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Own the road: How to bring more customers into your dealership

The automotive industry is the second most expensive in the world, and as follows, earning loyal customers can be a struggle. Car dealership businesses are as competitive as it requires customers to make a big financial decision before they finally purchase. With businesses like this, you should have the right tools to not only entice customers but also gain their trust.

There are a lot of ways to keep your car dealership business in front of your customers. Connecting with customers has proven to be the lifeline of car dealership sales. But like any other job, this requires time, effort, and dedicated people to handle the work.

Automate your Auto Business

For car dealership sales, communicating to connect with customers is something you should commit to. Don’t make a customer feel they’re just another number in your daily quota. After all, they are making a big financial decision. As a salesperson, you should make them feel right about it.

Make all the effort to talk to them, and connect with them in different ways possible. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but did you know that introducing automation in your communication channels or your contact center can make a lot of difference?

car automation

Automation for your contact center makes selling and talking to leads a lot easier. You can save so much time by letting a power dialer call your list, avoid voicemails, and spot bad numbers. No more worrying about updating your contacts and CRM. Automation takes all the extra work from you, so you can focus more on building relationships with valuable customers. 

Aloware: Gearing You Up With Automation Tools

Thanks to the phone and the internet, a lot of communication channels have popped up. However, streamlining them all in one system is another story. 

With a complete contact center like Aloware, you’re in for a treat — especially as it runs on the cloud. Loaded with features for omnichannel sales and marketing automation, you’ll be surprised at how much it can help you with your car dealership business!

Form-to-lead Structure

Turning your website visitors into instant leads is easy with Aloware. Have interested customers or website visitors fill up a form on your website, and Aloware can automatically save this data in your contact list. It syncs with your CRM, so all information is kept up to date.

Outbound Sales Dialer

The beauty that is Aloware’s Power Dialer. Aside from dialing the numbers from your data list, we’ve made it smarter to help you better. It automatically drops calls that lead to a voicemail, but not without leaving a message for the lead to connect with you when possible. Crush those quotas, and talk to 500+ leads in a single day!

Push Calls to SMS

We know that in the car dealership business, more sales are made in-person than over the phone. So what’s a contact center’s got to do with closing car deals? Simple. You can do as much talking as needed to make a customer come to your shop.

Aloware’s omnichannel approach helps you get in front of leads wherever they are. It taps all communication channels for you. From calls, you can get in touch with customers again via text and vice versa.

sms car

Broadcast SMS Promos + MMS

For years, the debate whether to call or text a lead goes on for salespeople. But times are changing now that SMS is proven to forge personal connections with prospects. Take, for example, a simple “Happy Birthday” text greeting to your customers works double it shows you’re not forgetting them, and that you’re still there for when they decide to purchase. Aloware’s automation tools let you automate such messages and more. It also supports MMS blasting, so you can send out unlimited digital fliers!

Own the road with Aloware!

Switch your gears. Let us automate your outbound efforts, and get you better sales and more loyal customers. We’ve got more features up our sleeves, so why don’t you talk to one of our representatives to find out. Happy selling!