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How does Aloware power dialer work with Pipedrive?

Push calls, SMS, voice, and cloud contact center solutions inside your Pipedrive CRM. Aloware’s Pipedrive sales dialer integrations offer users an omnichannel phone system inside the Pipedrive marketplace.

Does Pipedrive have a sales dialer? 

Pipedrive CRM integrates with Aloware’s sales power dialer, enabling sales teams to crush their sales quota. Also, support teams can use the Pipedrive sales dialer powered by Aloware to resolve customer issues using multichannel solutions (SMS, calls, texts). 

Aloware- Pipedrive integration sync contacts data (name, phone number, call tags, SMS/MMS attachments, and call notes) to provide Pipedrive customers with a sales power dialer.

Why Aloware for your Pipedrive dialer?  

Power Dialer
Aloware Power Dialer

Here are why you should choose Aloware-Pipedrive dialer integration for your agents, support, and sales teams. 

  • Calling and texting capabilities inside Pipedrive CRM 
  • Real-time data syncing for contact information and communication logs 
  • Ability to create omnichannel sales sequences with Sequence+
  • Use Aloware Broadcast for bulk SMS/MMs message campaigns 
  • Real-time voice-to-text transcription using  AI-powered sentiment analysis. 
  • A modern digital phone system allows you to transfer, introduce, conference, hold, and do more inside Pipedrive CRM. 
  • Instant compliant phone numbers locally across US cities
  • International numbers from over 120+ countries allow SMBs to conduct business anywhere globally. 

Steps to connecting Aloware with Pipedrive

Access Pipedrive Contacts in Aloware
Connect Aloware with Pipedrive

Before connecting Aloware with Pipedrive, you should understand a couple of integration prerequisites. 

  • Only Admins can integrate Aloware and PipeDrive.
  • Admins should use the same email for Pipedrive and Aloware accounts.

Here are the steps to connecting the Aloware cloud phone system to Pipedrive CRM for users. 

Step 1: In your Aloware Admin account, go to the Integrations tab

Step 2: Search for the PipeDrive card, then click Settings

Step 3: Enable the Integration status button in Aloware’s PipeDrive settings, then click “Authenticate.”

Step 4: You will be redirected to the PipeDrive login portal to enter your credentials.

Step 5: Read through what to expect in the integration

Step 6: Click the Allow and Install button

To determine whether Aloware + Pipedrive integration was a success, follow the two steps; 

  • Go to Integration Settings, click the Check Connection button
  • Your Connection Status should display Connected

If the Pipedrive Integration is already authenticated, but the features aren’t showing or functioning, you might need to “Re-Authenticate” Pipedrive again in the Pipedrive integration settings.

The process after clicking the “Re-Authenticate” is the same as after clicking the “Authenticate” button. After authenticating your Aloware and PipeDrive accounts, you should now configure your integration settings.

Aloware + Pipedrive CRM automated syncing 

After connecting Aloware with Pipedrive, you need to turn on the sync. Using the Aloware syncing feature, a one-time pull will do the following; 

Aloware + Pipedrive synchronization
  • Two-way Sync of Contacts
  • One-way Sync of Users
  • One-way Sync of Lead Stages

Two-way sync of contacts

Automated syncing makes Pipedrive, and Aloware platforms become interconnected and simultaneously linked together from there on. The following cloud phone system solutions are synced together: 

  • Contacts
  • Call Disposition
  • Call Status
  • Deals
  • Stages

Here are the contacts’ pull and push synchronization steps. Contacts are automatically added when you create them in either Aloware or Pipedrive.

  • Push contacts – Click the “Push Contacts button” once, and contacts added in Aloware will sync in Pipedrive.
  • Pull contacts – All Pipedrive contacts will sync in Aloware. If you add contacts in Pipedrive, it will automatically sync to Aloware.

The following contact’s basic information is synced simultaneously on both platforms:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Alongside the contact’s basic information are the following fields being synced on Aloware:

Deals – Aloware should show the Deals associated with the contact

  • To associate a deal to contact in Pipedrive,
    • Click on the Deals tab in your Pipedrive account, and
    • Click the + button to any deal stage you like. Then let autocomplete input the contact name of the contact you’d wish to add.

Go back to your Aloware Account.

  • Click the Sync Contact button.
  • The deal should automatically be added to the Pipedrive Card of the contact.
  • If you were already viewing the contact in Aloware when you added the Deal, click on the Sync Contact button to pull the deal update.
    📝Note – Make sure that the “Don’t update contact information” from the Integration’s menu > Pipedrive card is disabled.

Call Disposition – Call Disposition associated with the contact is synced in Pipedrive.

Contact Activities – Activities associated with contact should display in Pipedrive

App Panel – It allows Pipedrive users to view a card displaying Aloware information about a contact.

If you are experiencing any inconsistencies with your contact records after syncing, learn how to fix contact record discrepancies

One-way sync; connect Pipedrive users to Aloware. 

