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Aloware: The Best Cloudtalk Alternative & Competitor

The future of cloud call center solutions looks bright as more businesses turn to these platforms to streamline customer communications and improve customer service. 

One key trend making Aloware the best CloudTalk alternative for SMBs as the go-to cloud call center software includes; an omnichannel communication platform since customers will expect to be able to reach businesses through a wide range of channels, including phone, email, SMS, social media, and chat.

This article explores why Aloware is the best CloudTalk competitor for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We offer solutions that position them to provide exceptional customer service and build strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers. Let’s dive in.

Why is Aloware the best CloudTalk alternative and competitor? 

Aloware is a highly versatile contact center solution that empowers sales and support teams with unlimited calls, texts, and email automation, all of which can be set up in 3 minutes or less. 

Our omnichannel cloud-based contact center software integrates seamlessly with leading CRMs like Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipedrive and provides comprehensive white-glove support for desktop, mobile, and web. 

Our mission is to help sales and support teams build strong relationships with their customers and prospects and increase their capacity to connect meaningfully with more customers.

As the best CloudTalk alternative, Aloware offers intelligent turn-key solutions that eliminate repetitive manual work, scale outbound efforts and better manage inbound communications. Compared to CloudTalk, Aloware also provides local and international calling solutions with a local presence in over 120+ countries and verified CNAM call registration compliance tools. 

Although Aloware and CloudTalk offer native integrations with top CRMs, helpdesks, and business tools such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce, the alternative to CloudTalk goes the extra mile with advanced call center integrations like Zapier and industry-specific solutions such as Guesty for real estate.

Call center software features

Aloware features

Aloware offers comprehensive cloud call center solutions that outshine CloudTalk’s features. With Aloware, businesses can access various tools that make managing their inbound and outbound call center operations easier, from intelligent call routing and virtual call centers to powerful sales power dialers and AI voice analytics.

Aloware’s unique whispering feature is an excellent example of how it goes beyond what Cloudtalk offers, providing sales teams with smart coaching to improve their collaboration and productivity. Aloware’s business texting tools also allow customer engagement using two-way SMS with multimedia messaging capabilities.

Aloware provides instant access to local and international phone numbers for an omnichannel cloud calling center solution, making it a better alternative to Cloudtalk. Plus, its advanced sales power dialer enables agents to reduce lead closing cycles and increase conversion rates while synchronizing call data with their current CRM.

Finally, Aloware’s AI voice analytics tool automatically transcribes calls, analyzes sentiment, and visualizes call data to streamline sales and customer support. Overall, Aloware provides a more robust and feature-rich cloud call center solution than CloudTalk, including features like web form connect, customer experience measurement, and automation campaigns for sales cadence.

Cloud call center pricing

Aloware pricing 

Aloware pricing is transparent and affordable. Unlike other CloudTalk competitors, we have no hidden fees and offer a 14-day free trial. We offer unlimited inbound and outbound calls for all payment plans while CloudTalk charges per minute. 

Although our call rates may vary per country, here are other call center software solutions that make us the best CloudTalk alternative: 

  • 20+ CRM integrations
  • Call recording 
  • SMS/MMS broadcasting
  • Loca/international/toll-free numbers
  • Sales power dialer
  • 2-way SMS/MMS
  • Local presence

Aloware monthly pricing has three plans:

Aloware monthly pricing

iPro – For $40/user, you get unlimited inbound calls + texts. It’s the best  Cloudtalk alternative for support teams.

  • uPro – For $70/user, you get unlimited inbound and outbound. It is the best contact center solution package. 
  • xPro – For $90/user, you get a power dialer + custom workflows. You can talk to 300+ leads per day. 

For Aloware quarterly pricing, you save 15% across all plans:

Aloware quarterly pricing
  • iPro – For $30/user, you get unlimited inbound calls + texts. 
  • uPro – For $60/user, you get unlimited inbound and outbound. It is the best contact center solution package, including everything in iPro.
  • xPro – For $80/user, you get a power dialer + custom workflows. You can talk to 300+ leads per day. 

CloudTalk pricing 

After 14-day free trials, CloudTalk pricing has four tiers, with the last customized according to the client’s specifications. Here are Cloudtalk payment plans; 

  • Starter – $25/per user monthly but billed annually. 
  • Essential – $30/per user monthly but billed annually 
  • Expert –  $50/per user monthly but billed annually 

Aloware vs. CloudTalk integrations

Cloudtalk vs Aloware

Aloware integrations go beyond CRM, allowing seamless contact data syncing across multiple platforms, including Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and others. This optimizes workflow for the best customer experience.

The Zoho CRM and Aloware integration streamlines call management and increase agent response rate without requiring manual data entry. Other Aloware call center integrations include Guesty, Facebook, Zapier, Slack, Helpscout, Gong, and Hubspot.

For its primarily B2C clients, CloudTalk integrates with software such as Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zendesk Sell, Intercom, Helpscout, and Kustomer. However, the CloudTalk alternative – Aloware, provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for its SMBs clients. 

CluoudTalk vs. Aloware reviews 

Aloware customer reviews

“We were working with our Financial service where we offer customers mostly from USA insurance solutions, and we were looking for a solution preferably web-based and affordable to make calls and send SMS to our customers. We found Aloware perfectly matches our requirement. So we signed up and got great help from their support team to set up and run properly.” – Capterra

Aloware review

“ The Aloware is a hybrid app that combines the best of both worlds: the latest tech and the old school. Aloware is a powerful phone system with cutting-edge features like call automation and voice recognition. It also has a sleek and modern design perfect for anyone who cares about aesthetics, with live tiles and intelligent notifications.” –  G2

CloudTalk customer reviews

“Good when it works, a complete disaster when there is a problem” – G2

“You literally have to be by your computer at all times. Terrible for many small businesses that are on the go.” – Capterra

Choose Aloware today

The comparison between Aloware and CloudTalk goes beyond features. One of many of our customers left a review on G2 stating their love for our power dialer with the interface of an actual phone. Another stated Aloware saves time. 

The best CloudTalk alternative offers omnichannel call center solutions. From calls, texts, emails, and insightful analytics, we deliver a powerful phone system for sales and support teams. 

For small and medium businesses that want to scale their inbound and outbound sales without compromising quality, choose Aloware as your cloud contact center partner.

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