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7 HubSpot phone integrations to boost sales productivity

If you’re feeling a little burnt out on keeping up with your daily quotas, you’re not alone. With manual data entries, reports, and hot leads piling up your to-do list, it can get draining to talk to customers and win deals single-handedly. Luckily, it can be made easy with phone integrations you can use with your HubSpot CRM.

Phone integrations take time-consuming data entries or even the annoying tab-switching off your shoulders. It gathers up all tools and lets you do customer engagement, outreach, and contact management in one place. With these tools integrated inside HubSpot’s highly intuitive platform, you’ll have access to the most advanced and powerful tools to build up your sales in multitudes of ways. Managing your CRM while reaching your sales goals is made possible, thanks to these smart integrations.


HubSpot’s best phone integrations

True enough, it’s overwhelming and difficult to jump into a pool of third-party phone system apps, one after the other. With so many options presented, how would you know it’s something worth your monthly budget?

With HubSpot on our side, we help you get to know these phone integrations that are not only HubSpot-approved but are also worthy of your consideration.


For calling and texting


If you’re not into switching tabs, might as well look for one that has it all. Look no further with Aloware. It’s where calling, texting, and sales cadences are combined and made in complete sync with your HubSpot CRM.


Apart from the basics like click-to-call, automatic logging, call recording, and SMS integration, there’s more to it than what you’re looking for. Aloware lets you boost your outbound sales by either using SMS to reach customers at scale from HubSpot, or letting its power dialer do the magic. Auto-syncing data is done in real-time, with smart analytics and data recording features to boot. Real-time messaging with contacts is possible and made a lot better with MMS.

Automation in HubSpot is easy and can be done with Aloware-powered actions. You can set up text responders, follow-up triggers, or automated SMS sequences with just a few clicks.


hubspot automation



Aloware is priced starting at $35 a month, generously packaged with unlimited call minutes and SMS. If you’re looking to test-run it, it also offers first-time subscribers a 14-day free trial for entire teams. What a steal!



If you need a platform that does calling and texting with HubSpot, there’s also Cloudtalk. Integrations are made easy with real-time sync of your contacts, calls, notes, and activities on both platforms. Automation also comes in handy with speech-to-text transcription and auto follow-ups.



Its easy click-to-call function offers an immediate way to talk to a lead, making dialing easier from HubSpot. SMS messages are also synced and can be viewed inside your HubSpot account, however, it doesn’t support replies and SMS interactions. Another cool feature is a dashboard that puts you at ease by tracking daily analytics reports.


For as low as $20 a month for a yearly subscription, you’ll get basic features that are friendly for small teams.


For Calling


Logging calls manually is tediously time-consuming. This is where Dialpad can help you. You can either start creating new HubSpot contacts from Dialpad, or log call activities automatically on your HubSpot database.

Dialpad HubSpot


With desktop and mobile applications available, Dialpad also lets you match existing and new contacts on both platforms, eliminating duplicates from your list. Logging notes against specific deals and setting dispositions were also made handy in this phone integration.


Dialpad’s pricing is relatively apt for its features. With monthly subscriptions starting at $25, calling your CRM contacts can be made faster.



Another HubSpot dialer option, Aircall comes fully compatible with HubSpot. Seamless call logging and recording can be done in real-time. Contacts are synced and managed well, letting you focus on more important sales tasks.




Calling contact lists progressively is also possible with its power dialer option. Another simple yet very helpful feature is Aircall’s insight card that helps inbound teams know a little information about a caller before picking up.


At the price point of $35, you can enjoy call features monthly, on a pay-per-call scheme.

When it comes to calling, power dialer stands among the benefits of Its integration allows you to manually push your HubSpot contacts to its system for power dialing. is also big when it comes to data. It keeps all activities, call logs, and contact list auto-logged and synced with HubSpot data. While its tools are pretty awesome than its rival dialers, it offers a call-only integration with HubSpot.



You can have these power dialing tools up and running inside HubSpot for $89 monthly with unlimited calls. 


For Text Messaging

Sakari SMS

Gearing your contact center with SMS features instantly upgrades outbound success. Sakari SMS can get it done in tune with your HubSpot CRM. It has got the basics you need – 2-way SMS conversations, message personalization, and contact sync. Picture messaging is also made possible for visual campaigns and conversations.


Sakari SMS


Sending SMS to any HubSpot contact is a recommended feature for Sakari SMS automation. It can also work with triggers you can set for automated messages.


Sakari SMS has a starting price of $16 that you can enjoy monthly with 500 SMS to US/CA. However, you can also use some of its features for free, with SMS billed through pay-per-use.



Business texting is Salesmsg’s focus. It has made all its messaging features ready to fit your SMS outbound efforts. You can start sending and receiving SMS from HubSpot, track and record call data and activity, or even send pictures via MMS.


sales msg


With an app made readily available for mobile, Salesmsg can let you enjoy getting in touch with customers from wherever you are. For salespeople who want a more personalized approach, it lets you send messages as a contact owner from a unique number.


Pricing for Salesmsg can be a little over the average for $29.17 monthly, complete with 750 texts to the US and CA.



Hubspot’s leading CRM platform has been the favorite of businesses, big and small. Incorporating scalable strategies inside your CRM is a big move for sales teams, and is now made possible with handy integrations like Aloware. If you’re ready to set up a complete contact center phone system that you can use seamlessly with HubSpot, let’s help you get started.