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HubSpot setup tips and hacks to optimize your CRM for sales

June 17, 2021

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

Have you ever wondered how much time and effort you can skip just by doing something smarter? Like cutting your birthday cake with a wine glass, or lining up binder clips to organize your wire cables. Pretty simple, but they make doing stuff easier, right?

For salespeople who live and breathe HubSpot, there will be days when there’s too much work you can handle, and there’s nothing wrong to think about how to make your life easier. If you think there’s still more you can do inside HubSpot, then you might be right. All you need is a little tweaking here and there. 

We’ve listed down our favorite HubSpot functionalities for you to experiment with to improve your sales operations and general efficiency.


Tip 1: Verify which email addresses are real

Getting leads is always a good thing. Until you realize that more than half of them are just people (or annoying bots) spamming your lead inbox. Adding these non-existent emails can only mess up your lists. The worst thing, you might realize it later on and the next thing you know, you have to purge them manually one-by-one. 


Hack: Automatically block spammy form submissions

You can either go through each of these emails one by one or avoid them automatically before they pile up your contact list. With HubSpot’s form signups and pop-up form submissions blocker, you can set it up to block emails for specific domains. This filters out spammy and non-existent emails and keeps them from flooding your lead inbox.


Tip 2: Reduce long sign-up forms

As salespeople, we know too well how long forms can disrupt our lead generation efforts. No customer would want to spend time filling up long forms just to sign up or even get freebies. Long forms can be intimidating too, in fact, 86% of users find them a huge turn-off. Reducing forms, however, can increase conversion rates by 120%. Set up short, less-intrusive forms with 2-5 fields at the most. To gather more customer information, you can start gradually adding information through progressive profiling.



Hack: Set up progressive fields profiling with HubSpot

Progressive profiling lets you gradually collect information from customers over time. Most businesses do it by asking customers to add more information every time they log in, visit their store, or use their product. Now you’ve seen the benefits of progressive profiling, time to link it up with your CRM. Using HubSpot for sales gives you opportunities to gather important customer information with their built-in progressive fields that you can set easily up.


Tip 3: Try omnichannel prospecting for unresponsive leads

So you’ve got leads and you’ve reached out to them. After a few days, you still haven’t received a single piece of feedback. While it’s easier to just give it up, this should not be your first option. You should know that there’s more you can do for your prospecting, like maximizing your communication channels. Make it easier and possible by creating multi-channel campaigns that you can manage in one place.



Hack: Sync Aloware’s omnichannel contact center with HubSpot

Call, send text messages, fax, or email your leads. There are multiple ways to connect with your prospects. With Aloware’s amazing integration with HubSpot, you can use all these communication channels, sync contacts and data on both platforms, and perform outreach efforts automatically without switching tabs. You can start using Aloware inside HubSpot and make them function as one.


Tip 4: Identify high-value prospects entering your site

Websites may generate leads from users signing up in your form, but that doesn’t mean you should only rely on that. Keep in mind that prospects are visiting your website every single day.  Silent lurkers in your website may sometimes have the same potential of converting to actual sales. Problem is, how do you identify which of them is worth reaching out to? If you’re using HubSpot for sales,  there’s a perfect hack to help you with that.



Hack: Track prospects using HubSpot tracking code

If you’re still not aware, HubSpot can also track visitors anonymously using cookies. This powers up HubSpot’s prospects tool that allows you to detect the user’s IP address for each page view. All you have to do is install HubSpot’s tracking code on your site and see your prospect list automatically populate for every page visit. Segment prospects according to the keywords appropriate to your market, and you got yourself a new list of leads to work on.


Tip 5: Automate lead nurturing efforts and follow-ups

Lead nurturing is beneficial but at the same time can be time-consuming for your sales team. It is an essential part of lead generation that needs consistent effort, time, and dedication. With all the channels in your system, manually reaching out to leads in different silos one-by-one won’t do you any good. Good thing HubSpot provides intuitive systems and integrations that let users set up automated activities and outreach tasks.



Hack: Use HubSpot sequences with Aloware

HubSpot sequences offer tools that help you automate calls, emails, and tasks. You can use it to streamline your sales processes to rotate leads, create deals, or manage data in bulk. Adding Aloware’s phone integration and sequences to the equation is a foolproof way to nurture leads across channels for your sales team. Aloware adds in power dialing, calling, SMS+MMS, and more while syncing lead data across platforms.

Tip 6: Organize leads and pipelines according to your business

Getting organized with your leads and deals can significantly impact your efficiency. Customize contact and company properties to make sure that your team collects all the necessary information to provide top-notch sales experiences. With HubSpot, you can also design pipelines based on your own processes to make selling a breeze. From there, monitoring deal stages will help you understand your buyer’s purchase journey and plot out how you can better guide your team to closing more opportunities.



Hack: Use a lead scorer and integrate the data in your pipeline

HubSpot uses predictive analytics to score your leads based on buyer behavior and experience. It calculates data and sends you the score of your lead’s qualifications to help you prioritize your follow-ups and outreach efforts. You can set up deal pipelines and stages with these lead scores to oversee your sales process or predict revenue-generating leads and agent efforts. 

HubSpot x Aloware: The perfect pair

As sales and marketers, we love how HubSpot provides ways for us to manage, create, and implement systems for our pipelines. It’s everybody’s one-stop-shop CRM tool that understands our needs and provides us with necessary solutions.

For your contact center, trust that Aloware can create a complete system that syncs with HubSpot and responds to the needs of agents, and their customers as well. It seamlessly complements HubSpot’s CRM genius by syncing its tools and offering end-to-end contact solutions you wish you always had. If you want to know more about it, let’s talk!

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