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Aloware Referral Program

When you refer a new customer to us, you will receive the first month's payment in full. As simple as that! For example, if the customer becomes a paying customer with a Starter plan at $100/mo, you'll get a $100 cash commission after 2 months of customer payment to avoid billing discrepancies. No paperwork or minimum sales required.

Simple, straight-forward program for affiliates with cash payouts up to $500

No involvement in sales cycle, demos, closing, implementation, we handle everything

Introduce the leads to us directly with your unique referral link or email

We will work directly with your lead through the sales cycle, keeping you up to date

When the sale is completed, the commission is transferred after 1 billing cycle

Starter Plan comm.

business plan comm.

service plan comm.

Who is this for?

The referral program enables promoters and affiliates to share a unique sign-up link and earn a cash commission for each referral. Designed for content writers, tech bloggers, and newsletter managers.

Get approved and receive your unique sign-up link

Write about Aloware on social media, tech blogs, marketing blogs

Let Aloware team handle the sales cycle

When customer converts, get your cash reward

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To ensure the quality of our service, we require a manual review of each partner and/or affiliate.