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How Aloware can organize and supercharge your call campaigns

How Aloware can organize and supercharge your call campaigns

The most successful sales campaigns rely on many things, but these days, it seems impossible without a reliable dialer solution. Dialers have come a long way and have improved considerably to fit into the demands of modern-day sellers and customers.

Different dialers may be offering more effective solutions, but their efficiency still rely on the teams that run them. With an ineffective call campaign strategy, salespeople can lose their prospects along the way before they even know it.

Take note of these Aloware-supported dialing tactics next time you start your call campaign strategies.

1 – Track different campaigns by creating unique numbers

Your lead generation process is crucial in getting the right strategy for your dialing campaigns. This is why tracking each campaign’s performance is essential to know where most leads are coming from. By knowing more about your target and leads, you’ll be able to craft better dialing strategies to be able to convert them.


With Aloware, there’s no need to manually record everything. By setting up a unique number for each lead generation campaign, you can automatically track where quality prospects are coming from. From this, you’ll be able to know which campaign is more effective in getting leads, so you’ll know where to better spend your money.

2 – Auto-dial your contacts from a list

Not all dialers are created equal, adopting a dialer that doesn’t fit your team might do more harm than good for your campaigns. For teams who don’t want patterns to determine when and how to dial their leads, there’s a smarter type of dialer that you can trust.

call multiple numbers

Aloware’s power dialer makes call campaigns easy by automatically dialing numbers from a predetermined list. It is, however, made smarter than other dialers because it has features that you can use to personalize your auto-dialing experience. It doesn’t mindlessly dial the next number on the list. It waits for the agent to become available before proceeding to call another number, making every call valuable and well-attended.

3 – Automate voicemail drops

Generating leads is not an easy task, which is why you have to keep in touch with leads even after numerous failed attempts. The best way to do this is by automatically dropping pre-recorded voicemails on every call that failed to connect.

Dropping calls with voicemails

Aloware understands the importance of leads to every salesperson, the same way it values time spent on each call. Among its smart dialer features is the ability to use voicemail drop to play a customized voice message before dropping a call. In this way, you won’t lose that lead by giving you a chance to reconnect at a later time through its voicemail drop feature.

4 – Keep up with business hours using the Follow the Sun feature

When your customers are from different states and time zones, it can be harder to set up an available time for your call campaigns. Segmenting your contact list according to time zones can be done, but don’t you wish there’s a much easier option?

Follow the sun

This is the reason why Aloware came up with its very own “Follow The Sun” feature. Many businesses have difficulty manually segmenting their lists in accordance with timezones. This is done in order to comply with basic call campaign rules on telemarketing call restrictions beyond business hours. With Aloware, you can simply toggle the “Follow The Sun” filter on, and it temporarily hides numbers that don’t follow the same timezone in your contact list.

5 – Dynamically match your recipient’s caller ID through Local Presence

Ever experienced getting a call from an unfamiliar number? Looks spammy right? This might be the same thing your customers are thinking when you start calling them with a different area code. This is why you should start using local presence.

Local Presence

Local presence allows you to reflect the local area code of the contact that you’re trying to reach and displays it in your caller ID. With Aloware, you can practically enable this with your business phone number and start reaping the benefits. It’s said that with local presence in place, customers are four times more likely to answer calls.

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6 – Call from your CRM

Your CRM basically holds all the leads you’re dealing with. Transitioning to an automatic dialer for your call campaigns should never be an issue with your current system. Wouldn’t you want to choose a dialer that integrates seamlessly with your CRM?

crm dialer

Aloware is bringing this advantage to salespeople. You can start calling inside your CRM, or begin setting up automated sequences, or send SMS messages at scale. It also has real-time syncing capabilities to make sure your contacts are always updated on both platforms.

7 – Import contact list from sites visited via Chrome extension

When you manage to get someone’s number, manually adding them one by one to your contact list isn’t always the most exciting thing. Your dialer should free you from doing manual data entry tasks so you can focus on more important things.

Chrome Extension-01

By adding Aloware’s Chrome extension, recording numbers is as easy as visiting your customer’s websites. It detects numbers on each page and gives you the option to add them to your dial list in just one click. No more tedious encoding, no more “forgetting-to-log-numbers”, everything happens automatically for your convenience.


8 – Create a dial automation sequence

Automation is an essential part of call campaigns that should be adopted by every business. Being able to create automated sequences for your campaigns makes it easier for your sales representatives and your customers as well. For this reason, finding a dialer that offers these features should be your top priority.

automation image

Using the right technology has helped salespeople become more efficient in phone selling. Aloware provides automation tools to boost call campaign efficiency. For example, you can instantly trigger calls to new leads, schedule follow-ups, and enroll contacts to Power Dialer based on tag or disposition updates. Take your automated campaign up a notch with SMS/MMS actions and powerful integrations with your CRM or through Zapier.

9 – Use tags to segment contacts

Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s best to have collaboration processes inside your dialer system. Using tags to segment your contacts may seem like a small thing, but it’s very helpful when working on leads as a team.

contact tag

It’s easier to track updates, dispositions, and contact status just by putting tags on them. Aloware lets you filter tags according to the category you’ve created and set. With this, every member of your sales team can automatically know the status of every contact in your list so they’re well-guided during every call.

10 – Route inbound calls to owners

Effective call campaigns can also make customers keep coming back for more. It follows that your inbound call system should also work hand-in-hand with your outbound campaigns. A customer that calls back has a higher chance of being converted, and if they ask to be routed to an agent they prefer, your dialer should be able to do it with ease.

Ring groups

Aloware’s contact center system has advanced features for outbound campaigns as well as for inbound calls. Match a caller to its contact owner instantly using a smart routing feature. If the preferred agent is not available, the caller will be directed to the user’s voicemail. You can also set up inbound calls according to ring groups for easy inbound call designations.

There are numerous reasons why your call campaigns are not working, but these challenges can be more easily overcome if you’re using the right dialer. Aloware’s uniquely designed contact center solution puts an end to most of your dialing woes as it offers solutions that make life easier for your sales team. 

Try out Aloware’s click-to-call dialing, power dialing, and other call campaign solutions that fit your contact center and sales needs. If you want to learn more about its many features, schedule a call with our representative.