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ChatSpot AI: ‘Easy Button’ For Contact Center Efficiency

ChatSpot AI

Ever wished you had a magical ‘easy button’ for your contact center? ChatSpot AI might be the closest thing to granting that wish. 

While contact centers are the front line of customer service, they can also be a source of frustration and inefficiency for both customers and agents. Customers often have to wait in long queues, repeat information multiple times, and deal with scripted responses that don’t address their needs. 

You often have agents juggling multiple systems, following rigid protocols, and handling repetitive and mundane tasks that take away from their creativity and problem-solving skills.

All of these sabotage your contact center goal of delivering the best customer experiences and satisfaction. 

What if you could manage your contact center operations in a better way? A way to improve customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and overall business performance using the power of artificial intelligence?

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to ChatSpot AI and the many creative ways you can use it to meet and exceed your contact center objectives.

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What is ChatSpot?

ChatSpot is an innovative tool from Hubspot that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help businesses like yours grow. 

It is designed to be your go-to sales and marketing assistant, providing relevant insights and data-driven recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

With ChatSpot, you combine HubSpot CRM with the GPT-4 language model to automate tasks and data-pulling within HubSpot.

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If you already use the HubSpot CRM with Aloware, you know how automation can improve your marketing productivity. Now, you can ask ChatSpot to generate reports, draft emails, replies, and SMSs, and add contacts to your database in seconds. 

What Does ChatSpot do?

ChatSpot helps your agents save time and increase their productivity. It works like a personal steward, assisting and handling various tasks and responsibilities for your contact center agents. 

Instead of navigating through your CRM searching for data and information, you can simply ask ChatSpot to “create a report for SMS campaigns in August.”

ChatSpot helps with various tasks, such as generating written content, prospecting companies, summarizing content, and completing actions with CRM records.

You can also use pre-defined templates to request information or actions from ChatSpot.

How to use Chatspot (to unlock contact center efficiency)

With ChatSpot natively integrated with Aloware through HubSpot, you can boost your lead generation by spending less time trying to find the right prospect and creating copies tailored to get positive responses.

ChatSpot has the power to boost your contact center efficiency. Here are some of the ways it can be used.

Customer Support

ChatSpot is a helpful tool for managing customer support tickets. You can easily create or update new tickets by simply asking ChatSpot. 

It uses ChatGPT to perform the requested actions and provides you with feedback on the results. 

For example, a customer calls your contact center complaining about service downtime. Aloware’s AI analytics automatically converts the recorded call into text. 

You can ask ChatSpot to “Create a new support ticket for customer John Smith regarding service downtime.”

ChatSpot will extract the necessary information and generate a new support ticket in the ticketing system. It includes details like the customer’s name, issue description, and contact information.

If you ever need to see information on tickets, simply ask ChatSpot to “Provide a summary of open support tickets older than two days” or “Give an overview of customer satisfaction ratings for resolved tickets in the last week.”

Using ChatSpot for ticket management, you can ensure customer issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

Sales Assistant

Searching the internet for relevant news about prospects and carrying out adequate research are time-consuming tasks for sales teams.

While spending time researching that potential lead, your competitors could be on the brink of closing a deal with them.

The Sales Assistant feature of Aloware x ChatSpot supports your sales team by providing timely and relevant information.

For example, you can use the “Research [Company Name]” prompt to gain insight into a particular company’s funding rounds, services, and insights about those seeking new partnerships or solutions. 

You can also add news subscriptions for specific clients to keep tabs on the latest developments in operations. 

For instance, easily add the company to your HubSpot and create a targeted outreach campaign in the form of Emails or SMS/MMS.

Add and Update Contacts 

One of the standout features of ChatSpot is how it simplifies record-keeping in your CRM. 

With ChatSpot, you can easily add new contacts to your CRM without navigating complicated contact fields  and manual entry of new contact records.

You can ensure your team is always working with the most current information, avoiding misunderstandings and fostering a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Auto-log every engagement to your contacts and leads in real-time

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Here are common prompts to put your contact management on auto-pilot.

