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Product update: New Webhook and Zapier integration + broadcast filters

Aloware recently can already support multiple webhook integrations! To create a new one, go to Integrations > Webhook Settings > Add Webhook.

In our new Webhook form, you can easily set up the endpoint URL, authentication methods, and events. There are even filters to only send specific lines, communications, and data.


You can easily edit, disable, and delete your webhooks from your list. Plus, we support you in testing and validating each one.

webhook in aloware

To Zapier users, we have also updated our integration, so you can automatically create new contacts and fill out more fields on Aloware from any source without packing on development hours.

Now, on to broadcasts: You’ve probably noticed a bunch of new buttons to the top of the Broadcasts page. It should help review new, enrolling, sent and paused broadcasts in one click. 

Broad casts

When you scroll down to check the list of all your broadcasts, you’ll also see two new columns:

  • Pending Tasks – show you the number of contacts yet to receive your broadcast 
  • Unsubscribes – reflect the number of contacts replying with “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE”

From the Contacts page, you can now filter those who received specific broadcasts. This should help you avoid duplication and follow up with the right people.

filter those who received specific broadcasts

When reviewing a specific contact, you’d also find a list of all broadcasts sent to them in their records. We also mark messages in the conversation trail with the broadcast name if it was sent through a campaign.

We hope that these things all together help you stay on top of your leads and communications. Should you have any questions on this set of updates, you can always chat with us here.