It’s official – we have just closed our second seed-stage funding backed by our existing investors! I wanted to share this news with Aloware’s most important people – you. We got here because of you.

You as fellow entrepreneurs and sales/support aficionados have been using Aloware to maximize the capabilities of your contact center. Our growth is all due to you – with constant feedback from our clients, we have been able to build something truly powerful. We’ve had a couple of missteps here and there, but our customers have always been there to guide us right back on track to be better – one bug at a time 🙂 

There is a war for engineering talent – I’m sure as a growing entity, you feel it too. We are building a world-class engineering team in Europe, to focus on platform expansion, integrations, robustness, and reliability. The new team is tasked with ensuring we can add another 0.009% to our 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

We are also expanding our US headcount here in LA and other states in Sales and Customer Success to serve our clients better. As our clients become larger organizations, we will be providing more hands-on, white-glove support and implementation with the new team members.

Talk 2.0 is on the horizon

We have rebuilt the agent interface from the ground up thanks to your feedback, and it looks pretty darn good! I can’t be more excited to have this second iteration of Aloware out in the market. We have already started an in-house alpha release, and we will launch a closed beta with a few customers in November. We are planning on going fully live by 1/1/22.

Talk 2.0 supercharges contact management teams with a heavy emphasis on being an intuitive and high-functioning dashboard for agents regardless of their role (support/sales) and acts as an incredibly flexible execution layer to execute day-to-day tasks with precision. 

Talk 2.0 supports new features that can significantly improve your agents’ efficiency:

  • Inbox + Task Manager – Easily see and manage missed calls, messages & more
  • Contact Lists – Intuitively manage contacts. Create powerful dynamic lists
  • Simple Views – Easily filter and switch between views across different channels

New cloud telephony features with Twilio 

Thanks to our [recently signed] strategic partnership with Twilio, we have received access to their top-line features and products. This will include a fast and accurate call transcription service powered by Twilio’s new AI, more verified calling/texting control with STIR/SHAKEN and 10DLC, and business caller id and CNAM. 

Compliance is paramount for us at Aloware and we’ve undertaken the necessary steps to protect your call center from spam. 

We will be rapidly adding these new features into Aloware, as both a competitive advantage and a response to the ever-changing world of consumer data. 

A final commitment to you 

I want to close out this note by reiterating my commitment to you. Whether you are a new client, or a client of 4 years [yes, we still have those!], Aloware and I remain fully committed to your growth and success. We are always here to listen. And to act – so keep it coming. Keep dialing, keep texting, keep building rapport with ferocious speed to lead time. 

Schedule texts and save so much of your time with templates. Aloware’s updated messenger UI (available also inside HubSpot) comes with new features that will make business texting more enjoyable for you and your customers!

Schedule your text messages. Now, you can “Send Later” from your Aloware messenger, and get more responses from well-timed texts.

If you would need to cancel, you may also “Undo Send” from your scheduled messages manager – isn’t that great?

Attach multiple files and images. Multi-select is now available for you to deliver the things you need in one instant send. Of course, GIFs are available at your disposal to keep things fun and engaging.

Use templates for instant sends. Send text faster with canned messages you’ve prepared for FAQs, information requests, and those usual follow-ups. No more copy-pasting!

Combine that with variables (aka dynamic tags) which is now a button just beside templates to personalize your messages.

Choose your mode of communication. Send an email or fax from the contact pane to your left. You might have been used to seeing them in your messaging section, but it’s now moved to where your Call, Power Dialer and Appointment buttons are for a better user experience.

All these cool things brought to HubSpot. This new messenger UX with the revamped interface for attachments, GIFs, templates, and variables are all accessible on HubSpot!

Haven’t set up your integration yet? Or just looking to get started with SMS/MMS for your business? Send us a message through webchat for support.

Automated sequences are all about scaling up outbound efforts with ease. Whether you’re doing follow-ups or making sure everyone receives important announcements, Aloware is here to help. Check out our new and improved Sequences engine with a fresh UI to level up the way you run your cadences.

You’d be welcomed by a revamped list of your sequences for easy overview. Of course, you can still filter it by Active and Paused statuses (see buttons moved to the left), but what’s great is you get baseline information per sequence including:

  • Number of steps or actions built into the sequence
  • Processing schedule (whether it’s active 24/7 or only on specific times)
  • Line used, so you know how you’re making contact
  • Number of contacts enrolled
  • Status to easily spot issues (hover over Invalid sequences, and find out what the issue is with our diagnostic tool).

