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What is a CRM dialer and why do you need one?

A CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, is one of the most powerful business management tools today. It helps companies keep a digital record of every customer. A CRM gathers customer interactions from various channels into one place to generate leads and earn more revenue.

By integrating the right dialer with your CRM, you can facilitate better communication by letting users call directly from their CRM, which means no time is wasted by manually dialing contact numbers. Agents can make outbound calls faster with one-click dialing, which can greatly increase the number of calls made by your team. Agents can also access information from one interface, so they don’t have to switch tabs and navigate multiple screens. This will allow them to focus their attention on your customers.

What is a CRM dialer?

A CRM dialer assists agents by making it easier and faster for them to dial telephone numbers from their database. Conversation logs and notes are automatically synced with your CRM system which makes everything much easier to track.

CRM dialers let you dial a lead from your CRM database. When you integrate your dialer with a CRM, you will be able to make calls directly within leads’ profiles. They are mainly used for sales and marketing. Besides helping companies establish good business relations, a CRM dialer can also help track calls and generate reports on important metrics.

Why do you need a CRM dialer?

You can use an integrated CRM dialer to automate your sales process. It eliminates the need for representatives to manage and sync call lists manually. This results in more appointments, and, eventually, more sales.

You could be losing sales when you’re using a CRM that’s not dialer-integrated. Here are several reasons why your company should invest in a CRM-integrated dialer:

It increases productivity 

By using a CRM-integrated dialer, your sales team can place calls with just one click. Agents can process calls faster while providing quality service. A CRM dialer software automatically dials and connects contacts from a list of leads. It ensures that an agent’s time is not wasted on dialing phone numbers, waiting for the recipient to answer, and scrolling down the contact list.

This gives agents more time to conduct more calls. The higher the number of conversations, the higher the chances of reaching their goals. This could translate to more appointments booked and eventually sales. If a lead cannot be contacted, the system can send a text automatically or leave a prerecorded voicemail to get more callbacks.

It minimizes human errors 

Agents have to make hundreds of phone calls per day. Each time, they have to log each call and dial the next number manually. This entails a great deal of patience and attention. By automating the calling process and letting CRM dialers handle these routine tasks, you can eliminate possible mistakes, such as dialing a wrong phone number, calling the same person twice, or missing a number that was supposed to be dialed. Replacing manual processes together with automated capturing of customer engagement data reduces human errors, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

It can help resolve issues faster

When the number of an inbound caller is matched with an existing contact in the CRM, the resolution time improves dramatically. The agent already has important information available, which they can confirm in seconds and move on to more important things.

Resolving issues faster means agents can respond to more customers with their time. When doing outbound calls, agents can also benefit the same way with customer information already at hand.

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It improves customer service

By using a CRM dialer, agents can see comprehensive client information that will help them provide appropriate solutions to the problems of customers. As a result, it improves their call handling.

Easy access to relevant data also means agents don’t have to waste time hunting around for information while on the line with a customer. Poor customer service can cause people to stop doing business with your company. In fact, 33% of consumers said they would consider switching companies after just one instance of bad customer service, based on a Customer Service Barometer study conducted by Ebiquity.


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It provides accurate data

A CRM dialer can help managers make informed decisions by generating accurate tracking reports. It provides insight into the most successful sales outreach tactics. It also allows call data to be recorded for deeper analysis. Do you need to modify your call scripts? Is your offer not working out with customers? It records all data gleaned from a call so that you can improve your sales strategies.

The data can also be used by managers to enhance agent performance and help them meet important key performance indicators (KPIs). Considering that poor quality data costs businesses in the United States trillions of dollars every year, this more than pays for itself.


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Reap the benefits of using a CRM dialer

Call center agents and marketers require management tools to make important decisions about campaigns and customers. When they have access to a good CRM dialer like Aloware, they can get deeper insights on how to improve workflow, eliminate inefficiency, and solve problems.

The highlight feature of Aloware is that it lets agents click-to-dial or autodial within a CRM. Whether your company uses HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Zoho, Aloware can help improve business performance by integrating unlimited calling and texting capabilities to your CRM. Aloware can also help your employees get access to data that can be used at just the right moment to optimize customer interaction and drive revenue for your business.

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