Yes. HubSpot integrates with Aloware’s VoIP solutions. Here is how to integrate HubSpot CRM with the Aloware cloud call center for VoIP capabilities.