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Convert your HubSpot Contacts with Text Messaging Inside HubSpot

SMS didn’t really change that much since we started using it in 1992, but sending text messages certainly remain to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach people today. As businesses seek to build deeper connections with customers, SMS has been one of the most preferred and trusted channels for communication. 

If you’re still not using this for sales and marketing, know that you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities for your business. Now that there’s more we can do with technology, find ways how you can leverage this channel, starting off with your CRM.

HubSpot CRM and Text Messaging

As one of the leading sales efforts, SMS should always be in the picture. Apart from being the easiest way to catch customers’ attention, it also helps in nurturing relationships, building loyalty, and customer retention. Like calls, SMS for business needs to work on a set of contacts. These days, leads are managed in CRMs which also provide unique opportunities to make conversion easier and faster.

Now with HubSpot’s CRM leading the way to better customer relationship management, how it can tap the SMS market can still be tricky. Luckily, there’s an integration that makes SMS messaging easy to use at scale with your CRM. Get to know about the HubSpot CRM and Aloware SMS integration.

SMS features inside your CRM

With Aloware inside HubSpot, engaging with customers on their mobile is made easy. Here’s how you can utilize Aloware’s amazing SMS integration with your favorite CRM.

1 – Text with HubSpot contacts

Engaging with customers is challenging already. This is why we’ve made sending, receiving, and managing text messages easier across these platforms. You can easily find your HubSpot contacts inside Aloware and start texting. Even better, you get an SMS messenger built inside HubSpot, so you can chat with your leads without having to switch tabs.

This SMS integration offers real-time syncing between the two sales-driven platforms. You’ll never have to worry about data migration and logging communication. We made sure that this integration works for you and your customers’ convenience.

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2 – Add attention-grabbing images

Text messages can never be complete (or interesting) without intriguing emojis, a funny meme, or your amazing product imagery. Good thing Aloware supports MMS! In this integration, you have the power to use this cool feature right inside your favorite CRM.

To engage with customers, you need to get their attention first. Messages with images sure stand out, and it can be a great way to let your customers visualize your products for a successful purchase.

hubspot sendings text mms

3 – Send SMS at scale

Been wanting to send messages or updates to a large contact list in your CRM? It’s easily possible. Utilizing your database for SMS marketing can help you get to know your customers better and increase brand engagement.

The best thing about HubSpot and Aloware’s integration is that you can still personalize your messages. Our canned texts can use HubSpot’s dynamic tags, so you can insert your customer’s name and all other data! Just follow these easy steps and you can start sending texts to your lists right away.

4 – Automate with HubSpot Workflows

Diving into automation is a must, especially for large-scale SMS outreach. Combining your CRM with Aloware’s texting capabilities offer you ways to automate your SMS marketing through HubSpot workflows. Now you can design a drip campaign, define triggers, and leave it running as you focus on other tasks.

Set up your campaigns easily by using our HubSpot workflow extension. You may even opt to send messages to your contacts from dedicated or no-reply numbers – whichever fits your use case, we’ll provide it to you!

hubspot SMS workflow

5 – Dynamic contact enrollment

As new leads enter your CRM and deals start filling up your pipeline, you would need to maintain constant communication with a growing number of people. With Aloware inside HubSpot, you can instantly enroll contacts, as they meet specific criteria, to appropriate follow-up sequences.

No more having to manually check lead statuses, scrambling to check up with contacts, and missing out on opportunities. Plus, did we mention that Aloware sequences insert call tasks on top of automated text messages? Of course, should anyone unsubscribe to your offer, we made disenrollment easy for you too.

enroll contacts to hubspot workflow

Complete contact center solutions

A contact center you can use right inside your CRM is nothing but a dream come true. With Aloware and HubSpot working together with you, you can enjoy the convenience of having the most advanced and effective set up for your contact center sales success.

If you’re a sales team or a small enterprise, it’s time for you to level up your contact center. You can start this by getting the two most important tools working together – your CRM and your contact center software. To know more about how Aloware integrates with HubSpot, feel free to talk to us.