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Why You Should Integrate Your CRM With A Cloud Contact Center Solution

When business is growing and customers are getting more demanding, how fast can you keep up? In an age of countless communication channels, contact centers must find a way to deal with every call, text, email, or social media message to connect with customers.

If you’re using CRMs to manage contact lists and phone solutions to communicate with them, how about integrating them to work as one? Manage lists and close deals single-handedly by integrating your CRM and contact center software. Here’s why.

You Can Make Calls with One Click

Auto dialers are heaven-sent for contact centers. It has provided faster ways to connect on the phone with customers, giving them more time for important tasks while producing better sales. You can simply click on the dialer integration button that rings up contact at once. It’s equipped with an automated voicemail drop that lets you skip bad calls so you can score more high-value customers.

It Saves You Time

By integrating your CRM with a contact center phone system, you can ensure a smarter system that does the work for you faster and with fewer errors. Our HubSpot Phone integration lets you use the most preferred communication channels by customers: call and text. HubSpot workflows let you enroll your CRM data into Aloware’s call or text sequences. With one click, you can start firing up call and text campaigns and keep them running while you focus on other tasks of the day.

You Can Manage All Channels in One

Customers are everywhere, and it’s not enough to use one communication channel to effectively reach your market. With different communication channels available today, managing customer expectations has gotten even more difficult. Targeting demographics, interests, locations, and behaviors may get customers to seal the deal, but it also depends on whether you know how to engage with them through the channel of their choice.

You Don’t Need to Log Everything

Keeping track of every data, call, text, and activity is vital for call center success. However, if you’re still using your CRM and contact center as two different tools, data will work separately too. HubSpot and Aloware may be two platforms, but this amazing integration lets you work on them as one. Every call, text, activity, and contact data are synced and updated on both platforms.

More Features for Collaboration

By combining two platforms, you will also have the ability to use all their features to your advantage. Aloware helps HubSpot connect salespeople to customers using the most advanced contact center solutions that you can use directly within HubSpot’s smart platform. As salespeople, linking together these tools can only mean one thing: more sales for your business.

Using Aloware with Your CRM

Aloware opens you up to more ways to integrate with your CRM. Partnering up with major CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Guesty, or Zoho, collaboration is hassle-free and so much worth it. Call contacts, sync lists, and automate workflows from HubSpot to Aloware and vice versa. With this integration, you can also send unlimited SMS or MMS to your CRM contact lists, keep track of contact information, and record updates in a single database.

Indeed, CRM and contact center software integration is something you and your customers can benefit from. Start integrating your CRM with Aloware – we can help you more with that, so book a demo today!