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19 Zapier apps that work perfectly with Aloware SMS integration

When the going gets tough, your tools should be doing the heavy lifting. However, it comes to a point when one app can’t do all the work you need. The good news is, there’s an app that solves that too. 

Zapier is a tool that integrates two different apps, letting you work with both as one. It connects or ‘zaps’ each of the apps’ tools and certain features so they can perform in unity. Zapier works by moving information in between apps automatically so that in any event that happens in one app, Zapier can get another app to do the next task.

Aloware has recently tied up with Zapier to bring you a powerful SMS tool that you can easily ‘zap’ your apps with. Here are some of the best zaps you’ll find handy.


Zapier Integration for Forms and Aloware SMS


Say goodbye to boring website forms and start zapping Aloware’s SMS features with Typeform. This zap helps you create or update your contacts for your text campaigns and outreach. Start sending texts to your form contacts hassle-free!


With Airtable’s ability to organize lead databases, tables, calendars, and sales inventory, zapping it with Aloware is a great hack for your team. Keep track of your leads and contacts, sync them with Aloware, and start reaching out to them via texts.


Form sand Surveys



Create surveys and get answers straight from your customers when you zap Aloware with SurveyMonkey. Whip up a variety of surveys, generate invite links, and get your contact lists updated and synced. With Aloware’s SMS features, you can also send invite links through text.

Google Forms

Collect data, create forms and generate responses from your customers with Google Forms. Zap it with Aloware, and send SMS to the contacts your forms generated. Google Forms also work hand-in-hand with Google Sheets for your convenience. 


CRM, Workflow App, and Aloware SMS for Zapier


When it comes to CRM, Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation software that helps sales teams organize leads, close deals, and keep your business growing. From contacts, payments, and tasks, trust that Aloware and Keap is a perfect Zapier masterpiece to perform SMS-related tasks.


Home service businesses need a trusty CRM too. Jobber is the command center perfect for this need. It is easy-to-use as it powers sales, operations, and customer service – everything you need in one place. Contacts with payment transactions and quote requests from Jobber can be contacted using Aloware’s SMS tools.






Flexibility is Streak’s idea of what a good CRM should be. It provides you with a process management system that lives inside your Gmail inbox. With Streak and Aloware combined, you’ll find a better CRM that lets contacting leads via SMS easy. 


Ecommerce Apps + Aloware SMS Zapier Integration


E-commerce made simple is Shopify’s cup of tea. It provides simple and easy ways to create an online store that lets you list products, collect credit card payments, and ship your goods. When combined with Aloware, you’ll be able to connect better with your customers, sending them promos and alerts via SMS.




If you’re running your online store on WordPress, WooCommerce is your partner. Trigger orders, bookings, and coupons with its intuitive system. You can also keep track of new customers visiting your store. Zapping it up with Aloware will give you an opportunity to connect better with customers.


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for selling, marketing, and delivering content for your online business. It helps you build, market, and sell your online course, membership site, or coaching program easier.  With all the customer data it keeps, zapping it with Aloware’s SMS solutions will give your business more opportunities. Like sending alerts whenever a new content is ready, or giving them text notifications about your new service – Everything is possible with just a few clicks.


Scheduler App Integrations and Aloware SMS For Your Zaps

Google Calendar

Nothing beats the convenience of Google Calendar. It lets you organize schedules, and share events with other contacts. Apart from being a free service that connects to all of your other Google apps, that you can zap with Aloware. With this zap, you can send text alerts about upcoming events with Aloware’s SMS.


Simple and elegant, that’s Calendly. It’s specifically designed for business scheduling that skips the hassle of notifying your contacts back and forth for a scheduled meeting or event. With Aloware’s SMS tools that you use via Zapier zaps, you can also trigger SMS messages to notify your contacts.




Acuity Scheduling

An easy online appointment scheduler for your clients is what Acuity Scheduling is about. Set available times and have clients schedule appointments, complete forms, and even pay timely. Zapping these features with Aloware gives you complete customer service solutions for clients on the go through SMS/MMS.


Zapier Integrations With Aloware SMS and Sales Campaign Apps


Online sales success depends on the way you create, optimize and design your landing pages. Clickfunnels can help you with that. By zapping Clickfunnels with Aloware’s SMS solutions, you can maximize your web page leads and turn them into paying customers!


Sales Campaigns



Postmark delivers your app’s emails and alerts instantly to your customers. It lets you send and receive emails, be notified with bounces, new inbound messages, or every time your email is opened. With Aloware’s SMS tools, you can start sending text messages to email contacts too!

Followup Boss

For real estate businesses and agents, Followup Boss is your go-to app. It’s a simple lead management tool that takes all your leads and puts them in one simple system automatically. This way, following up and responding to leads is so much better. When paired up with Aloware’s SMS and MMS solutions, connecting with prospects will be a breeze.


Aloware SMS and Zapier Business Messaging Apps 


A convenient customer communication platform is what Intercom offers. It helps you communicate better with customers who visit your website, use your apps, and send you emails. Connect it with Aloware and you can sync your contact data and reach customers via text too!


LiveChat provides a faster way to contact your customers that visit your website. It lets you chat with your website visitors easily without any hassle. Zapier allows you to sync contact data with Aloware so you can start contacting them on a different channel.

business messenger



Customer service powers up sales, and Freshdesk is an expert on that. It is an online helpdesk software that makes use of multiple-channel customer service. Add the flexibility of SMS on Freshdesk’s features by zapping it up with Aloware’s SMS solutions. No coding needed!


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There’s a whole new world waiting for you once you start zapping your favorite apps with Aloware’s SMS solutions. For every software and app you’re using, trust that Zapier can make them work and function as one. Aloware’s turnkey contact center solutions can also seal the deal for your sales and contact center needs. Want to know more about it? We’d love to talk to you!