Smarter tools for better customer support

Engage with customers with smarter support tools and inbound call features. Foster better customer-business relationships and build a brand trusted by all.

Multiple Lines

Have the option to provide local, international, or toll-free phone lines.

Smart Call Routing

Skill-based, time-based or round-robin–anything that works for you.

Callback Queues

Lessen customers’ waiting time and queue them for callbacks.

Push Calls to SMS

Handle calls on queue through SMS for your customers’ delight

Encourage teamwork

We’ve made features and tools for your Inbound and support team smarter. With smarter tools, we let you focus more on getting customers satisfied while you work together as a team. Take notes, trigger call dispositions, record calls, distribute calls, or transfer them to the proper department.

Unlimited Inbound Calls

We offer unlimited Inbound calls for support teams within a fixed 1-month budget. You can handle as many inbound calls as you can, without having to pay the extra costs.

Best support for support

We get how new platforms can be daunting. Allow us to walk you through Aloware’s amazing system so you can see how it can help you and your support team better. Our friendly team is more than happy to get in touch with you whenever you need them.

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