Pipeline Deals

Generate more leads and improve Sales productivity with this powerful integration that automatically logs all call activities, SMS mesages and call recordings into PipelineDeals CRM platform. Plus: make and receive calls directly with our CTI integration.

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Instant Screen Pop & Contact Sync

Navigate to your contact's deal with one click from Aloware when you answer a call. Aloware constantly syncs contact data between your phone system and Pipeline Deals in real-time.

Make Calls and Send Text From the CRM

Need to talk to a customer right away? Just click the call button and launch Aloware's dialer right from Pipeline Deals. Calls are automatically recorded and logged into the CRM.

No More CRM Data Entry

Aloware creates new persons (or update existing ones) when you make or receive a new call, allowing your sales team to focus on building relationships rather than data entry.

Real-Time View Into Calls and Texts

This integration logs every single point of contact with your customers as an activity, along with call dispositions, recordings, text messages, pictures, voicemails and even call transcriptions.