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Top 5 ways real estate agents can leverage automation

real estate automation

Now that the technology boom is transforming the way that businesses work, the old marketing rules might not get the same results as they did a few years ago. The real estate industry is just one of many that have been forced to adapt to the rise of technology. 

real estate automation in global operations

In the complex, ever-changing world of real estate, automation isn’t optional anymore. It’s a crucial part of streamlining the work process and reaching more customers. 

With workflow automation, potential clients won’t slip through the cracks. Whether an agent is part of a team or managing deals solo, real estate automation software puts the power of efficient lead generation into their hands. From client follow-up to audience segmentation, it frees up time for agents to focus on high-value tasks, like capturing and nurturing new leads. 

Leveraging the right technology can help agents to close more deals and take a business to new heights when they know how to make the most of it. This article explores what real estate automation is — and everything it has to offer. 

What is real estate automation? 

Simply put, real estate automation means using tools to accomplish manual tasks faster. These tasks span across the board and normally relates tos outreach, scheduling, lead nurturing,  documentation, quotation, reporting, and more. Replacing certain manual tasks — or making them more efficient — allows agents to spend more time doing what they need to improve their business. 

To be clear, this doesn’t mean taking the agent out of the process. The best automation services in real estate can work with agents to make their efforts more efficient. 

For real estate businesses, this can mean closing more deals while balancing a busy schedule. Instead of spending valuable time on redundant, time-wasting tasks, agents can leverage automation to free up their work schedules. They can focus on finding more leads, building a deeper relationship with prospects, and expanding their portfolio. 

real estate automation_benefits of marketing automation

How to leverage real estate automation to close more deals

For the companies that put it to good use, automation can offer a significant return on investment. The statistics are clear — 80% of businesses that turned to automation reported improved lead generation. Another 70% of businesses using automation reported meeting or exceeding their return on investment (ROI) goals. 

This doesn’t mean that all automation software is created equal. It takes the right kind of automation with the right features to get your desired results. 

Here are some of the ways to best leverage real estate automation. 

1. Use the right tools to automate workflow

When a real estate business is still operating with traditional technology, its team probably spends most of the time handling manual processes: filing documents, coordinating appointments, sending out emails, managing databases, and so on. 

If the internal workflow isn’t as productive as it should be, automation can help fine-tune the sales process. For example, automation can offer: 

  • Real-time metrics, reports, and trends to measure performance and ROIs
  • A simple appointment booking system to help agents connect with clients
  • Automated follow-ups via email or SMS to keep prospects engaged
  • A power dialer to automatically dial high-value leads and connect with up to 500+ contacts a day

Once these processes are automated, agents will have more time than ever to focus on what matters — turning potential leads into loyal clients. Using Aloware’s automation tools, they can fire up communication to instantly respond to new leads and check on offers to secure a deal. 

2. Apply website forms for lead generation

Once a lead hits, everything comes down to timing. The sooner their contact information is captured, the sooner an agent can engage. In a time-sensitive industry like real estate, it’s even more important to get the process started right away. 

Whenever a visitor is exploring a landing page or filling out a contact form, automation software kicks in and sends an instant, automated email or text message to that person. By sending a rapid reply, agents can connect with leads right away, making them more likely to convert. 

3. Automate the process of lead nurturing

Automation software doesn’t just help to grab new leads. It can also help through the lead nurturing process. 

Once someone has demonstrated interest, it takes consistent communication to keep them engaged, get to the bottom of their real estate needs, and help them connect with an agent. Automated campaigns can help to do this instantly — even while the agents are actually asleep. 

Create the email or SMS template that should be sent and establish a schedule. The system will take it from there. While an automation system nurtures leads over time, agents can focus on the next step of developing a relationship and closing the deal. 

4. Segment target audiences 

Using the automation system improves the efficiency of outreach and follow-up through segmenting. Each email and SMS communication can be targeted to meet the needs of individual clients. 

real estate automation_segmentation for real estate

Marketing campaigns can also be designed to meet clients where they are in the buying process. While some may only be showing mild interest, others may be looking to make a final deal within weeks — or even days. 

Automation makes it easy to create segmented emails and text messages that are automatically sent to the prospects in each group. 

5. Automate scheduling and appointments 

Instead of being constantly on-call to set up appointments and showings, why not let automation take on the hassle of scheduling? It can help manage a calendar by setting up appointments 24/7 without anyone having to lift a finger. 

Once an appointment is booked, the system can also send out automatic confirmation and follow-up emails, so both the agent and client are on the same page.

Tap into the value of automation for real estate business 

In 2022, automation is transforming the way the world works. The firms that recognize this pressing demand are striving to create a digital infrastructure that will help them compete in a rapidly changing world. Those that don’t could fall behind. 

It’s time to embrace the power of automation. With a dynamic strategy and the right tools in hand, automation can help real estate agents work smarter, not harder so that they can deliver first-class experiences to clients. 

It’s possible to build a scalable, efficient business model with real estate automation. Learn more about how Aloware can help with up to 100 leads per hour. Or give this demo a try.