Guesty Phone Integration

Guesty is a leading short-term rental property management platform, enabling property management companies worldwide to streamline and automate all complex operational tasks.

The Aloware integration completements Guesty with a All-in-one phone system and call center solution built for hosts servicing guests from around the globe.

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Link Conversations to Reservations

Aloware links your guest's call and SMS data to their reservation in Guesty. This allows your reps to focus on providing stellar customer service and building relationships rather than data entry or sorting through spreadsheets.

Real-Time View Into Calls and Texts

We create a new conversation in Guesty Inbox when your guests give you a call or send you a text message. We also log all points of contact with your guests as an activity, like call recordings, picture messages, and voicemails.

Local and International Numbers

Instantly provision local and international phone numbers in the US, Canada, and 120+ other countries. Aloware can also port over your existing numbers, attached to your listings, from T-Mobile or other SIM card providers.

Make Calls and Send Text From Guesty

Need to talk to a guest right away? Just use our mobile app or click the call button and launch Aloware's dialer right from Guesty. Calls are automatically recorded and logged into the Guesty platform.