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Boosting SMB Sales & Support with Call Transcription

How call transcription can help SMBs train sales agents and support teams better

Keeping tabs on the details of long conversations gets fuzzier the more prolonged the discussion. It is almost impossible.

If you decide to take notes manually, there’s only so much your fast scribbling can do before losing track of things. For call center agents, there’s the option of recording calls. However, the nightmare sets in when they must listen to numerous customer calls for excerpts of essential points.

There are better ways for agents to use their time than that, significantly when technology can optimize the process with call transcription.

With call transcription, agents can have accurate and searchable records of all their customer interactions, allowing them to quickly find and review important details without the need to listen to entire conversations.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Call transcription
  • Different methods of call transcription
  • Benefits of call transcription
  • How can call transcription help train sales agents better?

AI analyzes calls for keywords, sentiment, and highlights.

Let’s get into the details.

What is Call Transcription?

Call transcription converts spoken conversations from phone or video calls into written text. This can be in real-time or after the call has been recorded. 

The primary purpose of call transcription is to assist businesses in areas such as analysis, customer feedback, compliance, and sometimes marketing. 

By transcribing calls, you can obtain a detailed record of conversations to gain insights into customer behavior, improve sales techniques, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


What Are The Different Methods of Call Transcription?

You can use different call transcription methods to convert voice or video call audio into written text. 

  • Live transcription
  • Recorded transcription
  • Manual transcription
  • Third-party transcription software
AI analyzes calls for keywords sentiment and highlights

Live transcription

This method gives your agents instant transcription while on a call with customers. It happens in real time and can help agents with quick feedback on issues or complaints. 

Aloware takes live transcription further by automatically generating real-time sentiments from phone call transcription. You can see a call’s tone as generally positive, negative, or neutral.

Recorded transcription

With this method, you only access the transcribed call audio after it has been recorded and stored. This can be useful for reviewing, analyzing, or sharing past calls with support teams or agents.

Manual transcription

As the name suggests, agents or transcribers must listen to completed calls and manually type the text. 

This could be more accurate and reliable than automated methods. However, it is time-consuming and affects contact center efficiency.

Third-party transcription software

Integrating call transcription software with voice recognition technology can help transcribe audio or video calls.

While this is efficient, integrations sometimes have compatibility challenges. Hence, working with software with native features makes things less stressful.

Aloware supports call transcription with Hubspot. Read details here.

What Are The Benefits of Transcription?

Here are 7 ways Call transcriptions can help your business

  1. Keep records of agent-customer conversations
  2. Find specific details
  3. Assess agent performances
  4. Identify areas for service improvement
  5. Protect your business against legal matters
  6. Improve SEO
  7. Train your agents

Keep Records of Agent-Customer Conversations

Keep records of your agent-customer conversations for quick access at any time. 

Saved transcribed calls help agents remember discussions with customers and better understand their challenges.

Aloware’s ultra-fast call transcriber transcribes speech-to-text within minutes and uses AI to detect keywords, tone, and highlights in real-time.

A well-informed agent can share the information with other teams or supervisors to improve the customer experience and journey.

Find specific details

Phone call transcription can help you find specific details quickly. You can easily search and scan transcriptions for keywords and phrases you need to recall or refer to. 

This can save agents time and effort when updating a manager or a colleague about a case or following up with a customer.

Assess agent performances

It would cost contact center managers productive time to listen to every agent’s conversation with customers. 

Call transcription makes it easy for managers to assess agents’ performances by scanning through conversations and identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. 

With feedback, agents can learn from their mistakes and successes and become more effective in customer interactions.

Identify areas for service improvement

Beyond assessing agents, call transcription helps you identify areas where you need to improve service or product.

While reading transcripts, you could come across a recurring ask from customers. 

The details can inform service or product improvement and create revenue channels that satisfy customers.

Transcriptions can help you in protecting your business from lawsuits or disputes. They can show what your agents and customers said and agreed on.

