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How does Aloware power dialer work with HubSpot?

Your growing team of sales and customer success team needs an easy way to use a power dialer inside HubSpot. Aloware and Hubspot dialer integration is designed for teams’ success without any technical hiccups.

What is a power dialer? 

A power dialer is a phone dialing system that adds phone numbers to agents automatically and dials them in a sequence in case they are busy on another call. 

The sales power dialer works by automatically calling the next phone number in the contact list if the ongoing call is busy, disconnected, or non-responsive. 

Is there a power dialer in HubSpot? 

Power Dialer
Aloware power dialer

Yes. Aloware power dialer is among many sales dialers on the HubSpot marketplace. However, we stand out from the competition on several fronts. We are an omnichannel contact center software that goes beyond dialing, into business texting and emailing as well. 

Our HubSpot dialer integration power small and medium businesses (SMBs) across multiple industries; finance, automotive, real estate, legal and more to increase their conversion rates and hit their revenue targets.

Aloware + HubSpot integration features

As a HubSpot user, you can now get a complete cloud phone system inside the CRM. Get started with a two-minute set-up only. The in-app dialer syncing offers more than a sales dialer. Here are other tools to help you hit your sales quotas inside HubSpot. 

Two-way synchronization

Aloware + HubSpot synchronization

All new and existing customers’ information across calls, texts, and emails is synched with two-way data synchronization. Also, updates on the information happen on both Aloware and HubSpot automatically.

Click to call feature 

HubSpot power dialer allows you to launch a sales dialer every time you make calls from your contact page. You can also use Aloware chrome extensions to click-to-call to dial any number in your HubSpot CRM list. 

HubSpot telephony solution comes with other features like recording, transcribing, call transfers, and more. 

Automatically log all conversations

Aloware sales dialer and HubSpot CRM integration log every call and attach customized contact records automatically. This enables you to track conversation histories and leads performance. 

 Business texting ( SMS/MMS)

Business text messaging is on the rise. Build relationships with customers and prospects through text messaging inside HubSpot. Also, using Aloware Broadcast, you can send bulk SMS for promotions or updates.

Chat with leads and customers in real-time with HubSpot CRM integrated with Aloware business texting solutions. 

Trigger outbound calls/text sequences

Using Aloware’s unlimited calls and texts, you can automate your outbound communication. HubSpot power dialer integrations add custom workflow actions that make outbound calls/text sequences possible.

How to add Aloware actions in HubSpot

HubSpot workflows operate under two methods. 

  • Deal-based workflows – Automate deal stages and users can set deal properties that trigger specific actions anytime a deal stage is done. The method is designed for sales teams. 
  • Ticket-based workflows  -Allow users to automate ticket statuses, fulfill actions, or organize customer inquiries. This prioritizes ticket flows and responses depending on periodic timelines. The method is designed for support teams. 

Hubspot CRM and Aloware power dialer integrations enable these four actions to take place in sync with the two HubSpot workflows.

Aloware Sequence
  1. Enroll to sequence
  2. Send a message
  3. Add to user’s Power Dialer
  4. Disenroll from all sequences

After creating your HubSpot workflows, here are the steps to add Aloware actions; 

Step 1: In your HubSpot account, click the Workflows tab

Step 2: Choose an existing workflow or create a new workflow

Step 3: Add a HubSpot Enrollment Trigger, and click the + icon to add an action

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the right sidebar and select the four (4) Aloware Actions

Properties of Aloware actions 

  1. Enroll to Sequence

You can create a Sequence after creating your HubSpot workflow. This will include a contact in your HubSpot automated sequence. On the dashboard you will see these three tabs;

  • Sequence – Assign a workflow for a contact that you have on your Aloware account.
  • Force Enroll? – Disenroll the contact from a sequence and enroll them in this new sequence
  • Perform this action on which party? – Select between the first associated contact or All associated contacts based on deals and tickets

2. Send a message SMS/MMS action

Send a message MMS SMS action
Aloware MMS/SMS Action

Send a message action to allow HubSpot users to send MMS/SMS using Aloware messenger. You can personalize the Aloware line, agent, or message template. Here are the tabs to take action on when interacting with the HubSpot dialer dashboard; 

  • Aloware Line to send from – Select from your Aloware lines to send messages
  • Send as (agent attribution) – Send a message as the agent, which means there would be no owner or no owner connected to that particular message.
  • Message – This is the most important property in sending a message. This is where you type in your message, and you can use Contact Tokens to pull in a contact’s name or other information. HubSpot automatically fills these tokens depending on the value it gets from the contact.
  • Media URL – Last property where you can choose any picture URL. If you put a URL, Aloware fetches the picture from that URL and sends it alongside the message as an MMS.
  • Perform this action on which party? – Select to which contact you will send a message based on deals or tickets: First associated contact or All associated contact.

3. Add to the user’s power dialer

You can also enroll contacts in Aloware’s Power Dialer.

