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How Aloware’s local presence can get you more call pickups

How Aloware’s local presence can get you more call pickups

When running an outbound calling campaign, the goal is to make sure that your calls are picked up. However, most call recipients would turn down a caller with an unfamiliar caller ID or a toll-free number, instantly regarding it as an unwanted spam call.

A study suggests that only 13% of people prefer to answer a call with an out-of-state area code. This is why for your outbound call campaigns, it’s important that your dialer has local presence. 



What is local presence?

Local presence is a smart feature conveniently added to a sales dialer that lets calls adapt to the area code of the recipient. With local presence in your dialer, your caller ID mimics the area code of your call recipient’s location. Since local numbers typically result in higher pick-up rates, this is especially helpful for location-agnostic businesses who seek to service nationwide or even internationally.

With Aloware’s sales dialer, the local presence feature dynamically matches your caller ID and area code with the prospect you are calling. For instance, if your business is in Los Angeles but has customers in the East Coast, you can use Aloware’s local presence to your advantage. Once your sales agents from Los Angeles start calling contacts in New York City, your caller ID will automatically switch to an appropriate local number (i.e. area codes 212, 332, 646 and 917).


Benefits of local presence

There are numerous benefits you can get just by activating local presence in your dialer. These benefits help you increase your conversions and have great returns for your business.


Avoid getting tagged as spam

Businesses with high call volumes (more than 500 calls a day in one account) but use the same numbers can have greater chances to be tagged as spam on their prospect’s phone. Rules and regulations set by the FCC and reflected by carriers were done to protect customers from receiving robocalls.

While this is not good news for sales, Aloware can help manage this challenge and avoid getting tagged as spam through local presence. By utilizing Aloware’s local presence packages, you can distribute your calls across a larger pool of numbers. This way, you’re not only alleviating the problem, but also connecting with more prospects for your business.

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Get more call pickups

Even if your number is not tagged as spam, call connection rates can still be challenging without the help of local presence. If your caller ID displays a different area code, chances are, your prospects may not consider picking up.


Local presence tied with your dialer gets you better call connection rates. People are more likely to consider picking up a call with the same local area code from an unknown caller.


Aloware’s local presence packages

Aloware’s local presence package is a set of phone numbers bundled together, designed to automatically find the nearest area code for your cold calls and call campaigns. Aloware’s local presence packages are available in three standard packages: 

  • Nationwide: around 300 phone numbers across the US (for nationwide callers)
  • Major cities: 1 phone number per major city in the US (about 100 phone numbers)
  • State presence: 1 phone number per state in the US (50 phone numbers)

If your business operates only in one state, you may still need a local presence package to adapt to each of the area codes. For this instance, Aloware can offer flexible package rates that can work with all area codes in the state where your business is located.


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Using up your local presence package

If your business naturally has a high call volume (about 5000+ calls a day in a single account), you might burn through your local presence package faster. With this, Aloware uses an automated function that monitors and regulates the health of your business numbers. This is done by rotating your numbers.

Once Aloware rotates your numbers, (e.g. retiring the old ones and buying a new local presence package), we will internally hold on to those numbers for 1-2 months so people can still call and text you back. Your representatives will no longer be using those old caller ids for outbound though, they will use the new ones.


What if I don’t need it in my business?

Aloware’s local presence packages are made for your convenience. This smart feature has its pricing separated from the phone number rental fee in your plan to keep your options flexible. If your business doesn’t require you to call customers across locations, you’ll have the option to omit this feature from your subscription plan.

Scale your business and boost sales by increasing the chances of getting your calls connected with Aloware. Have a trusty sales dialer packed with local presence for smarter and convenient calling. To know more about Aloware’s features, contact us today!