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7 sales enablement solutions to boost sales and efficiency this 2021

December 17, 2020

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

sales tools for 2021

It is common to expect every salesperson to know what makes their customers tick. They should have knowledge of their interest down to their innermost desires. Successful selling needs a smart play of psychology, human interaction, and tons of determination. But in this modern world, sales professionals are expected to also have one thing added to their skill set technological knowledge.

This year, with the pandemic, new selling trends and opportunities came about. 2021 is going to be a new era, and as a sales professional, you must face it fully prepared. Here are tools to help you improve your selling techniques in the post-pandemic world.

1- A reliable CRM platform

Unless you haven’t heard about it, it seems impossible to not have a CRM tool helping you out with managing customers. In these changing times, however, you have to be sure that the CRM you rely heavily on won’t let you down. Choose a CRM platform that’s proven to help you in good and bad times.

Better relationships mean higher customer satisfaction. With a strong CRM platform that is easy to use, very helpful, and integrates with the sales tools you need, there are better chances to foster customer relationships. Look for one that lets you manage leads and customers in one place. 

2 – Auto dialer 

Voice will always be the best type of sales communication channel out there. With auto dialers helping you out during the communication process, transactions with customers will be smoother and time-efficient.

Most dialers can integrate with your CRM, so you don’t have to manually enter data or switch tabs while working. Sales conversions and hitting quotas will be more achievable with a dialer’s help. Be sure your chosen platform also offers a power dialer for that extra boost you need for your quotas.

3 – Cross-channel communication 

Thing is, customers are all over, and the only way to successfully tap them is to be present on every channel they prefer using. Managing all communication and making sure that everything ties together becomes a bigger challenge though. As a salesperson, you must be able to play with each channel’s strengths and incorporate them into your sales funnels.

Using different channels can be a bit of a mess. This is why you should look for a tool that consolidates your efforts.  Sales solutions with omnichannel capabilities let you manage, customize, and create campaigns for different channels in one place.

4 – Accurate reports and analytics

We all know how vital accurate data gathering is to sales success. Every transaction made for each customer should be well recorded and processed for reporting. Sales is a numbers game that feeds into quotas and goals. You will need a faster way to compute data, analyze the trends and patterns, and gather information about your customers.

No, you don’t have to hire an entire team to do this job. All that’s required is a tool that automatically captures and analyzes sales data. It’s even more ideal if it offers customizable reporting, so you can extract insights specific to your business. 

5 – Efficient appointment calendar 

Well, if you’re not taking appointments seriously, there’s a good chance you’re losing so much opportunity for sales. Every appointment booked, canceled, re-booked, and finished must be recorded accordingly. If you’re still dependent on that handy-dandy planner of yours, it’s time for you to rethink that.

At the start of 2021, you will need an appointment planner that’s convenient for both you and your customer. By doing this, you will have quick management of commitments for both parties. To make it even more efficient, opt for an appointment calendar that works with your team and your whole contact center system.

6 – Automated follow-ups 

While it’s every salesperson’s job to follow up leads, it can get time-consuming if you’re dealing with a massive list of potential customers. Automating this process will get you one step ahead in the future, and a hundred steps closer to your sales goals.

Automated follow-ups may or may not be completely system-generated. After all, a sales team’s job is to foster relationships with their customers. A software that has an advanced system that lets you customize follow-ups is the best way to go. Make sure to add a human touch to every voicemail, text, or email follow-up submitted automatically.

7 – Tools with integrated features

No man is an island, and frankly, no tool is too. There will be features and systems you will need as you develop your sales process. It’s important to take into account the ability of these tools to sync, or better, integrate with other sales tools to meet your growing needs.

Integrations will come in handy as you start 2021 with a bang. It will offer you more opportunities that you can do with your customer data. With tools embracing other tools for your success, you’ll have the competitive advantage to close each deal better and more efficiently than before.

Selling with Aloware

The market tends to be more competitive for salespeople with all the new technology presented to customers. However complex the industry is, it all boils down to how you can connect faster and better with customers.  

Having Aloware around will power up your team with solutions designed to build relationships with customers. It’s packed with features to answer every salespeople’s needs, but made simple to be learned by anyone. Aloware helps salespeople build lasting relationships with their customers. Want to know more about Aloware? We’ll tour you around!

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