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Product update: More about Facebook integration, power dialing, and list management

Haven’t set up your Facebook integration yet? Count this as a reminder to do so! Stop missing out, and take advantage of this new way to nurture your Facebook leads.

We can now pull more specific ad data to your Aloware account, so you can create a better and more personalized drip campaign with texts and calls. Try it with your collection ads, and know exactly which product people are looking to buy. Create the right follow-ups, and boost your conversations among mobile consumers!

fb ad integration updated

Speaking of pushing people down the funnel, we’re giving you better ways to get hold of your leads with the option to ring multiple phone numbers per contact when power dialing.

This way, you can reach them on their cell, their direct line, or maybe leave a message through an alternate number. Now, that’s some awesome new powers!

Multiple Numbers

Finally, to help you manage your growing directory, we’re also introducing the Tag Splitter which helps you divide big imports between your agents. Uploaded say 50,000 fresh leads? Break that into 50 friendlier lists you can assign to agents in one click of a button!

Tag Splitter

Need help with these new features? Simply send us a message at, and we’d be happy to get you acquainted.