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The leading Zoho phone integration solution for SMBs

The leading Zoho phone integration solution for SMBs

Enjoy click-to-call, call routing, and notes inside your Zoho CRM. Zoho phone integration provides small and medium-sized businesses with an omnichannel cloud phone system.

Aloware + Zoho CRM phone integration goes beyond calling into sales automation, emailing, and business texting. You get unlimited outbound and inbound call credits to deliver customer satisfaction.

How do I enable telephony in Zoho?

Zoho telephony, also called Phonebridge, is an integration platform that allows third-party cloud telephony systems like Aloware to connect with the CRM for making and receiving calls.

Here are the steps to enable telephony in Zoho;

Step 1: Find Zoho Voice in the Telephony marketplace of the Zoho app you use – in this case, it would be Zoho CRM.

Step 2: Log in to Zoho Voice on the telephony setup page, and select the Zoho app (Aloware cloud phone system) you want to integrate with.

Step 3: Enable Phonebridge for Zoho Voice.

Step 4: Import your agents into Zoho Voice, configure calls for them, and you are good to go.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software that acts as a single repository to bring sales, customer support, and marketing activities together and streamline processes under one platform.

Zoho is an SMBs-friendly platform; it provides capabilities that level the competitive playfield against the big players across all industries. Some solutions that work well with Aloware omnichannel phone system include:

  • Omnichannel
  • Sales enablement
  • Predictive sales
  • Team collaboration

How does Aloware and Zoho phone integration work?

Zoho phone integration with Alowaare allows the use of telephony service features of Aloware to improve customer experience and boost sales and& support teams’ performance. Only admins can connect Aloware with Zoho.

Syncing Zoho with Aloware integration

Aloware automatically maps Aloware contacts with corresponding Zoho Contacts or Zoho Leads. The following details are synced on both platforms:;

  • Contact name, phone number, notes, etc.
  • Calls and SMS related to the contact

📝 Note – Aloware uses the email field to map Aloware contacts with Zoho Contacts or Zoho Leads.

These are the ways to sync Zoho CRM with Aloware:

  1. Two-way sync contacts

Aloware and Zoho integration automate syncing of contact information. The following fields update both platforms.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Website
  • Company
  • Phone Number
  • Lead Source (CRM module)
  • Lead Status (CRM module)
  • Contact Owner
  • Contact Notes

To sync contacts from Aloware:

  • In your Aloware account, go to the Integrations tab from the left panel of your screen
  • Click the Zoho card, and click the Settings button
    • Click the “Push Contacts” button to bring your contacts and activities from Aloware to your Zoho account
  • Push Aloware contacts to the Zoho Module you selected
    • Use when you have contacts in Aloware that are not in Zoho (Rarely occurs)
      📝 Note – Contact activities made in Aloware (calls, SMS, emails, etc.) show up as either call records or notes in Zoho, depending on the channel type.
  • Example of a contact activity being pushed to Zoho:
  • An SMS is sent to a contact in Aloware.

To sync contacts to Zoho:

  • Click the “Pull Contacts” button to bring Zoho’s contact information to Aloware. It is a one-time pull and will sync in Zoho and Aloware.

📝 Note – Always click the Pull Contacts button if you use Aloware frequently.

Otherwise, if you use the Aloware desktop app or web app using click-to-call, information will be synced at the time of the call, text, or contact creation.

  1. One-way sync: Map Zoho users to Aloware users

As an admin, you can sync Zoho users to Aloware when you click the Connect Zoho users to Aloware button in Integration Settings in the Zoho card.

To map, Aloware initially searches Zoho Contacts Module. If the email is not found, Aloware then searches Zoho Leads. If the email is found in a Zoho Lead, the Aloware contact is mapped to that Zoho Lead.

  • Clicking this button will map Zoho users with Aloware users sharing the same email address.

📝 Note – If Admin creates the user in Aloware, it does not create users in Zoho. It should be created in Zoho and synced to Aloware. New users must have the same email address on both platforms for sync.

Aloware sends an email confirmation to the company admins with integration turned on after completing the mapping.

  1. One-way sync: Pull Zoho lead statuses to Aloware

Click the “Pull Lead Statuses from Zoho” to sync updated contact statuses to Aloware.

📝Note – The pull process runs on a queue. Aloware sends you a confirmation email when the process is done. You need to do this only once, and Aloware will keep things in sync from that moment onwards.