  • “Please update the contact’s phone number to [new phone number].”
  • “Update the email address for [contact’s name] to [new email address].”
  • “Add the following note to [contact’s name]’s profile: [new note or comment].”
  • “Create notes of [contact’s name] with [text].”
  • “Search for [company’s name] and add them to [campaign name].”

Lead Assignment

With Lead Assignment, you can automate the distribution of leads among your sales team based on predefined criteria, ensuring that leads are matched with the team members best suited to handle them.

Aloware x ChatSpot’s automated lead distribution feature balances the workload within the sales team, preventing agents from being overburdened or at risk of burnout.

Some common prompts for lead assignments are:

  • Assign the next call to [Agent Number] 
  • If [Agent Number] is busy, redirect the call to [Agent Number]
  • For every call from [Industry] companies, assign to [Agent Group]

Find Accurate Prospects

ChatSpot AI can help you find and research prospects. Then, retrieve data on a company’s name, size, industry, location, technology services, website domain, competitors, and news.

Your business development team does not need a sales outreach tool to find the right leads. By simply leveraging ChatSpot in Aloware’s Hubspot integration, they can automatically find prospects by location and industry, age of company, and size.

You can discover a potential lead’s tech stack to understand their operations better and tailor your outreach messages accordingly.

A coupleprompts for finding prospects are:

  • Find companies in [Location] with [Number] company size
  • Find [Industry] companies in [Location]
  • What is the tech stack of [Company Name]?

Generate Email and Message Responses

ChatSpot can assist you in drafting email and message responses. 

Whenever you receive a customer inquiry or feedback, you can ask ChatSpot to generate a text that is relevant, polite, and personalized. ChatSpot uses ChatGPT-4 to create responses that reflect your brand’s tone and style.

After generating the text, you can edit and refine it to ensure it meets your expectations and the customer’s needs. 

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This can help your agents save time and effort in creating engaging and satisfactory responses while maintaining high quality and professionalism.

ChatSpot is a valuable tool for your customer support team, enabling prompt and effective responses to customer inquiries and feedback.

You generate templates for different Email or SMS campaigns, allowing you to save time and ensure consistency.

Some common queries for generating templates are: 

  • Write me an appointment reminder template with the date, time, and place.
  • Give me a cold calling phone script for [Company Name].
  • Write me a promotional SMS template for [Service].

Summarize Conversations

ChatSpot can make conversation summaries a breeze. Phone calls, Chats, or Email exchanges with customers can often be lengthy, and many essential points may be discussed during the conversation. 

It can be difficult to recall all the details discussed and to summarize them accurately. 

But with ChatSpot, you can ask it to generate a concise summary of the conversation’s main points and key takeaways. 

This summary can help you save time and ensure you have documented all the necessary information discussed during the call for future reference and follow-ups where necessary.

Generate reports

ChatSpot AI saves you time navigating report dashboards and digging up data to find insights.

You can easily ask ChatSpot AI to generate a summary of your account’s data or create reports based on specific filters.

For example, if you want to get an overview of your outreach campaigns, try asking:

  • Create a report of [campaign name] showing the Clicks, CTR, and Open Rates 
  • Show me closed deals data for [campaign name] in [month]
  • How many leads did I generate in [month] from [campaign name]
  • How many leads to date from all sources

You can export these reports into the HubSpot dashboard, Google Sheets, or Google Slide.

Getting started with ChatSpot

By default, ChatSpot access is turned on for HubSpot Integration users on Aloware, which allows ChatSpot to access and update data within your account. 

You can turn this access off, and Chatspot won’t be able to access your data for prompt responses.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, select ChatSpot.
  • To turn off ChatSpot’s access to your account, click to toggle the ChatSpot access switch off.
  • To turn access back on, click to toggle the switch on.

Discover the ease of operational workflows with Aloware’s ChatSpot integration through HubSpot. Get started today!