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Improving Speed to Lead and Closing Deals Faster

Growing a business is a game of numbers, but the issue we see is that many businesses are losing this numbers game because they lack clarity or attribution, which results in poor decision-making. 

For us, Aloware is a solution to this problem for our clients. On the surface, it may look the same as other platforms that are available, but the main strength for us is the ability to pull data from it. 

This goes back to the numbers game. Getting better data allows for better decisions (notice I didn’t say “more data”, but “better data”). More on this in a sec…

About Moderate Genius

At The Moderate Genius, we’ve been Aloware partners for almost two years now and have worked with hundreds of clients using Aloware. We’re also HubSpot Diamond partners, so we have extensive experience with CRMs, sales and marketing teams, and the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively. 

The industry we work in is very nontraditional. Internet Marketing / High-Ticket Coaching is fast-paced, scrappy, and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The time from the first interaction with an ad to a 5-figure deal closing can sometimes be a few hours or less.  

About Aloware

Aloware is one of the main tools we use to support our clients in this.  

“Trying to talk to everyone is not as effective as talking to the small group who are qualified and ready to buy right now.“

Aloware helps our clients get this clarity on what actions their SDR team is taking, and which of those are actually effective. Combining the power of Aloware with HubSpot as a CRM, we’re able to help clients find hidden segments of people who would otherwise not be identifiable. The native integration between the two allows us to pass exorbitant amounts of data back and forth between the two platforms, which in turn allows more visibility into what’s important — which deals are closing, and why. 

Yes, there are other dialing and SMS platforms that can all perform the same basic functions as Aloware can. What we’ve found though, is that Aloware comes out ahead of the pack, and it’s our main recommendation to clients we work with.  

Due to the nature of our business, it’s our job to know apps inside and out at a level deeper than most will ever go with them. Aloware has one of the most robust feature sets we’ve seen from a dialing or contact center platform. 

We’ve tried more platforms similar to Aloware than I care to admit publicly, but Aloware is by far the best. Why? On the surface, it appears to be similar to many that are available today, but for myself and our clients — the main difference is the heavy focus on CRM integration and data. 

The main failure point we see from most platforms is the lack of data synching between the dialer and the main CRM. This is where Aloware excels. 

For us, being able to make a change in HubSpot and have that push to Aloware (and vice versa) is actually game-changing.  

Contact owners, custom properties, dispositions, call and call outcomes, SMS messages sent and received — it’s all synced nicely to HubSpot. This gives us tremendous power in data enrichment and proper segmentation, which in turn just makes the actual tools available (power dialer, SMS broadcasts, AloAI bot, Local Presence, etc) just that much more effective.

HubSpot + Aloware feel like one intentional system, not two disjointed platforms with a love/hate relationship. On the surface this might not seem that important, but… we’ll get into that, so keep reading. 


Establishing conversations is key when selling anything with a “high ticket price”. 

Aloware gives our clients the ability to easily and quickly talk to their leads and prospects. 

This seems very basic and simple, but it is amazing the number of business owners we speak to have no way of knowing when a new lead is generated, the SDR who is responsible for making communication with them, and giving them an easy way to actually speak with or message that lead. 

Despite what some will tell you, speed to lead is still a very important metric — the speed at which we can establish communication with a person who has expressed interest. 

The tools that Aloware gives us and our clients directly support the ability to actually talk to leads and prospects faster — the Power Dialer, AloAI bot, Local Presence, and even the ability to send SMS messages from Aloware via a HubSpot workflow. These features are all things we help our clients leverage to have more meaningful conversations with prospects who are interested in their services.

Data Enrichment

There are times when more leads are the right answer, assuming all the systems are dialed in, the team is equipped to fulfill on what you are selling (and more leads actually supports what you actually want).

However, just as important as acquiring a new lead or customer is also understanding that person.

Just because someone didn’t buy today, or isn’t qualified today, does not mean they will never be ready. The more you understand the prospect, who they are, and where they are at, the greater the chance of conversion when they are ready. This is done through data enrichment.