Default Zoho CRM module

All new contacts created in Aloware will be added to the selected module type in Zoho. Aloware will integrate with the module that you select, Contacts or Leads.

  • Select which Zoho CRM Module you want Aloware contacts to be synced with (Contacts or Leads).
  • All new contacts created in Aloware will be added to this Zoho module.
  • Push/Pull buttons below will push Aloware contacts to or from this Zoho Module.

Making outbound calls in Zoho via Aloware

Three steps to making outbound calls in Zoho using the Aloware telephony system:

Step 1: In your Zoho account, select or search for the contact to call.

Step 2: Click the call 📞 icon, and the Aloware dialer will pop up on the screen. For Mac users, select Aloware Talk as an app to proceed with the call.

.Step 3: Aloware connects you to the contact.

Zoho phone integration features

  1. Call routing

Set up rules and call distributions for team efficiency using Aloware’s call routing solutions. Also known as an automated call distributor (ACD), call routing enables you to send voice calls to a specific queue using predetermined rules.

Call routing enables sales teams to connect with the right agent faster, improving productivity. For support teams, it allows them to connect to the most qualified support agent to resolve customer complaints, creating a better customer experience.

  1. Spam protection

Instantly detect unwanted calls using spam filters. These built-in spam protection programs save time and resources wasted on robot dialers and spam emails.

Avoid ‘spam likely’ calls getting through to your business line using Zoho calling partner that meets the FCC regulations, like identifying the original caller ID.

  1. AI-powered IVRs

An Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) solution that greets and acts on the information it collects from callers.

The AI-powered IVRs use the information it collects to verify the caller’s identity and route calls appropriately. This is to ensure your customers or prospects always feel supported and satisfied.

  1. Call transcription

Using AI-speech analytics, generate caller sentiment to determine whether the conversation was generally positive, negative, or neutral. Our AI engine comes with an audio visualizer that locates critical parts of the conversation and confirms tone variations for future iterations.

AI-voice analytics converts speech into text in minutes. This gives insights for sales reps to record, monitor, review, and improve sales agents’ win rates.

Beyond Zoho phone integration solutions with Aloware

Zoho phone integrations come with more than cloud telephony solutions. The Zoho CRM phone has other solutions that include:

  1. Compliant calling

Aloware trusted calling implements industry-standard TCPA regulations to get you in front of your customers with the right ID and checkmark. Also, you can easily register for Spam Prevention measures set by the FCC and carriers:

  • A2P 10DLC
  • CNAM caller registration

Our compliant calling solutions come with a dedicated in-house team of Carrier Ops to assist users with complex compliance requirements. Other solutions include:

  • In-app tolling
  • SMS deliverability
  • Call filtering prevention
  1. Business texting

Business texting is taking shape in B2B businesses as well. With SMS open rates over 98%, consumers now prefer text messages over emails on campaigns like updates and promotions.

As your Zoho CRM phone integration, we ensure your SMS/MMS conversion rates crush your KPIs. Some business text messaging solutions we offer include:

  1. Sales automation

Design outbound sales sequences that are automated inside your Zoho CRM. With sales automation, you can instantly call or text your sales lead immediately after submitting a form.

Also, you can create a follow-up sequence with Zoho phone integration that triggers post-call or by Zoho CRM action. Other solutions that help automate your sales processes include;

  • Multi-device sales outreach
  • SMS drip campaigns set up
  • Customizable sales workflows
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  1. Instant phone numbers

Go local with instant phone numbers that are spam-protected and with verified caller IDs. Zoho call integration allows sales and support teams to set up virtual business phone systems that are local, international, and toll-free.

Also, with SIP intake, you can seamlessly traffic easily from on-premise hardware to the cloud with Aloware. Other Zoho cloud phone solutions by Aloware include;

  • Number porting
  • AI-powered local presence
  • Business texting inside Zoho CRM
  • 120+ countries’ international numbers

Choose Aloware for your Zoho phone integration

No manual data entry with Zoho phone integration. Everything is automatically synced between the Aloware cloud phone system and Zoho CRM. Zoho users also get SMS/MMS solutions like Sequence+ and Broadcast to reach prospects at the right time.

You can add workflow actions, set up text responders, and call and SMS triggers that automate your outbound communication inside Zoho. Our cloud phone system integration helps your team stay on top of all communications without needing any technical background.

Do you have a Zoho CRM account and need to add an omnichannel cloud phone system? Book a demo.

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