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Product update: Easier team monitoring

We know it’s important for you to check your team’s productivity and see their progress every now and then. That’s why we added these features centered in helping you monitor your agents easily:
  • Complete separation of Wallboard and Dashboard
  • Contact assignment in tags to users or ring groups
  • Filter contacts by created at or engagement

Finally, you can now have a better view of what’s happening on your day-to-day operations and get the most our your team.

News letter

In other news, we’ve also added:
  • Automation Diagnosis to check for any errors in the sequences you made
  • Summary reports react to all filters for better viewing of your team’s activities
  • Added missing variables from some screens (such as scripts)
  • Refresh listing screen when the import wizard is closed

… and a few more things. As always, we would LOVE your feedback, so keep us posted!