Smart transcription for quality assurance

Let Aloware transcribe your sales and support calls in an instant, eliminating time-consuming quality assurance processes.

smart call transcription

Eliminate manual QA tasks with conversation intelligence

Enjoy AI-powered sentiment analysis brought together with smart transcriptions to help you conduct quality assurance checks faster. Automatically transcribe your calls and get a reliable overview of every conversation with Aloware.

Automatically transcribe calls

Aloware automatically converts recorded calls into text within minutes. Use it along with AI-generated themes, highlights, and keywords as easy reference of the entire interaction when evaluating calls or agents.

Generate sentiment analysis

Learn whether a call is generally positive, negative, or neutral. Aloware can even indicate where in the conversation sentiments changed between the agent and the customer, making it easy to locate training areas.

Replay conversations with call visualizer

Smart transcriptions come with an audio player that allows you to jump to certain parts of the conversation. This is helpful when diving deeper to confirm tone of voice, mood, or statements as part of training and evaluation.

Power up training with smart transcriptions from just $0.03/min.

Review thousands of calls easier, and create more efficient training processes that deliver winning conversation outcomes. Leave the manual tasks to Aloware and simply dedicate your resources to ensuring calls are maximized.

  • Automatically record and transcribe calls
  • Extract key information from contacts
  • Count on AI to accurately categorize calls
  • Get highlights to help summarize topics
  • Reference agent and contact sentiments

Frequently asked questions

A call transcription is the process of converting a video or audio call into written words, helping you analyze and organize the call information for quality assurance.

It depends on the state or locality but with Aloware, you don’t have to worry as we ensure all our features (including smart transcription) and services are law-compliant. From the moment your call is picked up, the receiver is already informed that the call will be recorded, hence, you get the consent.

After recording the call, we ensure all the sensitive information (e.g. bank account details) are protected. Our smart transcription feature removes sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) from your transcripts through PII redaction.

Aloware’s smart transcriptions helps you in:
1. Simplifying complicated call center quality assurance processes
2. Analyzing overall customer sentiments.
3. Understanding your sales representative’s performance.
4. Gaining insights into what needs to be done to improve customer interactions.

1. This feature helps you to automatically categorize and assess the quality of your agent calls.
2. It captures relevant ideas, key phrases, and words so you wouldn’t miss important information.
3. It determines whether a call is generally positive, neutral, or negative.
4. It lets you easily navigate the call recording and transcription.
5. It helps you analyze the call better and determine any need for agent upskilling and improving customer interactions.

Yes, voicemails can also be transcribed.

No, we only transcribe calls from the time you enabled the feature.

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Get to focus on training and quality assurance with the help of conversation intelligence. With Aloware’s smart transcriptions, you don’t just get a written record of the conversation, there’s instant sentiment analysis too.

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