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Reviews: Aloware x HubSpot integration testimonials

If you are a HubSpot customer looking for a calling solution, Aloware should be part of your shortlist. Aloware is a certified HubSpot app partner that provides calling, texting, automated workflows, and data sync solutions to users. The seamless integration between Aloware’s contact center software and HubSpot lets sales teams dial up to 500+ leads a day, automate follow-ups, and stay connected with contacts through unlimited calling and texting. 

Aloware is one of the top contact center operations software on G2 for 2022. Hundreds of users rated it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Small businesses rely on its suite of automation tools to help them reach quotas and close more deals efficiently. They rave about Aloware’s adaptability and top-notch support from onboarding to implementation. 

Aloware ranks highly compared to other companies offering cloud-based phone systems. Its integration with HubSpot makes its product even more powerful and will help save your team time while ensuring that you get updated and accurate data.

What do people say about Aloware’s integration with HubSpot?

Aloware is a top-rated contact center software that works well with CRMs including HubSpot. A proud customer shared on G2 that Aloware with HubSpot is a “perfect combination” and claimed that it is “one of the best integrations” available in the market.

To help you with your decision on whether or not you should purchase Aloware, read these verified Aloware reviews on independent review site G2:

Call instantly from HubSpot

Aloware’s phone integration with HubSpot means you can dial instantly within the CRM and automatically log calls. With it, your agents don’t have to go back and forth between the two platforms. They also wouldn’t have to deal with manual data entry into Hubspot again. This could give them more time to talk to more customers, allowing them to build relationships and close more deals. 

For a lot of companies using cloud-based phone systems, poor audio quality is a serious concern. With Aloware, you would not have to worry — just as it has been proven by a former Dialpad customer.Aloware Hubspot review 2

Engage leads with two-way texting

The beauty of Aloware’s HubSpot integration is that it gets you immediate access to an entire suite of communication tools right from your CRM records. There’s an SMS messenger built inside HubSpot that lets you chat with leads without needing to switch tabs. You can also easily find your HubSpot contacts inside Aloware and start sending business texts at scale.

By combining your CRM with Aloware’s texting capabilities, you can automate your SMS marketing through HubSpot workflows. You can design an omnichannel drip campaign where you can define triggers and enroll contacts to Aloware’s call and text sequences.

Aloware review Hubspot 3

Automate workflows to fit your needs

With Aloware inside HubSpot, you’ll find that you can streamline your process. Increase engagements and conversions by leveraging Aloware’s sales automation tools built into HubSpot’s workflow settings.

CRM contacts who meet your specific criteria can be instantly enrolled in Aloware’s call and text sequences. You can set up follow-up sequences and specify the number of text messages sent delay, and schedule of each, so you won’t miss out on these valuable opportunities.Aloware review 4 Aloware Hubspot

Power dial HubSpot lists

Managing a lot of contacts is a tedious task but one particular reviewer points out that Aloware simplifies this process through its power dialer that enables users to call 500+ leads in a day. Increase productivity by importing your HubSpot list to Aloware in just one click and letting the power dialer automatically dial your CRM contacts.

Voicemail drop saves you time by automatically leaving a pre-recorded message with each unanswered call. This means you’ll have more time connecting with high-value leads. Aloware’s AI-powered local presence technology will also boost your chances of getting more call pickups.

Aloware Hubspot review 1

Two-way data syncing with HubSpot

Combining all interactions in one single workspace could give a big boost to the efficiency of your team. Aloware syncs with your HubSpot CRM so you can consolidate contacts, lists, conversation logs, and notes within seconds. 

Take advantage of this two-way data sync by working with your HubSpot data inside Aloware. By syncing your CRM and contact center data, you get richer insights to improve sales performance. What happens in one system is automatically visible in the other, allowing teams to be updated in real-time.

Aloware G2 review

Monitor your team through a live dashboard  

This cloud-based software will let you enjoy the benefits of a contact center right inside your CRM. The Aloware x HubSpot integration lets you keep recordings of calls between agents and customers for review and analysis.

You can monitor the performance of agents more easily by using the call logs to determine the number of calls they take and the length of each interaction. Based on this information, you can assess how their performance measures up to company standards. If there are areas for improvement, you can provide live support/training by using Aloware’s call barge and whisper features.

Aloware review 7 Aloware Hubspot

Generate actionable contact center reports 

Instead of taking hours or even days to pull together data for reporting, you can automate data collection and aggregation with Aloware. You get a bird’s eye view of cold calling metrics that matter to your company and let you analyze performance while improving productivity. 

Reports are updated in real-time with actionable insights per line, agent, and campaign. You can then monitor your team’s performance by tracking calls, texts, and campaigns to determine which of them have the highest ROI. Armed with accurate data and with analytics running automatically, you can come up with effective strategies to reach your sales goals.

Aloware review 8 Aloware Hubspot

Aloware x HubSpot = More than the sum of its parts

Aloware understands the many organizational challenges there are to keeping up with leads and deals. Add to that the struggle in working with multiple tools. With customer feedback, it has successfully developed a robust integration with HubSpot that can significantly enhance your sales team’s daily performance.  

Aside from HubSpot, Aloware also integrates with other CRMs like Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, and Guesty. To learn more about its cloud-based, all-in-one contact center software, you can schedule a demo here.