You may not need to show a transcript of your calls to authorities often, but having a written record of the conversation can be helpful evidence of how your rep handled a situation.

That said, check the laws and regulations about call recordings and real-time transcription in your state before recording calls.

Improve SEO

You can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings with call transcriptions. Transcribed calls can serve as case studies for service delivery excellence depending on mutual agreement with customers.

These case studies can be published on your website with relevant keywords that can boost online visibility and traffic. 

You can also use the text from your calls to create blog posts, podcasts, videos, ebooks, or other types of content that attract your target audience and rank well on search engines.

Train your agents

Call transcriptions are great resources for training agents. They provide real-life examples to share with new and existing agents, showing them how to handle different situations. 

Transcriptions can serve as sample scripts of what to say (or avoid saying) when providing support.

Aloware provides power-up training with smart transcriptions that review thousands of calls easier and create efficient training processes that deliver winning conversation outcomes.

Let’s explore how to better the sales process of agents with Call transcription.

How can call transcription help train sales agents better?

As mentioned earlier, call transcription is an excellent resource for training agents. Here, we’ll look at how it can improve your sales agents.

  • Identifying areas for improvement in sales pitches
  • Providing feedback to sales agents
  • Measuring the effectiveness of sales training programs
  • Analyze customer objections

Identifying areas for improvement in sales pitches

With call transcription, you can find out which words, phrases, and tone of voice work best with customers. 

Use this information to create an informed sales pitch template and train their agents to use it. 

They can also spot common errors, such as over-talking or ignoring the customer, and create training programs to fix them.

Providing feedback to sales agents

Contact center managers can get a clear and accurate picture of how sales agents talk to customers, which helps them give specific and helpful feedback to each agent.

By looking at the transcripts of the calls, managers can point out the practical techniques that an agent used and encourage them to keep using them. They can also find out where the agent needs to improve and give them tips on changing their approach. 

This feedback can be given in different ways, such as coaching sessions, one-on-one meetings, or training programs, assisting sales agents in improving their skills and performing better. 

Measuring the effectiveness of sales training programs

With transcribed sales calls before and after training, you can measure the effect of training programs on agents’ performance. 

You can discover where agents have improved, such as handling objections or closing deals, determining the best training methods, and where to spend resources.

Analyzing customer objections

With call transcription, you can find out what customers object to and train sales agents on how to deal with them. 

You can look at customer objections and create an FAQ-like document to train agents and help them solve everyday problems. 

This can boost the confidence of your agents and increase their chances of making sales.

Final thoughts: Call transcription can support your teams

Call transcription can also help your marketing efforts, besides training agents and enhancing sales processes. This is another advantage of call transcription that you should consider.

Call transcription can support your teams

Insights from transcribed calls can guide your marketing team in creating custom target audiences likely to generate close-potential leads.

Aloware’s call transcription can boost your sales processes and help with agents’ training for better performances. Learn more here.  



  • Why is call transcription important? 

Call transcription is important because it provides an accurate and objective record of customer interactions. It can help businesses improve customer service, train sales agents effectively, comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and support marketing efforts. 

  • How do you transcribe call-to-text?

Call transcription can be done manually or automatically using tools and software that employ machine learning and artificial intelligence. The choice of method depends on the business’s needs and budget, with automated transcription being faster and more cost-effective.

  • How do I transcribe a phone call?

Depending on your needs and preferences, there are different ways to transcribe a phone call. Using a transcription service or app to record and transcribe your calls automatically is one way. Another way is to record your calls on one device and then upload them to a transcription tool or software. A third way is to use a feature in Microsoft Word that can transcribe speech from audio files or manually listen and type out the words.

  • Can you get transcripts of phone calls?

Yes, you can get transcripts of phone calls, but it depends on how you make and record your calls. You can easily access your transcripts online or on your device using a transcription service or app to record and transcribe your calls automatically. Aloware automatically records and stores your calls. You can access them from your dashboard.

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