  • What pages have they visited? 
  • What events have they attended?
  • Have they purchased any other products or services from you in the past? 
  • How long have they been in your ecosystem or community? 
  • Have you spoken to them before, and if so, how did those interactions go? 
  • Are they qualified to buy what you’re hoping to sell to them? 
  • Are they a decision-maker at the company?
  • How many emails have they opened, which ones, and how recently?
  • How long has it been since you first talked to them, and last talked to them?

The list goes on and on…

Aloware allows us to add this information to our client accounts in HubSpot because we sync the dates and times of calls and SMS, the outcomes of calls, and who made/took those calls. Call transcripts, and AI analysis take this a step further and give more data that is accessible. 

Contact Segmentation

One of the biggest missed opportunities we see is contact segmentation. Segmentation allows you to meet the prospect where they’re at, and this only actually is doable if you have enough data on them (through data enrichment).   

We all can identify who our favorite and best clients to work with are. If we want more of those specific clients, we need to understand them and their journey. Yes, this is what AI built into the ad platforms will help us do on the lead gen side, especially if use Offline Conversions to send good data back to the algorithms, but we can’t rely just on the ad platforms to send all the right people. We want to be able to identify the best prospects inside the CRM as they progress through the journey so the sales team can work their magic. 

Segmentation at a high level is typically very boring and “wide” — encompasses way too many variables to be actually useful. We prefer to make hyper-segmented lists that tell our SDR team exactly where someone is in the buying journey so that we can contact the lead with the right resource at the right time. 

Sometimes this may just be a quick touch-base call. Maybe it’s an SMS just checking in, or it’s sending over a new resource with a “Hey, I was thinking of you as I was reading this and wanted to send it over to you.”

I had a conversation with a friend who is a business owner and they had identified that their best and easiest “closes” all had one thing in common — they had all opened a certain email and watched the video that was linked. So they took it a step further and tested seeing if they called these people while they were watching the video had any effect. They discovered that if they talked to the lead as they were watching this one specific video, the likelihood skyrocketed of setting a follow-up with an AE and then subsequently enrolling as a client into their program. 

This type of thing is made possible by proper segmentation supported by data enrichment.

The way we do it is to push Aloware data into HubSpot, then use the power of HubSpot to build the segments we want (combining the sales data from Aloware with the extra sales + marketing data from HubSpot), and then pull that HubSpot list back into Aloware to dial or reach out to those leads… 

The point main point is — segmentation allows you to step back into the communication and relationship with the prospect to meet them where they are at right now, rather than a few steps back (or even starting over from the beginning).

Tools for Hunting and Farming

In his book “Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion” by Adam E. Cof, he talks about what he sees as the two different types of salespeople — “Hunters” who will go and find new leads and deals, and “Farmers” who will cultivate long term relationships and are great at follow-up and working their pipeline. 

For us, Aloware is a platform that supports both of these — Hunters and Farmers. 

The platform gives us the tools we need for the Hunters to establish communication, talk to prospects, close deals, and then go find some more. 

We also have the tools needed, especially when combined with HubSpot, to serve the “Farmers” as well. Through the combination of the sales tools in HubSpot and the power of Aloware, the Farmer has all the data points, segmentation, and calling/SMS tools needed to develop, maintain, and nurture their long-term relationships.

Up-selling, cross-selling, and even just dealing with a very long initial sales cycle — Aloware gives our clients the tools to do this. 

Aloware Actually Cares

We work very closely with the tech stacks of our clients and it’s imperative for those platforms to not only have the features we need, but also great support teams to support our clients. 

From this perspective, our partnership with Aloware has been incredible. 

From meeting with their leadership team at INBOUND last year to meetings with the product and dev teams — Aloware is a company that not only cares about their product but also cares about the users and partners who are deploying their product to end users. 

We’re on the front lines with the deployment of Aloware into our clients’ businesses, having helped multiple hundreds of clients get their Aloware accounts set up. The Aloware team is very responsive to bug reports, and feature requests, and listens to feedback from us and our clients. 

We are looking forward to the future of The Moderate Genius working with Aloware to help our clients reach more leads, generate more clients, and change more lives.