Aloware’s Pipedrive integration will sync your users when you click Connect Pipedrive users to Aloware. Users can execute this process using the following steps;

  • Create a user in Aloware with the same email as your Pipedrive user account.
  • You may continue the configuration by clicking the Connect to Pipedrive Users to Aloware button.

After configuring the synchronization, an email notification is sent to the Aloware admin for the successful pull user process.

One-way sync; pull deal stages from Pipedrive.

Clicking the pull deal stages from the Pipedrive button will update the deal stages or status in all pulled contacts from Pipedrive. Users can use these steps to sync the process: 

  • When you add deals in Pipedrive, Aloware syncs the contact’s status
  • You may continue the configuration by clicking the Connect to Pipedrive Users to Aloware button
  • Aloware should show the Stage associated with a contact

Note: An email notification is sent after a successful pull user process. 

Default settings

Remember to click the “Save” button on the lower right of the Pipedrive Settings interface after all the changes you’ve made. (If you want the default options, just click the “Reset” button beside the “Save” button)

Pipedrive dialer integration features

Pipedrive users can add several Aloware call center solutions that go beyond the sales power dialer.  Some of these Pipedrive phone integrations include; 

Adding Pipedrive contacts to Aloware. 

With the Aloware power dialer, you can access contact information inside Pipedrive. Here is the process of accessing Pipedrive contacts in Aloware: 

Step 1: In your Aloware account, navigate to the Contacts menu.

Step 2: Search for a Pipedrive contact, and click it.

Step 3: Click the Pipedrive logo under the Integration section.

Step 4: A new Pipedrive tab will open, displaying the contact records in Pipedrive.

After successful syncing, contact deals and stages will display basic information associated with each contact. Here is how to check the contact display; 

  • Click the Sync with Pipedrive button to update the contact’s deal status
  • Make sure that the “Do not update contact information” button is disabled from the Integration menu.
  • Navigate to the Integrations menu > Select Pipedrive card > Go to Filters > Disable the “Don’t update contact information” option.

Enroll Pipedrive contacts to Alo Sequence.

How to Enroll Contacts from Pipedrive to Alo Sequence
Enroll Pipedrive Contacts into Aloware

Pipedrive users can take specific actions with the Pipedrive dialer integration. One such Aloware step is enrolling contacts into Alo Sequence. 

Here is how to enroll contacts from Pipedrive into the Aloware sequence: 

  • In your Pipedrive account, go to the Contacts tab.
  • Select the contacts that you want to enroll in Aloware Sequence.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the Enroll to Sequence under the App Action.
  • A new Aloware tab will display the following:
    • Select from the list of Active Sequences to enroll the contact.
    • If a sequence is paused, you must first enable it from your Aloware account.
  • Click the refresh list to display the contacts registered.

Access Pipedrive contacts in Power Dialer 

Another Aloware action is adding Pipedrive contacts in the sales power dialer. You can execute the Pipedrive contact center integration for the Aloware power dialer using these steps; 

  • In your Pipedrive account, go to the Contacts tab.
  • Select the contacts that you want to add to Power Dialer
  • Click the three-dot menu icon on the right side of the screen
  • Click the Add to Power Dialer under the App Actions section
  • A new Aloware tab will display to set
    • Push contacts to – this is where newly added contacts (tasks) will be placed in the queue: bottom or top
    • Select if the user wants to:
      • Add multiple phone numbers
      • Prevent duplicate task creation
      • Future scheduled tasks?
      • Allow international phone numbers.
  • Click the Proceed to Power Dialer button to add the contact as a task.

Send SMS Broadcasts in Pipedrive

Aloware + Pipedrive SMS solution

Text messaging reflects over 98% of open rates compared to 20% for emails. Pipedrive SMS integration enables users to send SMS/MMS using  Aloware business texting solutions

Text message open rate

Before sending SMS Broadcasts in Pipedrive, ensure your account has enough credits for sending bulk messages. After selecting Pipedrive contacts using in-app Aloware action (Sequence or Power dialer), here is the procedure.

Step 1: In your Aloware account, navigate to the Broadcast menu

  • Select a group of contacts based on: By Tag
  • Search for Pipedrive Extensions and select from the list of Import Tags

Step 2: Select a time to send the message

  • Send Now
  • Pick a Time
  • Send Today – set the time to send the bulk message campaign within the day
  • Throttling – set an hourly throttling limit. It is recommended to have at least 200 contacts.

Step 3: Add a plain SMS message or send a gif or MMS by enabling the button and uploading your media file.

Step 4: Click the Send Bulk Message button once done.

Make Aloware your Pipedrive sales dialer. 

Aloware’s sales dialer for Pipedrive is more than a call center solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Aloware + Pipedrive CRM integrations offer an omnichannel cloud contact solution for calls, texts, and emails.

For instance, when you answer calls on Aloware, you can use the Pipedrive dialer to send and receive text messages. The integration logs all customer communication within Pipedrive to streamline sales and support processes.

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