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Why you should move your contact center to the cloud

Today’s situation is forcing decision-makers to cut costs on technology, and the cloud has provided solutions to get them by. In times when working from home is the only option, businesses can only rely on the most obvious solution: They should start moving their contact centers to the cloud. 

On-premise vs the cloud

In terms of contact centers, we’ve long been presented with the standard on-premise system. Enterprises holding on to on-premise contact centers are choosing this traditional model because of its customizability, exclusivity, privacy, and reliability.

It’s safe to say that the cloud is one of the best things that happened to technology. In the cloud, interactions are made easier and integrations between programs are made possible for swift communication exchange. This helps contact centers stay on top of customer interactions in more ways than one.

For companies who linger on privacy concerns, cloud contact centers have ways to make it work. With the whole world switching to virtual spaces and exploring remote work strategies, there’s enough reason to push for these upgrades.

Why switch to the Cloud?

If you’re one of the doubting few who needs more reasons to make the switch, here are some of the reasons you should consider.


A digitally-able world and the demand for remote work options makes cloud contact centers inescapable in the future. Switching to the cloud provides access to all the tools you need to be able to work normally from anywhere. Working is possible as long as an internet connection is at reach.

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Lesser costs

Cloud-hosted contact center systems are built with ready-made solutions. This lets you skip development and maintenance work. Data recovery will also be easier to deal with since everything is kept in the cloud.



Collaboration with other apps and cloud-based services are readily available for most cloud contact center software. From productivity platforms, communication apps, to Google-based services, you can easily bridge through processes faster and without any additional costs.

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Fast compliance

Strict policies are continually changing in the contact center industry. Cloud contact center providers take this off your shoulders so you can focus more on your business. Quick compliance and requirements can be dealt with easier from your end.

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Aside from the flexibility to work anywhere, your contact center can also reach people globally, in stride with your business expansion. It offers flexible options for teams in terms of the number of users, to help with large-scale outreach campaigns.

Find the right solutions at Aloware

Aloware makes migrating less stressful for you. We provide instant ways to set up your system, sync your contacts, and start calling in just a few clicks

Enjoy Aloware’s turn-key solution for your contact center. Boost your sales with Power Dialer, be more productive with auto follow-ups, and work efficiently using advanced automation features. Focus more on building relationships with customers, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Some of the best features of Aloware include:

  • Voice and text supported communications
  • TCPA-compliant Auto and Power Dialer
  • Two-way SMS with MMS messaging
  • Automated outbound campaigns
  • Smart inbound routing options
  • CRM integration and syncing

Ready for the switch? We’d be so glad to breeze you through the process! Download our free ebook to get you started on migrating your contact center to the cloud. You can also book a live demo and one of our representatives will talk to you soon.