Settings for each sequence can be accessed by clicking on the button with ellipsis on the right-most column. We made sure the reorganization is intuitive by design, so you won’t have problems navigating around. From here, you can even duplicate sequences by selecting “Create Copy”.

Settings. You can configure sequences the same way you were doing it before, but now, you can already throttle a sequence to process 100 contacts per minute!

Steps. Design and review your sequences better with all the steps outlined clearly in a flowchart. This slick interface also makes it easy to reorder steps as necessary.

When adding a step, you can use the search bar to breeze through the process. Also, you can now choose “Round-robin change contact owner” to distribute contacts evenly amongst members of your group.

More than the front-end design, you should know that the way each step is processed has completely evolved too! Your delays are now based on when the preceding step is completed for each contact instead of when they are enrolled. This programming is essentially much more dynamic and responsive to change.

Intake & Triggers. Select “Copy from other sequence” to use an existing set of enrollment triggers. This is a great time-saver and hack when you want to make sure that certain rules are applied consistently across sequences.

Contacts. We’ve also made it easier to enroll contacts manually. Click on “Enroll Contacts” and add either a contact group or a single contact.

From this page, you can track where each and everyone is in the sequence. We bring you a list of enrolled contacts with their corresponding next step and its estimated processing time. You also have a reference here on their enrollment dates and can remove contacts as needed. Simply use the search functionality to jump to a specific record by looking up their names, IDs, or phone numbers.

Let us know what you think of this overhaul. We really hope that this levels up your sales automation game to provide faster and smarter support to your contacts. For further questions, please feel free to message your account representative anytime.

Hail, the Power Dialer. It dials leads for you, detects bad numbers, and automatically drops voicemails. With all the time it has saved us, who thought it can actually get even better?

These past few weeks, we’ve worked on the Power Dialer to elevate your agents’ experience. Happy agents, happy customers.

With this set of updates, your agents get to organize, control, and improve the flow as they work hand in hand with automation.

Organization hack. Order Power Dialer tasks by timezone, so your agents get better chances of connecting. What more, Aloware can check if you’re calling during your contact’s day time. Tick “Skip outside day times” in your Power Dialer, and never waste a second ringing leads during odd hours again.



Agent control. Let agents skip contacts as they know would work best. When there’s a better time to call or would prefer to text, this new “Skip task” button comes in handy. It will push the contact to the bottom of the queue, and the dialer will move on to the next lead right away.



Richer interactions. Tick “Open contact page” to display all records you have of your lead. It’s become so much easier to backtrack conversations and review integration cards for context. This also means that you can now send text messages as you go!



Try these out and please let us know what your team thought. We really hope it gives everyone a boost!

As we work our way to a new and improved user experience inside the Aloware app this 2021, we’ve renamed the following sections from the main menu:

  • Automation is now labeled “Sequences” as we help you more with creating drip campaigns for your sales operations
  • Dialer is now called “Phone” to avoid any mix up between it and the Power Dialer


In the Contacts page, you now have number indicators for new and unanswered leads. There is also an Unreads column that counts unattended messages and voicemails per contact. Then, a Sort dropdown is made available to organize your leads based on the number of communication (calls or texts).


When you click on Filters, there is an option to find contacts based on outbound call count. Use this to spot engaged leads and those that needs further nurturing.


Perhaps the best part about this set of product updates is our provision for additional and customizable contact fields. Simply go to Account from your main menu, and find Custom Contact Fields to add new data points you want to capture from your leads. From demographic information to specific customer interests, you can record everything that’s important on Aloware!


You can even use these custom fields to populate information in text messages. When chatting with a customer, you can click on Add Variable to insert say distinct tracking numbers, tickets, and other contact-specific data points. Same option is available when creating templates, and it should come in handy when personalizing canned messages. Try using [FirstName] and [DateOfBirth] variables in creating an automated birthday greeting!


On HubSpot, you can now initiate a call from the Deals page! If you’ve got the Aloware CTI extension installed (which we highly recommend), you should be seeing a green icon you can click to call your primary contact for each deal.


What do you think of these updates? We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations at

We’ve got you covered with click to call features and SMS messaging inside HubSpot. Of course, our updated product integration with your favorite CRM also supports our Power Dialer!

Once you connect HubSpot with Aloware, you get a workflow extension that can send your CRM contacts to our Power Dialer based on your selected triggers. 

Say goodbye to manually picking your leads and building call lists. Just set up the automation on HubSpot once, and we’ll generate you a list of new leads to connect with everyday.