  • User – It selects the Aloware user to whom you want to add a contact
  • Phone number – Assign a phone number and use it as a mobile or default phone number for HubSpot
  • Direction – Identify where you want to add the new contacts
    • Top – On top of the Power Dialer list or
    • Bottom – at the bottom of the Power Dialer list
  • Prevent Duplicates – This is also similar to Aloware’s PowerDialer interface
    • Yes – If you choose to prevent duplicates, then you can’t have two contacts with the same phone number on the PowerDialer
    • No – If you choose not to prevent duplicates, then you will be able to have two contacts with the same phone number on the PowerDialer
      📝 Note – If a workflow runs twice on a single contact, then only one of the contacts will be enrolled on the PowerDialer
  • Allow international phone numbers?
    • Yes – Selecting this will include international phone numbers in Power Dialer tasks.
    • No – Skips all contacts with international phone numbers
  • Perform this action on which party?
    • First associated contacts
    • All associated contacts

4. Disenroll from all sequences

Manage your Aloware workflows inside HubSpot by disenrolling contacts from workflows already working in Aloware. To be flexible and be in control of your workflows, here is how you do it; 

  • Create a Workflow for Disenroll from all Sequences Action
  • Manually enroll the contact from HubSpot to disenroll from all sequences.

How to Sync and Update HubSpot Contacts and Lists

After successfully integrating HubSpot with Aloware, use these four(4) configuring functionalities to sync and update Hubspot contacts and lists; 

Two way Sync Contacts
Two-way contact syncing

Two-way Sync Contacts

  • Click the Push Contacts button to update your contacts from Aloware to your HubSpot account.
  • Click the Pull Contacts button to update your contacts from HubSpot to your Aloware account. The following contact fields are pulled to Aloware:
    • Contact Name
    • Email Address
    • Contact Owner
      • If the user made a change of contact ownership in HubSpot and does not reflect in Aloware, click the Pull button to update
    • Phone Number
    • Country
    • State

One-way Sync Users

  • Click the Connect your HubSpot users to the Aloware button
  • Current users in Aloware are only synced, and no new users will be created.

One-way Sync Contact Status

  • Click the Pull Lead Statuses from HubSpot button to sync contacts status to Aloware. The following Contact Status is synced to Aloware:
    • New
    • Open
    • In progress
    • Open Deal
    • Unqualified
    • Attempted to contact
    • Connected
    • Bad Timing

One-way Sync Call Disposition

  • Click the Pull Call Outcomes from HubSpot button to sync HubSpot call outcomes to Aloware as Call Dispositions.

After completing the four actions, Aloware will send a confirmation email. You only need to do this process once, since Aloware will keep your contacts synchronized and updated. 

You can also merge contacts in HubSpot by performing an extra step in Aloware. Here are the instructions for the HubSpot dialer. 

  1. Merge contacts using HubSpot’s merge process.
  2. Then, manually sync in Aloware each of the contacts you merged in HubSpot:
    For each of the contacts merged:
    • Find the contact’s email in the HubSpot record
    • Search for this email on Aloware’s Contacts page to bring up an identical contact in Aloware.
    • Double-click the contact that matches the email to open the Contact’s Page.
    • On the Contact Page, scroll down on the Contact Details Column. Click the Sync Aloware Contact with HubSpot button under the HubSpot Integration Card. This will update the Aloware contact to match the HubSpot contact’s state.

Steps on how to send SMS through Aloware in HubSpot

HubSpot SMS integration with Aloware offers more than text messaging. You can send and receive multimedia messages like emojis, GIFs, and other media files. 

Aloware SMS messenger allows you to open contacts and chat with clients inside HubSpot. Here are the steps to send SMS/MMS through Aloware in HubSpot; 

Step 1; In your HubSpot account, navigate to the Contacts tab

Step 2; Search for the Contact you want to send the message to

Step 3; Click Enter

Step 4; In the right panel of the screen, go to Aloware and click SMS Messenger

Step 5; Aloware messenger will pop up; you can now send and receive SMS using Aloware in HubSpot

FAQs for HubSpot dialer  

Can I sync my HubSpot contacts to Aloware?

Yes – Aloware supports two-way sync of contacts to HubSpot. Once successfully integrated, just click the Push and Pull Contacts button, and your contact will synchronize on both platforms.

Can I make calls in HubSpot using Aloware?

Yes – After connecting your HubSpot account to Aloware, you’re able to use Aloware Dialer in HubSpot as a Call Provider. Learn how to make calls Aloware in-app dialer integrated with HubSpot CRM.

What happens to contacts that are pulled to Aloware with the same numbers in HubSpot?

Depending on scenarios, Aloware manages this in this manner:

  • Scenario 1: When two (2) contacts are pulled from HubSpot with Contact A and Contact B having the same secondary phone number
    • Aloware ignores Contact B’s matching secondary number
  • Scenario 2: When two (2) contacts are pulled from HubSpot, Contact A’s secondary phone number is the same as Contact B’s primary phone number
    • Aloware ignores Contact B’s primary phone number, and its second number will be used as the primary instead.
  • Scenario 3: When two (2) contacts are pulled from HubSpot with Contact A’s primary phone number is the same as Contact B’s secondary phone number
    • Aloware ignores Contact B’s secondary phone number.

Make Aloware your HubSpot dialer today.

You get your money’s worth for choosing Aloware as your HubSpot power dialer.  A happy Aloware + HubSpot user had this say about our sales power dialer; 

“ …..I like that we can easily bring up a user to dial out through Aloware, or we can click to call or text directly through HubSpot. Since we only use 5 paid seats on our HubSpot account, the CS team uses the chrome extension so that each number can be a click-to-call. Overall we are really pleased with the product and its ability to meet our needs!” – HubSpot marketplace.