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6 software tools for insurance agents that will help your business thrive this 2022 

April 15, 2022

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

tools for insurance agents

As an insurance agent, you help customers understand their coverage options, find policies that fit their needs, navigate the claims process, and so much more. Even with the rise of online insurance, knowledgeable and experienced agents are still in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that insurance agent employment will grow 7% between 2020 and 2030.  

The right tools are vital for staying competitive. In an increasingly more digital world, insurance customers expect a lot. You need to be able to deliver while balancing all of the tasks necessary for running and growing your business. Below, you’ll learn about some of the top must-have tech tools for insurance agents that can help you succeed. 


Must-have technology tools for insurance agents in 2022

Below are the top tech tools for insurance agents. These can help you operate more efficiently and grow your business.

1. Document management software

Formstack allows you to automate and streamline the management of essential insurance documents with digital workflows. The software helps you create detailed intake forms and digital agreements with ease. 

With a document management software like Formstack, you can generate custom quotes, proposals, and renewals. Aside from these, you can also accept digital signatures, automate the claims process, and collect customer information online. With automated workflows, you can meet customer needs, ensure their satisfaction and improve retention. 

2. CRM software

Customer relationship manager (CRM) software stores all of the information you have about your current customers and your leads in one location. Along with keeping you organized, it can analyze and personalize your interactions with each customer. 

HubSpot has an entire CRM platform with various software for marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. The free version of the sales CRM software can help you gain deeper insights into your prospects, schedule meetings, share documents, and more. The paid version offers a full suite of sales CRM tools including task automation, custom reporting, and predictive lead scoring. 

3. Customer engagement tool

Competition can be tough for insurance agents. To encourage prospective clients to choose you and ensure your current clients stay with you, you need to do something a bit different. You need to be an active participant in the agent-client relationship. In other words, you need to engage with your leads and clients. 

Engagement plays a significant role in not only building but maintaining relationships. By reaching out to them, you show them that you care about them as more than just a client. So, when they do need something that you offer, they’ll be more likely to think of you first. Aloware makes this possible with a variety of customer engagement tools, including CRM phone systems, texting, and sales automation. It also integrates with some of the top CRM software solutions, including HubSpot.  

insurance customers switch providers due to lack of digital capabilities_software tools for insurance agents

4. Password manager

With all the data breaches happening, creating a strong password these days is a must to protect sensitive data. However, with all the accounts you are managing as an insurance agent, remembering a handful of passwords is quite difficult. 

A password manager allows you to keep track of all of your passwords. LastPass does the work of creating, remembering, and filling in your credentials for you, helping you to avoid the stress and frustration that comes with forgetting and needing to reset passwords. The software keeps all of your sensitive data safe, eliminates password reuse, and helps to reduce the risk of data breaches.

5. Prospecting tools

If you want to grow your clientele, you need to be active in finding and identifying people who can be your future customers. The thing is, prospecting can be challenging. With methods such as cold calling, cold emailing, and asking for referrals, prospecting has traditionally been an incredibly time-consuming process. 

Prospecting tools like miEdge makes it easier by enabling agents to access data to identify potential leads, research their competition, and learn more about market trends. The platform makes it possible to compile essential information in one place for faster, easier research. You can pinpoint opportunities, build better relationships with your clients, and drive the growth of your business. 

6. Presentation tools

Creating customized insurance proposals used to be a tedious task that could take days. Presentation tools like PandaDoc provide a more efficient way to create, store, and manage your proposals. With this tool, you can reduce the non-billable time you spend drafting proposals, and improve communication with prospective clients. 

With PandaDoc, you can create stunning proposals in a matter of hours, easily set up automated workflows, and get built-in secure e-signatures. You can also turn on custom notifications to see when a prospect opens the proposal, how much time they spend on it, and when they sign it.  


Benefits of using modern tech tools as an insurance agent

Advancements in technology tools for insurance agents make your business more efficient. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology provides your business with significant benefits, such as the following.

Stay organized

You juggle numerous tasks every day. Along with obtaining price quotes and assisting with policy changes, you help customers file claims, manage countless administrative tasks, and market your insurance business to attract new customers. 

Using modern tech tools, you can stay on top of everything. Staying organized alleviates stress, increases your productivity, and gives you more time to spend with your customers. 

Stay connected

Staying connected with your insurance customers allows you to build relationships with them. Your customers are more likely to turn to you for help when they need something rather than someone they don’t know well. Modern tech tools allow you to stay in touch, create personalized offers, and foster trust.

customer touchpoints insurance agents must know_software tools for insurance agents

Stay competitive

Technology changes fast. Tools from a few years ago might not provide the same benefits as more recent developments. Investing in modern tech tools will help you keep up with, and surpass, your competition. 

Increase reach and grow sales

The internet has made it possible for you to expand your reach further. Effective digital marketing tactics and a solid social media presence, along with the right tools, can help you get in front of prospective customers and encourage them to seek more information.  

Automate and save time

You only have so many hours in a day. You can use modern tech tools to automate many time-consuming tasks, giving you more time to focus on your current customers and nurturing new leads. 


Amplify your efforts with insurance agent tools 

Equipping yourself with the top tech tools for insurance agents can prepare you to meet customer demand and stay ahead of your competition. These tools can help you stay organized, stay in contact, and convert more leads. You’ll also be able to build relationships with your customers that will keep them coming to you for all of their insurance needs. 

Aloware can help you build those strong relationships with a range of customer engagement tools. Schedule your demo today to learn more and find out how Aloware can help your insurance business thrive.

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