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Introducing the new Supervisor Role

April 17, 2024

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

Aloware, the premier cloud-based contact center platform, is excited to announce an easier way to manage larger contact center operations with the addition of our new Supervisor role.

As contact centers grow and the demands on teams increase, there’s a need for a role that can effectively bridge the gap between high-level oversight and hands-on team management.

The Supervisor role steps into this gap, enabling team leaders to navigate the complexities of larger contact center operations.

By sitting between Admin and Agent roles, the Supervisor Role strikes the perfect balance, providing a robust set of tools, all while preventing critical permissions better suited for company administrators.

Understanding the Supervisor Role

The new Supervisor role has been built to empower your team leads and supervisors with expanded capabilities to better support their teams. This new role encompasses the current permissions of our Agent role, with the added abilities to:

  • Monitor Line and Ring Group activity
  • Manage Lists and Sequences
  • Full access to our comprehensive Reports

In other words, the Supervisor Role is tailor-made for those users who need more control than an Agent but less than an Admin, providing a perfect balance for effective team management.


  • Empowered Decision-Making: With access to Aloware’s in-depth activity detail and reports, users with the Supervisor role can now make informed, data-driven decisions for their teams. This insight is crucial for optimizing performance, managing team resources, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Enable Administrative Delegation: This role acts as a vital link between your Agents and Administrators. Supervisors can easily create and edit Tags, Lists, and Sequences, all without depending on an Administrator to implement the changes.

Getting Started with the Supervisor Role

Assigning the Supervisor Role to a user is straightforward. Just select this predefined role when adding new users or editing existing ones on the Aloware Users page, right under the Profile Settings of said user.

The Supervisor Role functions in much the same way as our other roles within the system. To assign this role, you simply need to have the title of Administrator. Once you have this authorization, you’re all set to proceed.

Users > Profile Settings > Role

What Permissions Are Granted?

Permissions of a Supervisor in Aloware Admin

  • Lines – Supervisors can oversee all line activities
  • Ring Groups – They have oversight of all ring group activities
  • Lists – Supervisors are empowered to create, edit, and delete lists
  • Sequences – They have the ability to create and modify sequences
  • Reports – Supervisors can access detailed reports to understand performance, account usage, and more

Permissions of a Supervisor in Aloware Talk

  • Inbox – Supervisors can view all user communications by adjusting the Visibility settings
  • Contacts – After configuring Visibility settings, Supervisors can manage contacts, which includes creating, editing, assigning, modifying ring groups, and deleting them
  • Power Dialer – Access to the power dialer is provided
  • Wallboard – Supervisors can use the barge and whisper features
  • Calendar – They can manage calendar events, including adding, editing, and deleting
  • Tags – Supervisors are allowed to manage tags, including adding, editing, and deleting, and can apply actions to tags
  • Stats – Access to statistical data is available
  • Broadcasts – They can manage broadcasts, including creation, deletion, and execution
  • Settings – Supervisors can access various settings tabs such as General, Profile (excluding role selection), Personalization, Inbound and Outbound Call Settings, Notifications, SMS Templates, and Diagnostics

The introduction of the Supervisor Role marks a significant advancement on the Aloware platform, designed with you in mind. It offers a new level of flexibility, control, and efficiency that promises to revolutionize the way your company operates.

We encourage you to explore this new feature and experience the difference it can bring to your team’s performance.

Ready to elevate the efficiencies in your operations? Explore the new Supervisor Role in Aloware today. To schedule a demo, click HERE. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at