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People have spoken: How Aloware’s cloud contact center solution helps different businesses

As cliché it may sound, a business’s success lies in its customers. What they say about your product or service provides others a glimpse of what to expect about your business. It gives them the authority to make or break your brand.

In today’s social media-sensitive world, customers possess more power over businesses than they have before. This is why businesses should think of ways on how to connect with customers better and ensure that every interaction will be flawless and meaningful. 

This turns the attention to the most important people who directly speak with your customers – your contact center team.


Solutions for every business need

We at Aloware bring forward solutions for contact centers and businesses to connect with their customers effectively and serve them better. Our main goal is to help our clients be the best business for their customers.

Power dialer for real estate

With real estate agents juggling too many leads at a time, Aloware makes sure that their productivity isn’t compromised. We’ve provided them the best contact center tools they can lean on to convert both property buyers and sellers. 

real estate

With our sales dialer, more ways are provided to agents to be able to connect with their leads in less time. 

“Aloware introduced us to SMS marketing for home sellers and wholesale real estate. We’ve been able to triple our homes under contract acquisition with Aloware SMS marketing and dialer combined.”

– Hayato S., RocketOffr


Automation for Law Firms

Automating workflows is also one of Aloware’s best practices. This helps businesses manage and organize every transaction they make with clients. With workflows organized, you can easily

 automate your calls, data lists, and call or text sequences with Aloware. Running sales and marketing campaigns can be done easily with automation. 

Automation for Law Firms

Here are some of our law firm clients who love using this feature.

I run a mid-sized firm focused on personal injury and employment law. Our biggest problem has been doing follow-ups with leads over a long period of time. Its easy for our team to lose track of all the leads coming in that we’ve paid for and they are lost. Aloware changed this for us, we’ve put our follow up sequences on autopilot! The software automatically calls each lead as many times as we’d like until we get connected.”

– Tally S., Business Owner

“Success with Personal Injury leads means speed and persistence. Aloware connects us with leads in less than a minute, and we’re the first firm they talk to. This means more cases! Usually, 80% of potential clients go with the first firm that calls them and we want to be that first caller 🙂 We use Aloware to do just that. Mostly their power dialer.”

– Mona E., Small Business


All-in-one software for small businesses

Aloware understands the struggle of small businesses. It’s a challenge to run a profitable business, and maintaining multiple software for operations should be the last thing one worries about. Aloware envisioned a steady system where one can manage the entire sales process in one place and made it a reality. 

omnichannel call center“Managing everything in one system is insane! 

We never thought it’s possible until Aloware. We’re a small startup and our business is growing and Aloware just gave us the right tools to keep up with growing customers.”

– Frank K., Small Business Representative


Faster ROI for start-ups

For start-up owners and big risk-takers, Aloware offers features that can help manage your contact center tasks easier. Business owners loved how Aloware helped them work their way to bigger grounds. 

owerdialer updated flow

We have a solutions-based platform that answers the needs of business communication success. We work to help your business get the ROI it deserves.

“A Business SAVER! – [We’ve] received a ROI immediately once I turned it on. Our sales have gone up [by] 20%. One-on-one assistance to solve issues. It has auto texting service at VERY low cost which I can customize as well. I can create many different texting systems for different types of people that get started with my course. It also has ways to put people in groups using tags. The system can connect to Mailchimp, it has a clean interface and multiple sign in options for other team members.”

– Philip A., Small Business Owner


Amazing client support for any business

We understand how difficult it is to run a business and we believe that our clients deserve more. Because of this, we’ve made sure we’re always available to answer to you whenever you need us.

about contactus

We continue to find ways to provide better work solutions for every need. We see to it that we have reliable people you can talk to and answer your concerns 24/7. Our amazing support team is happy to assis

t you anytime from implementation to reporting.

“Great solution and amazing service. The solutions that Aloware provide are well thought out and well presented, with a price that cannot be beaten. The company is super responsive to customer requests, and since day one has made us feel heard and has delivered updates that help us to serve our customers even more efficiently.”

– TJB, VP Operations, Functional Manager for Customer Success Team


You’re in good hands

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every business, but we’ve built Aloware so it’s useful for any kind of sales team. We’ve come all the way to bring you a better contact center solution, whatever your business may be.

Allow us to show you more about what we can do to boost your efficiency and customer engagements. We’ve got our friendly team ready to demo and consult with you at your earliest convenience.