Already have a list of contacts on HubSpot? You can pull the exact list on Aloware too! From your Tags page, you now have the Import HubSpot Lists button.


When using your HubSpot list for power dialing: Click on Integrations, select your list, and tick “Add your own contacts?” to start calling your leads up.


To also support you in building customer relationships, we’ve added the option in call routing settings to direct incoming calls to recorded contact owners only.


For your easy reference, HubSpot deals and some other CRM properties sync with Aloware too. Check out your integration cards from the Contact page and the dialer for additional context when communicating with HubSpot leads from Aloware.


Finally, should you have a set of rules in excluding contacts from your outreach activities, we’ve also added disenroll from all sequences to your HubSpot Workflow actions. Most importantly, this should help in respecting unsubscribes to protect your reputation.


Got comments or suggestions around this? We’re happy to hear them at

Our team at Aloware is hard at work delivering you the best CRM integrations so you can convert more of your leads faster.

We already have our sales dialer built into Hubspot, one of your favorite CRMs, and with it, it’s never been easier to get on the phone with your contacts to follow-up and close deals.


Today, we’re proud to announce our SMS extension. It allows you to send and receive texts inside Hubspot, so you can connect with your mobile customers in their channel of choice.

Find our SMS messenger to the right of your Hubspot contact page for easy one-to-one texting.


You also have Aloware-powered actions in your Hubspot workflows to manage send to many text sequences and templates.

With this integration update, you get the power to:

  • Launch an SMS/MMS sequence with Hubspot workflows
  • Enroll (or disenroll) leads into Aloware call and text sequences


  • Use Hubspot properties to fire an automated text message
  • Use Hubspot dynamic tags to personalize canned messages


Now, we can’t wait to see you in action with these tools! We hope that bringing in texting to Hubspot helps you boost team efficiency, customer engagement, and sales.

Eli, our success hero, would be happy to discuss how you can best leverage these updates in a live demo. Haven’t even synced Aloware with your CRM yet? Let’s fix that now! Book a time here for a Zoom meeting.

Haven’t set up your Facebook integration yet? Count this as a reminder to do so! Stop missing out, and take advantage of this new way to nurture your Facebook leads.

We can now pull more specific ad data to your Aloware account, so you can create a better and more personalized drip campaign with texts and calls. Try it with your collection ads, and know exactly which product people are looking to buy. Create the right follow-ups, and boost your conversations among mobile consumers!

Speaking of pushing people down the funnel, we’re giving you better ways to get hold of your leads with the option to ring multiple phone numbers per contact when power dialing.

This way, you can reach them on their cell, their direct line, or maybe leave a message through an alternate number. Now, that’s some awesome new powers!

Finally, to help you manage your growing directory, we’re also introducing the Tag Splitter which helps you divide big imports between your agents. Uploaded say 50,000 fresh leads? Break that into 50 friendlier lists you can assign to agents in one click of a button!

Need help with these new features? Simply send us a message at, and we’d be happy to get you acquainted.

Enough teasing — Facebook ads integration is finally here! We’re so happy to share that you’d now be able to further engage your leads from Facebook with calls and texts through Aloware.
  • By syncing your Facebook lead generation ads with Aloware, all form submissions — both old and new — can instantly be saved as contacts, so you can call everyone straightaway.
  • We even provide you with related ad data, so you can attribute your leads to which campaign and follow up accordingly. Yes, you can enroll your Facebook leads to broadcasts and sequences too!



To organize your call activity and get better results, we’re introducing you to our Follow the Sun feature.

  • Go to Contacts, and you’ll see a NEW button to the right called Follow The Sun. It practically arranges your contacts by timezone, setting your priorities in one click.
  • With this, you’re able to work your leads according to their location — from East to West — giving you better chances of connecting at a good time.



You can now also filter your leads by source, and easily find unassigned contacts. These should make tagging in bulk faster and increase the visibility of your leads, so you can turn more into deals.



In you Broadcasts page, you can now review engagement rates. This is the percentage of contacts who respond to your campaign which can be useful in gauging the effectiveness of your messaging and promotion.

BONUS: It’s become even easier to edit your contact’s name whilst you’re in a call! Simply click on the Edit icon ✏️ we added to update and save their correct information.

We hope these things would come in handy for you soon! Should you have questions or further suggestions, please feel free to leave us a note at We’re always happy to hear from you!

Great news for our team managers and account admins: we’ve added NEW features and settings to make your contact center operations so much easier! Plus, with our revamped interface, you sure can implement and take advantage of these improvements on your end in no time.

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