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Predictive vs power dialer software: The battle of productivity

Years ago, when salespeople looked for customers to convince them to a sale, they’d start calling each of them one by one. Now, with technology on their side, AI-powered dialers have sprung and have then continued to make their sales life easier.

Though salespeople don’t need to worry about manually dialing numbers anymore, they were faced with a new struggle – increasing their productivity. Technology did move the world, but it has presented customers with so many options that salespeople should be able to keep up with. Now with hundreds of apps for productivity, and a bunch of dialers out there, which among them is worth it?

Take it for these two dialers in battle: Power Dialer vs Predictive Dialer. 

How Power Dialer software works

Power Dialers were brought upon by the advancement of call center technology. To make an agent’s life easier and make them work faster, power dialers were provided to their aid. These dialers work with a predetermined list of customers to call up automatically. 

A power dialer software eliminates manual dialing by automatically starting calls with a customer list. It smartly starts dialing as soon as the previous call hangs up, so agents will have less idle time. It’s ideal for small contact centers in establishing work systems to increase their selling capabilities.

main sales dialer

How predictive dialer works

On the other hand, predictive dialers provide a different way of getting calls in. From the term itself, ‘predictive,’ it deals with patterns and AI when dialing the numbers to get as many calls for its agents. Relying on algorithms that tie together patterns around to connect rates and agent availability, it dials multiple numbers at once to reduce wait times.

Predictive dialers are heaven-sent for large contact centers working by volume. It’s not for everyone though. Predictive dialing needs agents that are quick on their feet, and knows how to answer a sudden call. As it constantly calls leads even when agents are still on the phone, it may also affect queues and general customer experience.


Predictive dialer vs power dialer software: Which is better?

When to adopt a power dialer or a predictive dialer in your contact center would require your own assessment of your current system. Both work with productivity as their goal, but if your current system won’t be able to handle it, they can only deem as ineffective. 

To understand the difference between Power Dialer and Predictive dialer, here are some points to consider:

Ease of use

It’s no surprise that power dialers are better when it comes to ease of use. It combines the use of technology in the system while letting agents take the lead. For agents, power dialers are easier to manage and more uncomplicated to use. This means switching to a power dialer will be smoother and hassle-free.

Number of calls

Technically speaking, predictive dialers are sure to get more calls in faster than power dialers. With a predictive dialer’s AI-powered calls,  there will be lesser idle times and more connected calls. However, it is still important to know if your agents will be able to handle it with ease. Faster doesn’t always mean effective. System-generated dials, albeit fast, may result to upset customers and poor experiences when mismanaged.

agent calling customer

Building relationships

Salespeople are big fans of building trust and enriching client relationships. This is why your agents should be prepared enough in handling a call before it’s given to them. While there are exemplary agents that can run the show spontaneously, it is arguably still best to get everybody ready beforehand. Power dialers are great when it comes to this. It’s efficient enough to take manual dialing off your agents’ hands, but still manageable for them who work on building better relationships with every client call.

Number of agents

More agents mean higher call intake. If you have a large team composed of a number of enthusiastic agents, then a predictive dialer can work best with them. Large teams with a solid system that aim to work on bigger sales goals can see predictive dialer’s efficiency better. This should also mean that every team’s manager must be able to tweak complex parameters with predictive dialers.


Both dialers are created with a common goal, and that is productivity. Measuring each dialer’s productivity depends on different factors. Predictive dialers may get more calls in, but if your current team cannot handle each call that fast, then this can only go down. Power dialers are user-friendly, but it is built more for quality than quantity. The power to determine which dialer is best for your team should be made with intelligent assessment and effective decision-making.


The verdict

The main difference between a predictive dialer and power dialer software is speed and efficiency.

Predictive dialers are fast-paced dialers that run on a systemized pattern, with members working in a controlled environment. Power dialers, too, are present in almost every contact center office, but unlike Predictive, it is a much more convenient option for remote sales focused on building strong customer relationships.

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